In Solitary The Anti Social Experiment (2017)

I came across this documentary earlier today while reading Reddit’s documentary thread. I have no ownership and I didn’t work on it.

I think it is an interesting experiment to voluntarily submit yourself to solitary confinement for five days.

There have been moments in my past where I was unemployed (most of the time in the fall/winter around Christmas) and was holed up in my house.  Since my income was limited, I reduced the heat and electric use.  I didn’t know a lot of people, so I didn’t have people over.  I moved a few hours away from my family and they didn’t visit.  My meals were reduced to more basic meals (pasta, more stews, etc) and except for interviews, I stayed home.  I could feel my sanity slowly slipping away and I had many dark days.  I found solice in heading down to the corner gas station or fast food restaurant just to check in with another human being.  I ordered pizza occassionally just to see a friendly face.

It has been a few years since this has happened and I have since moved to a new city and gotten married, but when I was in between jobs a few months ago – I went into full panic mode on more than one occassion.

12 Angry Men – Theatre Workshop of Owensboro

This past weekend, my wife and I bought tickets for The Theater Workshop of Owensboro‘s presentation of TWELVE ANGRY MEN.

It was an awesome show.  We went for dinner earlier and walked down the street from the restaurant to the Empress Theatre.  The theater was originally built in 1912 and at one time was a silent film Malco Theater. I loved the architecture of the building.  There are rumours that the building is haunted.  I love stories like this!

Back to the play.  It was very well done, engaging and well played out.  The cast was believable and I was quickly brought into the story.  After the show, the cast was available for a meet and greet as we left.

Very impressed.  Looking forward to our next show!


Frustrations on 11 today. Need a moment.

It’s Tuesday and my frustration level for this week has “hit 11” and continues to rise.

I am super frustrated because I haven’t heard back about the interview from the 17th.  I have made phone calls, e-mails, and have sent over my resume, references, etc.  If I’m not the right fit for the job – just let me know.  I just want an answer.

Related note, my current employer wants to know “when are you leaving?”  I wish I could give a date, but that’s a variable right now.  I would have liked to have been packed up and down south by now.  I don’t have a date – and asking me three times today isn’t going to jog anything loose.  I’m not hiding any information.

I have an eye infection and look like Rocky Balboa.  It is better than it was last week, but it really needs to go away.  I have ‘script eyedrops which I use every four hours, but I need to move through this.


So I’m really antsy and trying to get a lot done.  Definitely need a few days off to get caught up, but feel like crap.  I’m trying to keep pushing forward knowing that all the fluff things will fall to the wayside and things will streamline.  In the meantime, I need some sunlight and clean air to recharge my soul.

Lent 2017 – Day 8 and I Have an Interview

Lent Day 8

I am enjoying my separation from social media.  I still wonder what is going on and I still have a disconnected feeling.  It’s been just over 1 week.  I have found that I am sleeping easier, that I am reading paper-based items and my attention isn’t jumping all over the place.

Oh – I have an interview next Friday in Evansville, IN.  This could be HUGE.  It’s for a Safety Coordinator position.  I’ll pony up more details when necessary, but I am very excited.  This could mean some significant changes coming down the line.  A solid job would facilitate a move to Owensboro and ease some tensions there with wedding planning.  I could also make moves to set up the honeymoon.

My current work knows about it, and they wish me all the best.  I think they were anticipating my leave way before this (so was I).  But if everything works out – I could be in KY by April Fool’s Day.


Lent 2017 – Day 6 Meh.

It’s Day 6.  It’s also a Monday.

Overcast sky, and temperatures dropping.  As you can probably tell, I’m all kinds of super-happy about that. =/

It’s been a “meh.” of a day.  We’re in between starting a few new projects at work, the stage where the owners have to meet with us and contracts need to be signed, so there’s always that little bit of “something can go wrong” before we actually start.  We’re also bidding two nice size projects at the end of next week and another that following Tuesday.  All the bid invites and follow ups have been sent – just waiting for next Monday to start making phone calls and collecting quotes.

The job boards have been pretty light this morning – I updated my information on Glassdoor’s Know Your Worth, and results are better than expected.  I really should believe in myself more.  I’m still currently getting paid less than the average, but hopefully that will change soon.  ZipRecruiter and LinkedIn have been pretty sparse as of late – a lot of duplicate positions.

Been staying off my social media sites like a boss.

I was online and put together by tuxedo.  I know its WAY early, but I’m ready.  I have to make an appointment to get measured – but that’s a few months down the line.  Our colors are black and blue – which is funny considering how accident prone I am.  The blue has a little metallic sheen to it, and I wanted a full vest and tie.  Not really interested in a bow tie (I know they’re cool and all – but not for me).  No need for shoes – we’re wearing black Chucks.

Tonight is packing boxes – going to try and get everything in a spare bedroom either packed away, donated, or tossed.  I have a bunk bed in there that needs to be disassembled for transport…

It’s a rambling lunchtime post.

Lent 2017 – Day 5 (I think) Digging out the PS3

It’s Day 5.  I haven’t used Facebook, Youtube, and/or Twitter.  I have little to no idea what is going on in the real world, and the POTUS is tweeting like a madman but I am staying away.  I’ve watched an entire season of The Magicians (season 1), and am about to jump back into playing Lego Dimensions (I might have a problem…).  Right now I am waiting for a PS3 update.

I feel a little more free, staying away from those outlets and I can only wonder what I have missed.  I wonder if anyone misses me online.  I talked with my fiance a few times over the weekend, but other than that – stayed in hermit mode.  I was packing for my move and going over the job boards, doing laundry, etc – but I missed my online presence.  I know this is going to fade as the days continue on, and there will be an overwhelming wave of information once I get back.  I’m rambling – probably should have thought this out a little more rather than just starting to type.

I ordered a pizza for the first time this year.  I’ve been trying to eat better, but the call of garlic knots and pepperoni called for me in the middle of the night.  The delivery driver even called me out “…haven’t been here in a while – you’ve been feeling okay?”  to which I sheepishly replied “…I’ve been trying to eat better…”  “Well, it’s nice to have you back.”  and it felt good to be back (?)  Why can’t they have like salad delivery services?  (OMG – did I just admit to that?!)


I’m getting a little anxious.  The wedding is eight months away.  I still have to find a job and move.  I have a lot of people helping me look and while I admit I am excited about starting this new part of my life – I’m scared shittless.  I know this is normal.  It doesn’t make it any easier.

Well, these things get automatically posted to both by Facebook and Twitter feeds.  It’s a nice record down the line. I feel a little like a ghost in that respect.

On to tomorrow.  Why won’t this update data download already….  rrgh.

Lent 2017 – Giving up Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube!

Every year about this time, Lent rears its ugly head and friends ask “So, what are you giving up for Lent?”  In years past, I’ve done deserts, chocolate, fast food, meat (I was vegan for 40 days), etc.  This year I decided to cut some ties to my online accounts (albeit for a little while).  I am giving up Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube for Lent.

I found that these three services/products (?) are my largest distraction from every day life.  It is easy to fall into the pit of all three services and while away entire weekends with nothing to show.  So in an effort to become a better person, logging out.

I am following my fiance’s lead on this (she’s staying away from Facebook) and I thought I might share in the e-withdrawals.


Vacation TO DO List – Day 5

Day five of vacation.

The first thing I was looking forward to was taking out the garbage.  Now with me being away most of the week, I always miss garbage pick up day.  Now I could take my garbage back to Cleveland, but I’m not a fan of loading bags of garbage and driving around with them.  Now I used to take a few bags at a time and dump them in a former girlfriend’s dumpster when I went to visit – but that’s not an option anymore.  So I bought the HUGE 55-gallon lawn and garden bags and was able to get 2-3 regular sized black bags in them.  I loaded them up and set them out for pick-up.  My condo rules state that I can only have 6 bags at the curb each week.  So I crammed everything in those bags and set them out at the curb.  When I got back from Lowes, they were gone and I gained a lot more room in my garage.

When I went to Lowes, I decided to upgrade some power tools.  With my interest in building furniture (mainly anything with flat surfaces – tables, shelves, bookcases…) I wanted a miter saw.  After speaking with a lot of people – they kept telling me to get a 12″ sliding compound miter saw from DeWalt.  This was the top of the line and it is what the pros use.  It is also close to $600.  Not really in my budget range.  I looked at the selection and ended up getting Lowes instore brand Kobalt 10″ 15 amp sliding compound miter saw.  It can cut multiple angles and boards up to 3″ x12″.  This was all I was going to need.  And it cost a much more budget friendly $199.  While I was there, I also picked up two more bags of mulch and a Hitachi 18volt 1/2″ drill/driver with Lithium batteries.  I wanted something new.

I came home and spread out the mulch.  I need 6 CF of mulch for the front flower beds.  Now growing up, I always dreaded “mulch day”.  My parents would order a “truckload” of mulch and have it dropped at the end of the driveway on a Saturday morning and all the kids had to help out moving mulch for the day.  The mulch was dropped off in secrecy and we didn’t know it was coming until we heard the back-up beeps of the truck.  But since this my own place – I had a greater interest in doing this.

Now I started cleaning the garage.  It has been a while since I was able to get a complete clean-out and sweep down.  I thought this would be the perfect opportunity.  I ended up with a few more boxes of trash (that I’m hauling to CLE on Sunday).

On a side note:  100.7 The Zone, an alternative radio station is changing formats.  I started listening to it a few years ago when it was broadcast on 106.5 FM.  But formats changed and the station was regulated to 106.5 HD-2, the high-definition station while the over the air station went to THE TICKET, a sports-orientated format.  Then – some  moving around of frequencies and it appeared on 100.7 FM for a while.  Well, that is coming to an end.  The station can still be heard via the internet OR 95.4 HD-3, yes the THIRD high-definition sub signal.  Tomorrow is the switchover at 10:07 a.m.

Dinner was at the Maumee Bay Brew Pub.  I met some friends and enjoyed a good meal.

When I got home, I picked up my mail.  I received my iPod Touch.  I shall now spend the next few days playing Angry Birds.

The beard…

I started growing the beard at the beginning of February because of what can be best described as a “stress rash” but I kept it because it was a nice break from the cold winter winds.

I thought about keeping it as a new “look”, but that thought quickly passed and I have the intention of using this as a “winter beard” and shaving it off once the snow finally stops.  Which by all counts looks like this weekend.

Now – when I shave the beard (something the girlfriend is against) I need to figure out “how” I am going to shave it off (for comic effect):

– Shave it off, clippers and then razor
– Shave off 1/2 my face, becoming “half-beard”
– starburns
– thin chinstrap and pencil-thing moustache
– leave the goatee, mustache, or chin-beard
– 90210 sideburns
– the “Hulk-Hogan”
– the under-the-lip mini beardlette (?)

Any thoughts?

Resolutions…my way

Its the start of a new year and I want to better myself.  Typically I make a list of resolutions and vow to make them stick.  If I made it to Superbowl Sunday, I consider it a success.  But I wanted to actually make a change this year – and since I have a slight competitive nature, I thought I would make a game out of it.

It has long been said that if you can do something for thirty days, it becomes a habit and in turn, if you can stop a bad habit for thirty days – it goes away.

So what I planned on doing is writing a bunch of “resolutions” on pieces of paper and choose one towards the end of each month and actually strive to make it happen by the end of the next month.  If I am successful, then the new behavior becomes semi-permanent.  I will then continue the streak with adding a new habit.  This way I am slowly building upon things and won’t be overwhelmed with a bunch of resolutions which will quickly go away.

Some of the tasks are going to be:
* Red meat no more than once a week
* Home-cooked meals at least five nights a week (except vacations)
* Exercise for at least 15 minutes first thing in the morning.
* Keep the car clean.
* Give up soda.
* Walk the park system at least once a week. (give or take)
* Eliminate television at least one whole day a week.

You get the point.  I’m making a list of a bunch of topics to run with.  If it works out well, I will continue on to next year.

My girl is joining me on my quest.  She’s going to be doing the same “resolution” each month that I am and we will be sharing our successes (as well as trials).

Anyone else interested?

I will post more details later as we get closer to the drawing date.

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