Start of Vacation – the TO DO List

Today was my first day of vacation.  I had thoughts of actually going somewhere, but those quickly died and I thought that the most responsible thing would be to stay home and finish up some projects around the house.  The “TO DO” list had gotten rather large and if I don’t start now – it’s going to collapse on me.

So it being Saturday, I have started off the week strong:

1.  Oil Change – I went to AAA this morning and got an oil change.  I love that place.  It is always clean and since I am a member, I get the purchase 5 and the 6th is FREE.

2.  Headed to Home Depot.  I had to pick up a few items from the HD.  I bought a set of saw horses – nothing too hefty, but something to start.  Some “natural sunlight” fluorescent bulbs (to swap out in my fans – I have a mixture of soft white, white, and sunlight – quite disturbing) and spray paint (so I can continue on PROJECT BUNK BED).

3.  Nutrient for the hydroponics garden.  I stopped by HotHydro, my local hydroponics supplier.  If you’re in the Toledo area – stop by.

4.  Once I got home, I put the sawhorses and spray paint to work by finishing up the bunk bed I received from my family.  It was the set we had when I was growing up.  My brother had it for a while and it was passed to me.  I tried to clean it up a bit – but what it really needed was a new coat of paint.  Flat black rails and kona brown headboards.  A few coats and it dried quickly in the warm spring air.  It took a bit to assemble it and I had to replace a few bolts – but I put it together in the spare bedroom.  Now I just need to get some twin mattresses…

5.  Clean the condo.  I finished everything by dinner time – had something to eat and worked on general cleaning of the condo, vacuuming, dusting, throwing out the trash.

Tomorrow:  The trip to IKEA (?).


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