In Solitary The Anti Social Experiment (2017)

I came across this documentary earlier today while reading Reddit’s documentary thread. I have no ownership and I didn’t work on it.

I think it is an interesting experiment to voluntarily submit yourself to solitary confinement for five days.

There have been moments in my past where I was unemployed (most of the time in the fall/winter around Christmas) and was holed up in my house.  Since my income was limited, I reduced the heat and electric use.  I didn’t know a lot of people, so I didn’t have people over.  I moved a few hours away from my family and they didn’t visit.  My meals were reduced to more basic meals (pasta, more stews, etc) and except for interviews, I stayed home.  I could feel my sanity slowly slipping away and I had many dark days.  I found solice in heading down to the corner gas station or fast food restaurant just to check in with another human being.  I ordered pizza occassionally just to see a friendly face.

It has been a few years since this has happened and I have since moved to a new city and gotten married, but when I was in between jobs a few months ago – I went into full panic mode on more than one occassion.

Lent 2017 – Day 5 (I think) Digging out the PS3

It’s Day 5.  I haven’t used Facebook, Youtube, and/or Twitter.  I have little to no idea what is going on in the real world, and the POTUS is tweeting like a madman but I am staying away.  I’ve watched an entire season of The Magicians (season 1), and am about to jump back into playing Lego Dimensions (I might have a problem…).  Right now I am waiting for a PS3 update.

I feel a little more free, staying away from those outlets and I can only wonder what I have missed.  I wonder if anyone misses me online.  I talked with my fiance a few times over the weekend, but other than that – stayed in hermit mode.  I was packing for my move and going over the job boards, doing laundry, etc – but I missed my online presence.  I know this is going to fade as the days continue on, and there will be an overwhelming wave of information once I get back.  I’m rambling – probably should have thought this out a little more rather than just starting to type.

I ordered a pizza for the first time this year.  I’ve been trying to eat better, but the call of garlic knots and pepperoni called for me in the middle of the night.  The delivery driver even called me out “…haven’t been here in a while – you’ve been feeling okay?”  to which I sheepishly replied “…I’ve been trying to eat better…”  “Well, it’s nice to have you back.”  and it felt good to be back (?)  Why can’t they have like salad delivery services?  (OMG – did I just admit to that?!)


I’m getting a little anxious.  The wedding is eight months away.  I still have to find a job and move.  I have a lot of people helping me look and while I admit I am excited about starting this new part of my life – I’m scared shittless.  I know this is normal.  It doesn’t make it any easier.

Well, these things get automatically posted to both by Facebook and Twitter feeds.  It’s a nice record down the line. I feel a little like a ghost in that respect.

On to tomorrow.  Why won’t this update data download already….  rrgh.

Lent 2017 – Day 3 The withdrawals are here.

It’s day 3 of my social media cold-turkey abandonment.

I miss it.

I want to know on Twitter what is going on, especially with the current news, and what kind of odd things the new administration is saying and how they’re spinning it.  I miss youtube and my documentaries, my current pop culture.  And I miss my connection to Facebook, and wonder if anyone misses me there…

Lent 2017 – So Far… (Day 2)

So far all is well.  I’ve been on the road a lot with work and haven’t needed a break to escape.

Youtube – I would usually set up Youtube on my kindle to listen to a documentary or news as I fall asleep. That’s been replaced with using my Alexa and “News Briefing” or “Play music”.

Twitter – since the election, I’ve been following President Trump.  Every morning I see the overnight tweets and reply in what I believe to be the appropriate manner – massive amounts of snark.  This has lead to an increase in blood pressure and an inability to sleep.  There have been many times where I fell down the rabbit hole and almost posted items that would incur a visit from the Secret Service, but I pulled back and made edits.  Staying away from Twitter has been a good thing.  The overwhelming information about what is going on in the world – can’t handle it.

Facebook – where am I going to post my Geek musings?  Well, I’m storing them in a folder and will be posting them on April 17.  In the meantime, it is nice to stay away from a lot of the political posts and memes.  On the other hand I do feel a little disconnected from the rest of my family and friends.

My fiance is on a “Alternative Spring Break” with some of her students in NOLA.  They’re working in food pantries, building homes, and planting trees – so she’s physically away.  I envy her.


Lent 2017 – Giving up Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube!

Every year about this time, Lent rears its ugly head and friends ask “So, what are you giving up for Lent?”  In years past, I’ve done deserts, chocolate, fast food, meat (I was vegan for 40 days), etc.  This year I decided to cut some ties to my online accounts (albeit for a little while).  I am giving up Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube for Lent.

I found that these three services/products (?) are my largest distraction from every day life.  It is easy to fall into the pit of all three services and while away entire weekends with nothing to show.  So in an effort to become a better person, logging out.

I am following my fiance’s lead on this (she’s staying away from Facebook) and I thought I might share in the e-withdrawals.


Vacation TO DO List – Day 7

Today was a weird day, but still a productive one.

I was at Lowes first thing this morning to pick up a scrub brush and some adjustable pliers.  I wanted to get the deck scrubbed down before it rained.  Now my deck hasn’t been cleaned since I moved in and all the crap that has fallen from the sky in the last couple of years has collected.  This is dirt, algae, various molds and spores.  It was pretty gross.  I decided to scrub things down and see what I really had underneath all that.  A little Simple Green and hot water made a lot of difference.  It’s a lot brighter and I feel much better.

I tried to fix the hose behind the washer.  The water hoses are old and I bought replacements.  The hoses are rusted to the valves.  I’ve been soaking them with WD-40 and PB Blaster.  I’ll get them loose eventually.

I replaced the screen to the back door – the last one lasted a few years.  But not this last winter in the garage.

Early this afternoon, I met my friends Tina and Josh for lunch at Foccocia’s Deli in downtown Toledo.

Tomorrow:  A little woodwork…

Swan Creek Park – March 12, 2011

On March 12, 2011 the skies were blue (ish) and there were only a few clouds in the sky.  I planned a meetup for Swan Creek and I was determined to get out and enjoy the day.

It was a little chilly outside, but once we got walking – it was nice.  A recent renovation of the asphalt trail was a pleasant surprise .  Everything is still in shades of brown and with the recent snow/rain – we had a lot of water everywhere.  The red/yellow trail was shut down because the creek was overflowing.

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