WOOT.com – you failed me…=(

A few weeks ago, I purchased a first generation Roku player from woot.com for $39.99.  I wanted it for a bedroom television and didn’t need the HD support.  I wanted a simple unit to watch streaming Netflix before I go to sleep.

Well, it took a few weeks to get me (another issue, but whatever) and I unpacked it today.  I went to hook it up and the wifi antenna doesn’t work.  I spent a few hours on chat with tech support trying to work it out – but nothing.

I swapped units to see if the wifi signal was the issue (I have a XDS unit I bought last year) and it worked great.

I’m just upset that it isn’t working.  I’ve contacted Woot for a replacement unit – but I’m sure this process will take some time.  I’m going to document this because it upsets me.

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  1. konakenny (Post author)

    Update – I was contacted by Roku (via woot.com) and they are sending out a replacement unit. I have been using the N1000 unit hardwired and it works awesome. The wifi is the issue.

    I will be purchasing a Roku2 XDS unit soon.

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