Lent 2017 – Day 5 (I think) Digging out the PS3

It’s Day 5.  I haven’t used Facebook, Youtube, and/or Twitter.  I have little to no idea what is going on in the real world, and the POTUS is tweeting like a madman but I am staying away.  I’ve watched an entire season of The Magicians (season 1), and am about to jump back into playing Lego Dimensions (I might have a problem…).  Right now I am waiting for a PS3 update.

I feel a little more free, staying away from those outlets and I can only wonder what I have missed.  I wonder if anyone misses me online.  I talked with my fiance a few times over the weekend, but other than that – stayed in hermit mode.  I was packing for my move and going over the job boards, doing laundry, etc – but I missed my online presence.  I know this is going to fade as the days continue on, and there will be an overwhelming wave of information once I get back.  I’m rambling – probably should have thought this out a little more rather than just starting to type.

I ordered a pizza for the first time this year.  I’ve been trying to eat better, but the call of garlic knots and pepperoni called for me in the middle of the night.  The delivery driver even called me out “…haven’t been here in a while – you’ve been feeling okay?”  to which I sheepishly replied “…I’ve been trying to eat better…”  “Well, it’s nice to have you back.”  and it felt good to be back (?)  Why can’t they have like salad delivery services?  (OMG – did I just admit to that?!)


I’m getting a little anxious.  The wedding is eight months away.  I still have to find a job and move.  I have a lot of people helping me look and while I admit I am excited about starting this new part of my life – I’m scared shittless.  I know this is normal.  It doesn’t make it any easier.

Well, these things get automatically posted to both by Facebook and Twitter feeds.  It’s a nice record down the line. I feel a little like a ghost in that respect.

On to tomorrow.  Why won’t this update data download already….  rrgh.

Review: Minions cereal (Special Edition)

11354384_10153297142975535_1750930139_oReview: Minions cereal

I was at the grocery store today and I happened upon this cereal. Obviously made in anticipation of the new movie coming out this year.  I bought a box.

The texture resembles Golden Grahams with a granular sugar coating.  Stamped on various pieces are images of minions.

Flavor – described as “banana berry flavor” resembles banana strawberry ice cream.  A very vanilla base with sweet banana and strawberry flavors leaving a slight aftertaste.  The cereal tinted with milk and left the same flavor in the milk.

I really liked it – but can only imagine this being a “special edition” cereal.  It’s not going to end up as a staple in the cereal aisle.

Lent 2014

It is Lent, and being the “reasonably” good Irish Catholic boy that I am it is time to give up something for the next 40 days.

Why give up something for Lent?
Well, according to the website Busted Halo:

…Lent, the period of 40 days that precedes the celebration of Easter, has its origin in the early days of the Church. Converts seeking to become Christian, who at that time were mostly adults, spent several years in study and preparation. Under the threat of Roman persecution, becoming a Christian was serious business, so their process of preparation was intensive! Then they went through a final period of “purification and enlightenment” for the 40 days before their baptism at Easter. The rest of the Church began to observe the season of Lent in solidarity with these newest Christians. It became an opportunity for all Christians to recall and renew the commitment of their baptism….

Many people view it like a New Year’s resolution, trying to better themselves by giving something up and at the end of the 40 days – they would have a remarkable change.

In years, past I have tried to give up:

  • All animal products – I went hardcore vegan for 40 days.  I did my research and had a total change of lifestyle.  Change of shampoos and soap (I ended up using a lot of Dr.Bronner’s products).  There was a change to the way my hair and skin felt and my digestion was a bit “off”.  Towards the end, I did feel weak and when I returned to “regular food” it took a while before I was back to normal.  I did learn that I HATE tofu.
  • Caffeine – I lasted almost a month giving up caffeine.  Now, I didn’t think ahead and taper off but went cold turkey.  The headaches and anxiety were expected, but I didn’t think the verbal outbursts would occur.  I had one instance of jumping at someone with intent of really hurting them.  I was carried out for lunch to “cool down” and when I got back to the office, there was a case of Coca-Cola and a few Red Bulls on my desk with a “Drink Me” note.
  • Red Meat – This is one that is my goto item when in doubt.  I usually do well on this and only once lost my mind and ended up at Wendy’s on Good Friday looking for a double cheeseburger.
  • Fast Food – Easy one and I actually felt better afterwards.

Well this year I thought I would do two things.  I gave up red meat and deserts.  I could really cut down on my sweets and reducing my red meat consumption can’t be bad.


Taking a sick day today…

I’m taking a sick day today.

I usually take a single sick day a year.  And today is definitely reason for one.  I’m not sure what I have or when I caught it.  I thought that I may have had food poisoning, but after learning that a few other people at work were sick as well over the weekend – I think that there is something going around.

Earlier on Sunday, I was running like 20-30 minutes between trips to the bathroom.  It has since gotten to about an hour between trips.  I think I’ve lost like 10 lbs so far.

I know – TMI.


My Bodyscan Analysis Report

In an effort to share/shame myself to get in better shape, I am publishing my bodyscan results.

Height: 74.8 ”

Weight: 297 (currently 293)

Age: 39

Sex: Male

ADL: Light

Exercise: Moderate

Percent Body Fat: 31.3%

Suggested Percent

Body Fat Range: 11% to 13%

Pounds Body Fat: 92.99 lbs.

Excess Body Fat: 57.35 lbs

Lean Body Mass: 204.01 lbs.

Suggested Target Weight Range: 229 to 234 lbs.

Results and Recommendations

Resting Metabolic Rate: 2815 Calories

Personal Caloric Level for Weight Loss: 2185 Calories

Protein Range: 158-175 Grams

Week 3 – No Meat

I am into week #3 (almost full month actually) since I gave up eating meat.  I am still getting protein from beans and other vegetables.

I went to a gym function and had my status updated.  I received confirmation as to where I currently am and where I need to be.  There were no surprises.  I did pick up a container of “meal replacement” powder that is to be mixed with skim milk and taken in lieu of meals in the weight loss process.  It is soy based, and I experienced my usual reaction to soy-based products.  But I have that as a back up in case I am running low on protein.

I don’t have any large cravings for meat – that’s not really a surprise.  I do know that I need to eat a lot more vegetables – I’ve been lax on that.

Nothing really good/bad/indifferent to report this week.  A few salads, a few grilled cheese sandwiches, a seven-layer burrito or two.

Week 2 – No Meat

Well, it has been two weeks since I’ve given up eating meat.  And since then, I have noticed some changes.

First, my skin has cleared up.  I don’t know if there were more saturated fats or if it is because I am eating more vegetables and fruits, but my skin is a lot clearer, and I have noticed that there are patches of skin on my face that are sloughing off quicker than average.

Secondly, I have experienced some occasional lightheadedness.  One of these occurred when I was in line at the bank depositing my paycheck.  I went to a restaurant and picked up something quick.  I was fine the rest of the day.

Thirdly, I sleep a lot more soundly.  I now go to sleep within minutes of going to bed instead of tossing and turning.

I am obviously paying more attention to the meatless options at restaurants.  And there are not a lot outside of salads.

Over the weekend, I tried a soy-based chicken substitute.  I was not impressed.  The texture and taste were all wrong.  And the “chicken” came out grey.  Not appealing at all.

That’s week two.  I am trying to cut back on the amount of bread I eat this week.

One week in…no meat

It has been one week since I gave up all meat (beef, chicken, pork, and fish) for Lent.

What started out as a something to try out has started to gain support from those around me and encouragement from family and friends. And as I have been reading more and more on the subject – a worthwhile endeavor all around.

It took a few days for the effects of not eating meat to take place (or at least enough for me to notice).  I have been very tired, and light-headed.  I also feel as though I have an impending cold.  From what I have read, this is normal and will pass in a few more days.  This is my body’s reaction to moving away from this source of protein to a more agricultural form.  There is also literature that says that my body is beginning the “detoxification” process and releasing a lot of vile components into my bloodstream and ultimately my intestines and colon for elimination.  I have noticed a change to the poo.

I have been taking my vitamins daily, and drinking lots of liquids to try and speed the transition process.

Thank you to all my friends and family who have sent recipes and offered support.


It is that time of the year to give up something for Lent.

I was wondering for weeks what I should give up.  I didn’t want to give up something relatively easy like fast food, cheese, chocolate, etc.  And I didn’t make a decision until Tuesday night.

A few years ago, I gave up red meat.  It was a tough one and I made it all the way until the Thursday before Easter before I found myself inside a Wendy’s getting a double with cheese.

So this year – in the vein of making “big changes” to my life, I am giving up ALL MEAT until Easter.  This is red meat, chicken, pork, and fish (and variations).  I am cutting down on my use of dairy products – but not giving up cheese entirely.

So far it has been five days.

No real cravings right now, but I am sure that will happen.  I am not having any dietary “issues”.  I’ve read articles that say that within a few days of not eating meat, your body will start to “repair” itself and begin the detoxification process (lots of gas and disgusting fecal eliminations).  So far – I’m good, but I wouldn’t take bets on how much I will discuss poop.


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