Coffee Table

Finished Project

Finished Coffee Table

This was my first REAL project.  I actually documented this to upload to Instructables as Coffee/Living Room/General Use Table for Under $50.

I had made a few other coffee tables before – out of crates, boards and plumbing parts, boxes, etc., but I wanted something a little more permanent.  I made this out of precut boards from the home improvement store.  Two sheets of 2’x4′ birch plywood and one 1″x4″ pine board.  I had them cut one of the sheets of plywood in half, giving me the 2’x2′ for the legs.

I had purchased the Kreg pocket hole jig specifically for this project after seeing it on an infomercial.  Things I had made in the past I had surface drilled, tried to countersink and plug, but I was never able to line things up right and they looked terrible.  Or even worse (for me) – I would use angle straps  and wood screws.  This was just so much easier.

I took the jig and made the holes for the pocket screws on each of the “legs” as well as the supports.  After lining everything up and squaring up the pieces, I “glued and screwed” the pieces together.  The coarse threads took hold and pulled everything nice and tight.  After attaching the legs to the top, I added the support piece on each side, setting it back one board thickness for a little style.  Once everything was dried, I sanded, stained (combination of 1/2 cherry and 1/2 oak) and sealed with a few coats of polyurethane.

2011-10-08 10.04.14

I did make one change to this coffee table after I was finished.  I realized that 24″ was WAY too tall for a coffee table, and cut down the legs.  For that, I measured 18″ and put painter’s tape down to mark the cut.  A fine-toothed blade on the circular saw, a sanding sponge to do a little clean up – stain and poly at the ends.  Barely noticeable.

I like the style and intend on making some matching side tables.

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