It is that time of the year to give up something for Lent.

I was wondering for weeks what I should give up.  I didn’t want to give up something relatively easy like fast food, cheese, chocolate, etc.  And I didn’t make a decision until Tuesday night.

A few years ago, I gave up red meat.  It was a tough one and I made it all the way until the Thursday before Easter before I found myself inside a Wendy’s getting a double with cheese.

So this year – in the vein of making “big changes” to my life, I am giving up ALL MEAT until Easter.  This is red meat, chicken, pork, and fish (and variations).  I am cutting down on my use of dairy products – but not giving up cheese entirely.

So far it has been five days.

No real cravings right now, but I am sure that will happen.  I am not having any dietary “issues”.  I’ve read articles that say that within a few days of not eating meat, your body will start to “repair” itself and begin the detoxification process (lots of gas and disgusting fecal eliminations).  So far – I’m good, but I wouldn’t take bets on how much I will discuss poop.


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