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Pitch Perfect 2 – Review

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Pitch Perfect 2

This weekend I took a trip with a group of friends to see this movie.  While driving down from Toledo to Cincinnati, we watched the original movie so everyone was caught up for the sequel.

I did get the impression that there were some callbacks to the original movie, and the plot where they had to rediscover “their sound” made sense.  I did like the jokes, and that they were coming quickly.  I felt as though the characters had grown a bit since the last film, and this was a new adventure.  I really enjoyed the music and DAS was a good “villain”.

I’m curious to see if a third movie will be happening and how they are going to handle it.  It seems to be at the end of the film, the Bardon Bellas are down to one member (the new girl).  It would be interesting to see how she handles recruiting and in a leadership roll, or if they follow Fat Amy and Bumper.

I enjoyed the movie, bought the soundtrack the next day and look forward to when it comes out on DVD.

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)



Last night I went to Levis Commons Rave Cinema to see Captain America: The First Avenger.

Now, I’ve been a bit cynical about comic book to movie adaptations.  I am a self-admitted comic book geek from back in the day when it wasn’t cool.  And I have seen some pretty janky adaptations over the years (Fantastic Four (1994) and Captain America (1992)).

But in the last few years, they have really taken off and stayed closer to the original printed material.   That’s a discussion for another time.

Captain America.  (May contain spoilers – you are warned)

Opens up in present day.  I was a little confused, but before too long it made sense why they did it.  Knowing the history of the character, I was wondering how they were going to introduce the character into modern day.

The CGI was very impressive, having Chris Evan’s head on a “slight” body was odd to see.  His head was HUGE on the body and it was a little comical.  Introducing Howard Stark into the storyline was a smart choice for discussion later in the series.  And Peggy Carter – wow.

Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull with the cosmic cube, tying in Norse mythology (the cosmic cube was one of Odin’s treasures) was the obvious choice, and frankly he did a brilliant job.

There was a homage to the original costume as well as the “updated” cinema version.  The entire film was shot in a darker, grainy, manner which made it look like an older movie.  The action scenes were fantastic and it looked as though various scenes were taken right from the comic pages.

There were various “easter eggs” throughout the movie, which calls for multiple viewings.  Of course I will be purchasing the DVD when it comes out.

I really enjoyed this movie.

Review: Robin Hood (2010)


I went out to see ROBIN HOOD tonight.  I was expecting the traditional origin story to completion.  King Richard away on the Crusades, his brother taking over the crown and being in with the Sheriff of Nottingham to fleece the people of Britain.  Robin Hood (Robin of Loxley) returns from war and defeats King John – etc.  You know the story…

Well, I didn’t anticipate a complete origin story.

Robin starts out on the front lines in France (*) where he acts heroically to help take down a castle.  His friend, Will Scarlett are hoping to return to England and resume their lives.  After the battle, he is conning others – where he meets Little John.  The four (Robin, Little John, Will Scarlett, and Alan A’Dayle) end up in the stocks.  Through a series of events, King Richard is killed and the foursome run.  They happen upon a party returning the crown to England and watch as the party being ambushed by Frenchmen.

I got confused for the middle of the movie.  There were a lot of characters with dark hair and beards and I had trouble keeping track of who was betraying whom.

I called it “Gladiator in the Trees” and there were a lot of comparisons to Gladiator.  Which I liked, because Gladiator was a great movie – but the themes such as revenge, corrupt power figure, and leading armies got very familiar.  For being an archer, he didn’t utilize his bow as much as I would have thought.  And he wasn’t “Robin of Loxley” but an imposter, filling in when “Richard of Loxley” was killed (he was Marian’s husband).

The movie ended with a large battle against the French with Robin on horseback leading a small army (familiar?) and the bad guy gets it.  The King goes back on his word, and declares Robin an outlaw.  The ending sets it up for a sequel.

Iron Man 2 Review (::SPOILERS::)

May contain spoilers.  You have been warned.

I saw Iron Man 2 on opening night.  We got to the theater early expecting a full house.  The weather was BAD and I think a lot of people changed their minds about going at the last minute.  The theater was still over half filled.

I’m a comic book geek, so I am a bit biased.  It was an overall good movie.  There was a lot of character development.  The action scenes didn’t seem cgi’d and were believable (as much as they could be).

The Good:
* Natalie Rushman (Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow)
* Ivan Ranko (Mickey Rourke was awesome)
* Tony Stark and his one-liners

The play between Tony and Pepper Potts was flirty and comical at times (“What do you mean you’re dying?!”).

The Plotholes.
* How did Rhodey learn how to fly/operate the Mark II armor?
* Why didn’t the police shoot Ivan when he was on the racetrack?

I could see how Ivan made it out alive at the end of the movie – he had armor (really, two movies where the villain is a mech? – whatever) and Justin Hammer will be back for Round 2.

It was nice to see Captain America’s shield (partial) in the crate from Tony’s dad.  In the first movie, there was a complete shield in the lab.    References to “The Avengers Initiative” and Tony as a consultant.

I would have liked to see a better end fight with Ivan (he was a combination of Whiplash and The Crimson Dynamo with the electric whips and armor) as well as a reference to the Mandarin (as in the first movie) whether it was an organization or an individual.

If there is an Iron Man 3, it will take place after The Avengers movie, so there may be a continual story.

I liked it.  8 out of 10.

Review: Kick-Ass

I saw KICK-ASS (2010) tonight.

I’ve been anticipating this movie for quite some time.  It was worth the wait.

The movie adapted the comic book very well, was vividly color saturated, and was well acted.  The storyline centered around Kick-Ass for the first part of the film and then moved to the character of Hit-Girl as Kick-Ass turned to more of a sidekick.  Nicholas Cage as “Big Daddy” was surprisingly humorous  and tragic.  Red Mist played the sidekick turned villain very well.

I really enjoyed it and will be purchasing it when it arrives on DVD.

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