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Reposted Blog: Vacation – Day 1

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Vacation – Day 1
Category: Life

It’s the start of the vacation – and I started it by waking up at 5 a.m.  I know – but my body is still in “work” mode and I was wide awake.

I did my grocery shopping and then started cleaning.  Taxes were done last night and I’m just waiting for Turbotax to update their software so I can send in the forms.  9 days later – $$ in the bank!

I made a pizza for lunch.  It’s a hearty one.  Sausage, chicken, olives, cheese….mmmm

Weight Loss Challenge Update:  I am down 3 lbs since the start of the competition.  My competitor (aka “Pretty Boy”) is only down 1.  This is the week to shed the pounds and guarantee my victory.

I forgot how much crappy tv is on the box on Saturday mornings.  Time to crank up Pandora ( and get some music going.

oh – Army of Darkness is on the CW.  See ya.

Reposted Blog: Down With The Sickness +1 week

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Down With The Sickness +1 week
Current mood:  crappy
Category: Life

Okay – it’s been 1 week since I got sick, apparently I had a fever for most of the week since it wasn’t all that warm outside and I still decided to wear a t-shirt and shorts to work.  The fever broke midweek and I had some “interesting” dreams during that time.  I won’t get into them (partially because anyone knowing me and my bizarre imagination to begin with can’t even imagine the weird crap my mind was working through, and secondly – I doubt I could describe them anywhere near what they were).  Still drinking the tea and honey to help with the voice (sore throat turned to no voice at the store yesterday – which a lot of people enjoyed, I’m sure).

I’m starting to eat real food again.  Which is a plus.  It tastes a lot better.  I don’t know if that is partially because I stopped drinking pop at the start of the year and started upping my water intake, and I’m getting all that extra salt out of my system.  Don’t know – don’t care.

Head is still filled with little demons with hammers.  And they get bored.  Lately, they’ve found a lake and like to water ski from one side of my head to the other.  It wouldn’t be bad – but they really don’t know how to ski and keep wiping out.  Cheeky little demons.  What will I do with you??

5 days until vacation and I am trying my hardest to get over this thing by then.  My winter vacation time is all about getting my house in order for 2007.  That means going through those boxes in the garage so I can actually park my car  in it (isn’t that one of the reasons I bought that damn thing?) and some much needed painting (i need to get that bedroom painted before the SuperBowl – no real reason, just a goal.)

I’m going to try and get some employee reviews done today (least I can do) to get ahead of the game.

Reposted Blog: Day 3…it continues.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Day 3…it continues.
Current mood: sick
Category: Life

It’s been 3 days since I’ve started battling this insipid cold. I’ve gone through more pharmaceuticals than went through Miami in 1986. (Miami Vice reference there…cool).

My latest drug of choice is this Theraflu: Warming Relief. The “warming relief” comes from the 20 proof alcohol contained inside. Now, I’m not complaining. The only suggestion that I have is that the included shotglass is a little on the awkward side. It’s flared out and I found out after the first shot – you DO NOT drink from the middle – try it from one of the sides. I ended up with two cherry flavored dribbles going down my face looking like a “sad clown”.

30 minutes after taking it – my sore throat felt better and I could breathe more (which is good). Back to the hot tea and chicken soup. I hope to beat this thing by the end of the week. rrgh.

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Reposted Blog: Weight Loss Challenge – January 2007

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Weight Loss Challenge – January 2007
Current mood:  weird
Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

I entered into a Weight Loss Challenge with a co-worker a couple days ago.  It’s perfect time to start a program of eating better and lose a couple lbs.  I’ll admit the first couple days haven’t been the best – the first thing I gave up was soda.  Now, the caffeine withdrawals have been horrific – the headaches are mind numbing.

Then – I decided to stop hitting the fast food places.  No more Taco Bell, Schlotsky’s, Wendy’s…

Water – my new best friend.  I drink a lot of it throughout the day.  Makes regular food seem overly salted now.  I guess that’s my body’s way of compensating.

This of course threw my sugar off kilter and I ate a bunch of Crisco-Coconut Little Debbie Snack cakes.  Yummy.  (stupid-stupid-stupid)

Then this cold hit – worst possible fu**in’ timing.  I’m trying to eat better and then I run into a cold.  I’ve been eating hot food to try and burn off the infection – and hot tea and honey helps the throat.  On the plus side, I haven’t really eaten anything substantial in the last couple days.

I signed up for the Rite Aid – Rite Weight Challenge.  Every day, they are going to provide uplifting quotes, direction, and recipes to keep me on target.  My starting weight 264 (I know…)  If I lose 10% – I will be happy.  I just need to get the spare tire out of here.

Reposted Blog: LIVE and illin' from the Tiki Bar!!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

LIVE and illin’ from the Tiki Bar!!
Current mood: sick
Category: Parties and Nightlife

I am currently writing from my Tiki Bar at the condo. I ran some wires today and now have internet access up at the bar. I know – it’s something stupid-geeky, but it works for me.

I finished up employee reviews for work, and contemplated whether I should work on my bartending skills – and then I thought whether ‘tussin and malibu would mix well. And I resigned to making quesadillas and tea. I’ve been upgraded from $1.00 to $1.25 – let’s see how I am at work tomorrow.

I can breathe through one nostril at a time, and my head feels like a Thanksgiving Macy’s Day balloon. The coughing has begun – and let me tell you how much I’m enjoying that.

The ‘tussin and the DayQuil are battling it out for control of my sleep habits (it’s like the cartoon portion of that one Little Rascal’s episode with the hot dogs – no one ever remembers it, but I know I’m not insane.).

Logging off for the night.

– A hui hou

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Reposted Blog: Sunday and being sick.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sunday and being sick.
Current mood:  sore
Category: Life

It’s Sunday morning, and I’ve been up since 2:00am because I am sick.  I fell to sleep Saturday night when I got home from work and crashed.  But I woke up and could hardly breathe because of my sinuses and my sore throat, I knew I had to do something.

A hot shower later and I felt like $100.  What was open at this time of the day?   Kroger’s.  So, I “suited up” and headed out – passing all the late night partyers coming home from the bars.  I walk inside the store (via the night entrance) and get a glimpse of the night crew in action.  There were your typical “after hours” drunks looking for munchies, a few mothers getting off of the late shift doing some shopping, and a few fellows like myself just lost.

I took up a conversation with this young woman stocking the health and beauty section while I was looking for my drugs of choice.  She was telling me about going to school, her kids, husband and why she likes working the night crew.  I don’t think she gets to talk to a lot of people overnights – since she had a lot to say.  And since my throat was pretty raw, I kept quiet with the occasional “huh- really…” and “okay…”.

$60 later and a cart full of pharmaceuticals, orange juice, and soup – I headed home.  It’s now 5 am, I’m flying higher than a U2 spyplane – and I breathe a healthy concoction of menthol, cherries, and rum (don’t ask…) – and of course the caffeine in the DayQuil is working OT on my system.  I feel like I’m running in mud – but running real fast!!

All is good – New Year’s was “interesting”.  Vacation is 14 days away!!  To quote KT Tunstall… “Woo-Hoo!”

Reposted Blog: 2006 – The Year that was….the condo story.

Monday, December 25, 2006

2006 – The Year that was….the condo story.
Current mood:  nostalgic
Category: Life


2006 was a strange year, and I hope to write a bit about what happened, why it happened, and what I learned from it.

I bought a condo this year – I was in an apartment at January 1st but sometime around March decided that I didn’t want to live there anymore.  Was it because the people in the apartment upstairs from me liked to have wild “animal” sex every Friday night/Saturday morning to the point where the cops were called?  Was it because the building had 1 working washer/dryer that someone always decided to wash oil rags in and put a nice film over everything else anyone wanted to put in there?  Was it because I the turnpike that was less than 100 yards from my window and the air brakes that would blow day and night.  Was it the constant fear of car break-ins?


So one day I was online and just for giggles, I entered information to find out if I would qualify for a home loan.  Now, in the past I kinda f’d up my credit – so I was pretty leary.  But I knew the real estate market was in a little bit of trouble and they may take a chance on me.  Well, they did and I qualified for a pretty good chunk of change.  With this in my pocket, I went about looking for a new “fortress of solitude” – hopefully one with more than one window, possibly some stairs, a backyard, and a garage.  I contacted a Realtor and we looked at five places until we found the condo.  It had everything I was looking for – a deck, small backyard, a garage, and a loft.  Bonus included a fireplace and a quiet community.

Papers were signed and phone tag was initiated, but I eventually moved into my place and spent my first night on my birthday – June 3rd.  I din’t realize that the water was turned off under the condo, so I was crawling around in the crawlspace to get it moving.  So hiccups along the way, but it was worth it.

Six months later, I still have painting to do.  I’m trying to find the right shade for the kitchen.  The office/guest room went pink to neutral grey/beige until I can figure out what to do with it.  I built a tiki bar upstairs, and just have to get shelving and some couches up there for the lounge.

I’m working on getting network cable run throughout the place so that I can always have either a hardwire or wireless connection to the internet.

2007 should bring some progress – and I will document what I can.  I also plan on redoing my website to take advantage of it.

Mele Kalikimaka

Reposted Blog: Cheese Pie

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Cheese Pie
Category: Food and Restaurants

Now, this past weekend I went home for my mom’s annual Christmas Party. As usual , everyone brought over something to share and that left my parents with an overabundance of leftovers. Being the good single son that I am, I offered to take the bulk of these leftovers back home with me.

I’ve been working on these leftovers for days now with no end in sight. Tonight for dinner I am having what I can best describe as “cheese pie”. It looks to be a quiche-type consistency with cheese – a variety of cheeses melted together in a harmonious bliss.

…that’s some good eatin’

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Reposted Blog: Two weeks b4 Christmas and all through the house.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Two weeks b4 Christmas and all through the house.
Current mood:  blah
Category: Life

It’s two weeks before Christmas and I have a day off from work.  It’s nice to get away from the general public for a day.  It gives me a chance to catch up on the important things – laundry, vacuuming, dishes…

The neighborhood is really quiet today – which is nice.  It’s odd having some time off when everyone else is working.  It’s like taking a sick day from school when you are little and you realize that life goes on even when you’re in class.

I’m just waiting for the caffeine from the coffee to kick in so I can get some stuff accomplished.  I have little to no drive right now.  I even made a “project cube” with six things on it to help me figure out where to start.

Well, time to pop a movie in the DVD player and get back to work.  I’m thinking I should work left to right – start at the kitchen and move down the hallway….

Reposted Blog: Out of it…for the last couple days.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Out of it…for the last couple days.
Current mood: crappy
Category: Life

I think I may have the monkey flu.

Not really – but the last couple of weeks have been a strange time. I’ll admit that I’m not my usual “happy go lucky” self – and things have been a little on the intense side. At work, I’m a bit more of an ass than usual, my temper has been shorter than usual.

My sleeping habits have been off, and I’ve been taking more and more naps if and when I get some time off.

You can call it the seasonal-light-ultraviolet dysfunctional bullshit if you like – but I feel like I’m in hibernation mode. And this sucks. My energy levels have been a little on the low side.

My best friend right now is Papa John and the wonderful cheese sticks he brings me.

If any of my friends and family reads this – I’m sorry.

I’ll try and get back to “normal” (or whatever variation that is for me) ASAP.

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