Lent 2017 – Day XXIII – I’ve been away…

Okay, it’s been a minute since I wrote last.

In that time, I have had a kidney infection and am now dealing with an eye infection.  I am not pleased.  Sometimes I think I would be better off to get a Haz-Mat suit just to keep away from everything.

Well, last weekend I went to visit the fiance – and to go for a job interview.  It was nice to spend a long weekend with the future Mrs.

So I get to Kentucky last Thursday night and feel fine.  Friday morning – that’s a different story.  It does from bad to worse and I end up calling my doctor trying to see if he can call in some antibiotics.  He doesn’t work Fridays and is on vacation the following week.  Time for plan B.
I do a search for “Urgent Care” locations and find the closest place – St. Camillus.  I take my first legitimate solo excursion around Owensboro by myself and arrive in minutes.  Twenty minutes later, I get my diagnosis and am on my way to Target for my meds.  Within 30 minutes I feel better.  I’m exhausted and need a nap.  That evening at friends’ house to celebrate St. Patricks Day with an awesome Shepard’s Pie.

Saturday was spent cruising around – Rolling Pin and The Creme for breakfast coffee and donuts, Panther Creek for some sunny trail time, and Zaxby’s Chicken for late lunch/snack.  Never been to Zaxby’s and was hoping they served chicken (their mascot is a Chicken).  It was pretty good.  The fries were great – looking forward to going back.

And as always – breakfast at Windy Hollow before heading home.

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