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Entry Level?

I saw this posted on a job board this morning.  There are a few confusing items.  Maybe it is just me – but when they state “Entry Level Project Leader I” and then “…should have extensive experience in a leadership capacity on one or more project teams…”  Also – the position showed up in the Nashville TN board but is for Columbia South Carolina.

I don’t know if I qualify or if I’m overqualified or if I would have to move…

I’m Tired of Being Sick.

I am so tired of being sick.

I had to check my calendar to see when this whole thing started.  Let’s go back to the middle of February this year.  I had something – didn’t know what it was, and it was something new to me.  My kidneys hurt and I was in the bathroom A LOT.  Some type of infection.  I was given some meds and moved on.  A few weeks later after my cycle of antibiotics had completed, I realize that the infection wasn’t done with me yet.  So I ended up at the urgent care with another diagnosis and another week’s worth of antibiotics.

A few days into this run, and when I started feeling better – the eye infection started.  I’m sure they’re related and I rubbed my eye the wrong way.  So I called up and had a video conference with the doctor (gotta love modern technology) and got my eye drops by the end of the next day.

Over the weekend, I was feeling better – albeit a little crusty.  I knew my immune system was a bit off and was being bolstered by meds.  So I stayed in and worked to get back to healthy status.

Monday morning, I went to work and promptly caught a chest cold that moved to a chest/respiratory infection.  I thought I could handle it with some NyQuil and Mucinex.  This was Wednesday night – but Thursday I had a 102 temp and a fever dream that I was a concrete block.  I did something I hadn’t done in years.  I took two sick days and stayed under the covers.  I wasn’t until Friday night that I finally felt well enough to get up and walk around like a human.  I ordered some take-out (3 Happiness) for the win.  Spicy Mustard on egg rolls and wonton soup made things so much better.

It has almost been a week since I called off – I still have a slightly productive cough and the last bit of an eye infection are being fought.

This has been a long and tiring battle.

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.


Maybe Next Time

I really hate it when you have an interview set up, do your homework on said company, their history, practices, safety records, company culture, etc and two hours before the interview they call and let you know they need to reschedule.  You seem a little put off as this isn’t exactly normal, but they assure you that they are still interested in talking with you.

You accept this, and send your resume, references, and an e-mail to the hiring person stating that you are looking forward to meeting with them about the potential opportunity.

Then a week passes.  You call into the person you spoke with earlier hoping to jog their memory.  No – you end up with their voice mail…again.

Another week passes and by this time, you know that they’ve received your e-mails and voice mails and that they are just mocking you by not answering you back.  You know you don’t want to work for them because if this is how they treat potential employees, how do they treat their current staff.  You try and justify the lack of calls – maybe there was a conference, maybe they were having a week long training exercise, maybe there was a biohazard leak at the processing plant and one of the line workers mutated into a plant-monster terrorizing a small down and they needed to sythesize a cure before the military could turn it into a bio-weapon.

I have a lot of time for my brain to spin in directions.

So no – did not get the job. =/

Frustrations on 11 today. Need a moment.

It’s Tuesday and my frustration level for this week has “hit 11” and continues to rise.

I am super frustrated because I haven’t heard back about the interview from the 17th.  I have made phone calls, e-mails, and have sent over my resume, references, etc.  If I’m not the right fit for the job – just let me know.  I just want an answer.

Related note, my current employer wants to know “when are you leaving?”  I wish I could give a date, but that’s a variable right now.  I would have liked to have been packed up and down south by now.  I don’t have a date – and asking me three times today isn’t going to jog anything loose.  I’m not hiding any information.

I have an eye infection and look like Rocky Balboa.  It is better than it was last week, but it really needs to go away.  I have ‘script eyedrops which I use every four hours, but I need to move through this.


So I’m really antsy and trying to get a lot done.  Definitely need a few days off to get caught up, but feel like crap.  I’m trying to keep pushing forward knowing that all the fluff things will fall to the wayside and things will streamline.  In the meantime, I need some sunlight and clean air to recharge my soul.

Lent 2017 – Day XXIII – I’ve been away…

Okay, it’s been a minute since I wrote last.

In that time, I have had a kidney infection and am now dealing with an eye infection.  I am not pleased.  Sometimes I think I would be better off to get a Haz-Mat suit just to keep away from everything.

Well, last weekend I went to visit the fiance – and to go for a job interview.  It was nice to spend a long weekend with the future Mrs.

So I get to Kentucky last Thursday night and feel fine.  Friday morning – that’s a different story.  It does from bad to worse and I end up calling my doctor trying to see if he can call in some antibiotics.  He doesn’t work Fridays and is on vacation the following week.  Time for plan B.
I do a search for “Urgent Care” locations and find the closest place – St. Camillus.  I take my first legitimate solo excursion around Owensboro by myself and arrive in minutes.  Twenty minutes later, I get my diagnosis and am on my way to Target for my meds.  Within 30 minutes I feel better.  I’m exhausted and need a nap.  That evening at friends’ house to celebrate St. Patricks Day with an awesome Shepard’s Pie.

Saturday was spent cruising around – Rolling Pin and The Creme for breakfast coffee and donuts, Panther Creek for some sunny trail time, and Zaxby’s Chicken for late lunch/snack.  Never been to Zaxby’s and was hoping they served chicken (their mascot is a Chicken).  It was pretty good.  The fries were great – looking forward to going back.

And as always – breakfast at Windy Hollow before heading home.

Kung Fury BLURAY!

Years ago, one of the first Kickstarter projects I backed was Kung Fury.  I saw the trailer that went viral and thought – I have to be a part of this!  The film was to go into production and the discs were expected to be shipped to the backers in November 2014.

The backers pledged over $630,000 and the film started filming.  The extra funds enabled more special effects, actors, etc.

I was super excited and couldn’t wait for my copy.

And when it appeared online on May 28 2015- for FREE, I was a little disheartened. I assumed the backers would get theirs first – but I was incorrect. No worries.

And then it showed up on Netflix. I still didn’t have a copy of the disc. I was in the group of backers who were asking questions – it was already over 6 months “late”. So we waited. And waited. And waited.

But today – 29 months later – I received by Bluray in the mail.  It has the second “red” disc (because there was an issue during production of the disc).  I sighed when I opened it – because I finally have my closure.



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