Vacation TO DO List – Day 7

Today was a weird day, but still a productive one.

I was at Lowes first thing this morning to pick up a scrub brush and some adjustable pliers.  I wanted to get the deck scrubbed down before it rained.  Now my deck hasn’t been cleaned since I moved in and all the crap that has fallen from the sky in the last couple of years has collected.  This is dirt, algae, various molds and spores.  It was pretty gross.  I decided to scrub things down and see what I really had underneath all that.  A little Simple Green and hot water made a lot of difference.  It’s a lot brighter and I feel much better.

I tried to fix the hose behind the washer.  The water hoses are old and I bought replacements.  The hoses are rusted to the valves.  I’ve been soaking them with WD-40 and PB Blaster.  I’ll get them loose eventually.

I replaced the screen to the back door – the last one lasted a few years.  But not this last winter in the garage.

Early this afternoon, I met my friends Tina and Josh for lunch at Foccocia’s Deli in downtown Toledo.

Tomorrow:  A little woodwork…

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