K-Cup Holder


This one was a fairly easy project to finish.  From start to finish, it was a little over an hour.

I was looking for a K-Cup holder for my Keurig Coffee Maker.  I looked on the internet and in the retail stores, but I didn’t like the design of any of them.  I checked Instructables to see if there was anything or maybe to give me some ideas.  I came up with the idea of making a matrix of holes to hold the cups.  Initially I was going to make it out of a thin plywood, but checking my material stock, I found a small piece of clear plastic.

I took a rough measurement of the diameter of the pod and tested a few holes on some scrap wood.  A 2″ hole was too large and the pod fell through, and 1-1/2″ was too tight and only the bottom part of the pod would fit.  A process of deduction/elimination and 1-3/4″ was the best fit between the two.

I made a few score marks on the plastic (I left the protective sheet on both sides to protect from scratches).  and snapped it at 12″x12″ square.  I laid the squares out and put an “X” in the center for a drilling point.  A cordless drill and hole saw (with bit) were used to drill out each of the holes (see pic).  5 across by 5 down with a consistent edge around worked best.

I cleaned up the plastic edges with a fine sanding sponge and measured a small piece of plywood for the base.  I pre-drilled and screwed the sheet plastic to the base.  I added some weights to the base (small bolts epoxied underneath) and was complete.



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