Nerdlesque – T-Town Tassels

Last night I attended Nerdlesque, a night presented by the T-Town Tassels Burlesque Group.

It was a very interesting night – not something I would have seen myself going to in years past, but I’m all about expanding my horizons this year.

It took place at the Collingwood Arts Center, a former college and nunnery turned performing arts center.  Old bones about it, the place has character.

The performers had acts surrounding such “nerd tastic” themes as: Sailor Moon, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Pokemon, Star Trek, Nintendo, and Portal.  I was called to the front of the auditorium because of the awesome Tomagatchi tie I chose to wear.

Outdoor Expo – Toledo Metroparks

Today was the Outdoor Adventure Expo put on by the Toledo Metroparks at Secor Park in Maumee.

The expo was “open” from 10am to 4pm and showed off some of the activities the park system sponsored/educated/etc.

  • Archery
  • Canoeing
  • Kayaking
  • Camping
  • Geocaching
  • Hiking

There was also a tent from local vendors, showing off and presenting their information.


Wildwood Park – Trail Tour 2015 – Blue and Green Trails

Gray skies are going to clear up, but on a happy face.

When I got to the park this morning, gray skies were all around and I was a little concerned that we may have some rain.  But, in the span of 10 minutes, the clouds dispersed and blue skies and sun for as far as the eyes could see.

We had a sizable group this morning, a lot of new faces.  The meetup group is over 1050 strong at this point.  We walked the blue trail to the green loop and then back onto the blue trail behind the manor house along the river on the boardwalk.  There was a little mud so we didn’t venture onto the yellow trail, but next time we will be sure to walk it.

Pitch Perfect 2 – Review

pitch_perfect_two_ver2Beca: Your sweat smells of cinnamon!

Pitch Perfect 2

This weekend I took a trip with a group of friends to see this movie.  While driving down from Toledo to Cincinnati, we watched the original movie so everyone was caught up for the sequel.

I did get the impression that there were some callbacks to the original movie, and the plot where they had to rediscover “their sound” made sense.  I did like the jokes, and that they were coming quickly.  I felt as though the characters had grown a bit since the last film, and this was a new adventure.  I really enjoyed the music and DAS was a good “villain”.

I’m curious to see if a third movie will be happening and how they are going to handle it.  It seems to be at the end of the film, the Bardon Bellas are down to one member (the new girl).  It would be interesting to see how she handles recruiting and in a leadership roll, or if they follow Fat Amy and Bumper.

I enjoyed the movie, bought the soundtrack the next day and look forward to when it comes out on DVD.

Avengers: Age of Ultron – Review

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) on IMDb

May contain spoilers…

I went with a group of friends to see The Avengers: Age of Ultron, the sequel to the $1.5 billion movie.

We stopped by Famous Dave’s for a little pre-movie barbecue.

After dinner, we made it to the theater about 30 minutes before showtime.  We were lucky to get seven seats within proximity of one another.  There were three screens showing the movie.  One in 3D, the other in XD sound, and ours.

The original movie is one of my favorite movies.  I think it ties everything together from the separate movies and is a fantastic “team origin” movie that the DC films have failed to do (so far).  This one takes place after the team has trained together and they have a good banter amongst one another.

“Language” – Captain America

I would give this an 8 out of 10.  The original cut was 3-1/2 hours long.  The theatrical cut was 2-1/2 hours.  I’m real curious to see what was cut.  You could tell that there was material cut because a lot of the action scenes seemed to jump about.  And I was curious as to why they made the cuts that they did.  I don’t know if I really needed to see a Black Widow/Hulk love story.  I get it, but it didn’t feel like it needed to be there.

Also – Hawkeye is married with children, and one on the way?  What?!

Hawkeye did play more of the “heart” of the film this time around.  I’ve heard that Jeremy Renner was upset at the last movie where he spent the bulk of the film as a “mind-controlled” and this time around, he stopped the Scarlet Witch from zapping him. He played more of a big brother figure, helping the Scarlet Witch later becoming a hero.

Quicksilver dies?  Didn’t see that coming.

The Vision, interesting origin story.  He seems WAY TOO powerful.  Wondering how he is born of the Soul Gem going to play into the Infinity Gauntlet.

Captain America and Iron Man both added drama for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War.

Thor added background to his new movie.

A Helicarrier is back, so is Nick Fury.  Where’s Coulson?

We have new Avengers: The Falcon, Scarlet Witch, and War Machine.

I really want to see the following Marvel characters show up (in no particular order):  Spider-Man, Black Panther, Daredevil, the Punisher (Tom Hardy?), Doctor Strange, the Wasp, She-Hulk, and Mockingbird.




Toledo Earthquake

Earthquake 2015We had an earthquake in Toledo this afternoon.

USGS recorded a 4.0 with an epicenter in Galesburg, MI, near Kalamazoo, at 12:23 PM.

42.212°N 85.429°W
5.9 km


  1. 2015-05-02 16:23:07 (UTC)
  2. 2015-05-02 12:23:07 (UTC-04:00) in your timezone
  3. Times in other timezones

Nearby Cities

  1. 8km (5mi) S of Galesburg, Michigan
  2. 12km (7mi) E of Portage, Michigan
  3. 15km (9mi) SE of Kalamazoo, Michigan
  4. 23km (14mi) WSW of Battle Creek, Michigan
  5. 92km (57mi) SW of Lansing, Michigan

Mudhens vs. Indianapolis Indians

Toledo Mudhens game today.

2:00 p.m. game vs. the Indianapolis Indians.

It was beautiful weather, blue skies, hardly a cloud, the sun shining.  Picked up a new ball cap.  The seats we got were right behind home plate and six rows back.

The beers were cold and the Mudhens played well.

They won 6-0.

Toledo Junior Roller Derby – Frogtown Fallgirls vs. The Damzel Dollz

Today I went to the Junior Roller Derby – Toledo’s own Frogtown Fallgirls versus The Damzel Dollz.  This is the Junior Roller league is the 10-17 year-old players.  It’s been around for a few years now, and they are serious athletes.  These ladies get real physical and it is impressive.

There was a theme of Suicide Prevention as a player #57 committed suicide a few weeks back.

This is my second Roller Derby bout (learning the correct terminology), and I’m still trying to figure out how the sport is played.  I have a rough idea how things go and how points are earned.

This was an odd bout.  A few minutes after the first half, the Damzel Dollz walked off the track.  I don’t know if there was an issue with officiating, players, or coaching – but there were a few minutes that no one knew what happened.

The Frogtown Fallgirls won 148 to 44

Fantasticon – Toledo 2015

Today was Fantasticon 2015!

This is the first time this convention has been to Toledo, and I was a little leery about it.  But I figured if it was on either end of the spectrum, I would make it enjoyable.

Looking at the guest list, the only two people I recognized were Dirk Manning and Jeremy London (of Mallrats fame).  I have been out of the comic book fandom for many years and didn’t recognize any of the artists, writers, or voice artists present.  It did make me feel a little guilty to see these people sitting behind their tables with their books and just walking past.  I think next time I will do a little research.

There were a few people dressed in costume, not nearly the percentage at the Animarathon or the Wizard World Cleveland conventions earlier this year.

The main room where all the merchandise was being sold had lights that were slightly amber tinted and a little dim.  It gave off a very 1970’s or early 1980’s vibe.  It was a little depressing.  Loads and loads of dollar comics.  I must have done twenty laps around looking at all the merch.

I did pick up an awesome piece of art from artist Erik Hodson, a Bad Wolf illustration.

I met up with some friends and we perused the comics.  We discussed the history of Ant-Man, attended two trivia events – one super-hero trivia (its sad the amount of knowledge bouncing around my noggin), the other being Star Wars trivia.

After making a final lap around the sales floor, we decided “real food” was in order.  We stopped by Ice for food and called it a day.

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