Long Bookcase

Long Bookcase

Long Bookcase

I needed a bookcase, but I really didn’t want the traditional taller shelving unit.  I wanted something that could sit behind a couch (or in my case, futon) up in my loft.  I have a LOT of books – especially reference books.  The shelving unit took on many different versions in the design phase.  I thought about making three separate units, each one two feet wide and fastening them together.  Then I decided to make a longer unit and use the top as a display area.

I would eventually revisit the three – 2′ wide units in another project, but stayed with the one monolithic build.  I had my challenges.

Wood at that length (from the home improvement store) isn’t always straight.  I learned that.  I tried to take care of that in the material purchase, but I rushed and missed something.  Overall – I did rush this project, and I can tell with this project.  Lesson learned to slow down and do it right.

The unit itself is 6 feet long, by 3 foot high.  The shelf spacing is at 14″ on the bottom, 12″ for the middle, and 10″ top.  I have some tall books and needed that height.  The boards I used were standard 1″x12’x6′ that I cut down to length in the garage.  Looking back, I would have went with the plywood for true-ness and ease in working with.

The backer board is 1/4″ plywood, stapled to the back.

I decided to paint the entire unit white to match the molding upstairs and tie everything together.  This also helped me to hide some of the “oops” I made during construction.

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