Reposted Blog: The need to vent

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The need to vent

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Today was supposed to be my day off.  I was really looking forward to it – I worked hard all week and I was really anticipating reading the Sunday paper while eating a bowl of Captain Crunch while America’s Top 40 played in the background (I’ve never listened to the entire broadcast – it’s one of my life goals to hear all 40 songs at least once).

Well, I woke up when I heard the beep on my answering machine.  It was one of my Assistant Managers at work.  She called because the other two managers (both closing) called off for the day.  I took a deep breath and rolled out of bed.  I called her back and told her that I just needed to shower and grub some food and I would be in.  It’s funny to me that both seemed fine yesterday, but are sick today…must have been their turn to call off.

Well, showered and all prettified, I went in to work.  Normal day – finishing getting the truck processed – making a schedule for next week.  Cleaning, organizing, and mocking those I work with.

My other assistant came in to help processed the truck (I told everyone that if we get it done before end of day Sunday we didn’t have to work long days on truck day) – and he let me vent.  He understands that if I keep it inside and let it fester – it only gets worse and then it turns into lifelong bitterness.  I understand it and agree that it’s part of my personality – albeit a terrible trait (and sometimes humorous to those around me).

We were out by 6:00 p.m.  Snow all melted by now.  Only 3 people cursing us on the way out because we were closed.  That’s pretty good.  I was singing out loud while driving home to get the last little remnants of  anger out of my system.

Be back at the store in 12 hours….gotta love it.

Reposted Blog: Weight Loss Challenge – January 2007

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Weight Loss Challenge – January 2007
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I entered into a Weight Loss Challenge with a co-worker a couple days ago.  It’s perfect time to start a program of eating better and lose a couple lbs.  I’ll admit the first couple days haven’t been the best – the first thing I gave up was soda.  Now, the caffeine withdrawals have been horrific – the headaches are mind numbing.

Then – I decided to stop hitting the fast food places.  No more Taco Bell, Schlotsky’s, Wendy’s…

Water – my new best friend.  I drink a lot of it throughout the day.  Makes regular food seem overly salted now.  I guess that’s my body’s way of compensating.

This of course threw my sugar off kilter and I ate a bunch of Crisco-Coconut Little Debbie Snack cakes.  Yummy.  (stupid-stupid-stupid)

Then this cold hit – worst possible fu**in’ timing.  I’m trying to eat better and then I run into a cold.  I’ve been eating hot food to try and burn off the infection – and hot tea and honey helps the throat.  On the plus side, I haven’t really eaten anything substantial in the last couple days.

I signed up for the Rite Aid – Rite Weight Challenge.  Every day, they are going to provide uplifting quotes, direction, and recipes to keep me on target.  My starting weight 264 (I know…)  If I lose 10% – I will be happy.  I just need to get the spare tire out of here.

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