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Prepping for Indiana Comic Con (this weekend)

I am getting ready for the Indiana Comic Con this weekend (March 30 through April 1, 2018). 

This is my first visit to this convention.  In the past, I’ve been to conventions in Pittsburgh, Columbus, Cleveland, Toledo, and a few cities in Michigan. This is also the first convention I will be attending with my new wife.  She has never been to a convention, so I get to see her experience this for the first time.

We are leaving Friday night to arrive at our hotel and will be there for all day Saturday.  A nice sleep and leaving back home on Sunday morning.

I will be sharing any photos when we get back.

Ghostbusters (2016) continues to disappoint.

The new Ghostbusters (2016) can’t leave well enough alone.

There looks to be no originality – just taking the pieces/parts of the first movie and making a new one.

So disappointed.

Someone is getting a huge paycheck for this.


Loot Crate – July 2015 – Heroes 2

Loot Crate – July 2015 

Theme – Heroes 2

This month’s Loot Crate theme is “Heroes 2”

Wonder Woman “She Can Do It!” Poster
Legend of Zelda Sweatband
Batman Multi-Tool Keychain
The League of Regrettable Superheroes
Batman Q-Pop Figure (Exclusive)
Brawlhalla Download Card
– Star Trek Air Freshener
– Loot Crate Pin: July 2015

This is the last quarter of my one year Loot Crate subscription.  These final three months will determine for me whether I go for another year subscription.  This months… eh.  The bright spot was the Q-Pop Batman figure.  Really – an air freshener?  A pointy batman multi-tool?  It’s pointy.  Do I really need a weapon when I go drinking?  The book was okay – but I don’t know if is worth the $20.

Loot Crate – June 2015 – Cyber!

Loot Crate June 2015 – Theme:  Cyber!

Let’s go over what we got in this month’s box:

  1. Prime T-Shirt.  Optimus Prime in a neon-esq pose.  T-shirt quality is less than in month’s past, kinda lightweight.  I must have been getting spoiled the last few months.
  2. Nerd Machine – NerdHQ Stickers.  Promo stickers for a convention that I won’t be able to go.  =/
  3. Borderlands Zer0 Game Mat.  I thought this was first a large mouse pad (which is what I plan on using it for).  Eh
  4. Exclusive Terminator Genisys Skull Replica.  I was initially really excited to see this in the box.  It wasn’t until I opened the package and discovered that it had the feel of a high-end pet toy.  Not hard plastic – vinyl.
  5. Terminator Genisys Brain Chip Replica.  Nice quality,  but there’s nothing much to it.  If they had made it a USB drive with a movie trailer or blueprints or something, that would have been cool.  But – I think a repaint might turn it into something cool.
  6. Future Replicant Corporate Patch.  My favorite thing in this month’s patch.  High quality patch.  It took a minute to figure out what the reference was, but it’s a keeper.
  7. Battlestar Galactica Target Poster Set.  Two posters for a show that ended years ago.
  8. Glow-in-the-Dark Gadget Pouch.  Actually pretty cool.  I like the circuit design.
  9. Cyber pin.

Overall, not too impressed with this month’s box.  A lot of promotional schwag.  I think they could have gone a little deeper with the “Cyber” theme or maybe found some creative ways to present it.  I’m not a fan of the newer Terminator movies, so those were dog items for me, promo stickers for a show I’m not heading out to seemed a little silly, eh t-shirt.

This is month #9 for me.  I hope they get better.

Loot Crate – May 2105 – Unite


Topic:  Unite

Items in this month’s box:

  • T-Shirt – grey t-shirt with Green/White Power Ranger design (Loot Crate Exclusive)
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron Car Decal
  • Team Fortress 2 Button Set (Exclusive) – missing in my box, but I’m sure Loot Crate will come through.
  • Comic:  Bravest Warriors Tales from the Holo John #1 (Boom! Studios)
  • Marvel Super Heroes Ice Tray (??)
  • Loot Crate Exclusive Mad Magazine
  • Marvel Sneaker Laces (Esquire Footwear)
  • Rick and Morty 300-piece Jigsaw Puzzle (Cardinal Industries, Inc.)

Overall – the puzzle is my favorite this month.

Pitch Perfect 2 – Review

pitch_perfect_two_ver2Beca: Your sweat smells of cinnamon!

Pitch Perfect 2

This weekend I took a trip with a group of friends to see this movie.  While driving down from Toledo to Cincinnati, we watched the original movie so everyone was caught up for the sequel.

I did get the impression that there were some callbacks to the original movie, and the plot where they had to rediscover “their sound” made sense.  I did like the jokes, and that they were coming quickly.  I felt as though the characters had grown a bit since the last film, and this was a new adventure.  I really enjoyed the music and DAS was a good “villain”.

I’m curious to see if a third movie will be happening and how they are going to handle it.  It seems to be at the end of the film, the Bardon Bellas are down to one member (the new girl).  It would be interesting to see how she handles recruiting and in a leadership roll, or if they follow Fat Amy and Bumper.

I enjoyed the movie, bought the soundtrack the next day and look forward to when it comes out on DVD.

Loot Crate April 2015: Fantasy

“As You Wish” – Westley, The Princess Bride


The theme is “Fantasy”

Overall, a good crate this month.

T-Shirt – Another “not black” t-shirt.  The “&” symbol in dragon form from Dungeons & Dragons

Harry Potter – 9-3/4 Luggage Tag

Inflatable Crown – heavy is the head that wears the inflatable crown

RPG Bow Tie

The Princess Bride Playing Cards

Game of Thrones – 4GB USB Flash Drive

Game of Thrones Magnets

Sharkansas Women’s Prison Massacre

via: http://www.dreadcentral.com/news/96701/sharkansas-womens-prison-massacre-exclusive-trailer-premiere/


When a fracking mishap accidentally rips apart the earth’s crust, the resulting hole opens up a gaping underground waterway to a vast and mysterious ocean somewhere deep below. Instantly, giant prehistoric sharks begin wending their way upward toward a murky bog in the heart of the Arkansas Bayou. Unfortunately for a group of female prisoners on a work detail in the swamp, the deadly sharks attack without warning – pinning a hapless group of intended victims in a small deserted cabin in the heart of the wetlands. Death may be the only means of escape!

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