Toledo Trailwalk 2014

I made myself a goal to hit every trail in the Toledo MetroPark System.  I needed somewhere to start.  I think this is it.

2014 Toledo MetroPark Trail Checklist

Wildwood Park
5100 W. Central Ave.
Toledo, OH

Brown All Purpose Trail – walk/bike 1.6 miles

Red Jack Gallon 2.3 miles

Orange Prairie Trail 2.1 miles

Green Ridge Trail 0.8 miles

Yellow Meadow Trail 1.2 miles

Blue Floodplain Trail 1.4miles


Pearson Park
761 Lallendorf Road
Oregon, OH 43616

Exercise Trail 2.9 mile loop

Blue Wood Thrush Trail 1.3 miles

Orange Black Swamp Trail 1.3 mile long loop / 0.8 mile short loop


Swan Creek
4659 Airport Highway
Toledo, OH

Brown All-Purpose 3.3 miles from Glendale / 1.3 mile loop from Airport

Red Connector 0.7 miles one way

Orange Meadow Trail 1.3 mile loop from Airport

Yellow Big Woods 0.8 miles from Glendale


Side Cut
1025 W. River Road
Maumee, OH

Red Fallen Timbers Trail 4.1 miles

Green Wood Duck Trail 1.5 miles

Orange Riverview Trail 1.2 mile loop

Blue Canal Locks Trail 0.5 miles


Oak Openings
4139 Girdham Road
Swanton, OH

Yellow Hiking Trail 16 miles

Brown All Purpose Trail 5.3 mile loop

Green Evergreen Trail 1.9 miles

Blue Ferns & Lakes Trail 2.9 mile loop

Red Sand Dunes 1.7 miles

Yellow Horseshoe Lake Trail 1.5 miles

Silver Ridge Trail 2.5 miles


10000 W. Central Avenue
Berkey, OH

Brown All-Purpose Trail 3.4 mile long loop / 2.7 mile short loop

Red Swamp Forest Trail 1.2 miles

Blue Woodland Pond Trail 0.3 mile loop

Orange Prairie Trail 0.5 mile loop

Green Meadow Trail 0.9 mile loop

Yellow Trillium Trail 1.3 mile long loop / 0.7 short loop

Silver Forrested Dune Trail 1.3 mile loop


Farnsworth, Bend View & Providence
8505 S. River Road (US 24)
Waterville, OH

Towpath 8 miles

  • Farnsworth to Bend View Overlook 2.3 miles
  • Bend View to Providence Trailhead 6.1 miles
  • Towpath Trailhead to Farnsworth Indianola 0.5 miles
  • Indianola Shelter to Roche de Bout Shelter 0.6 miles

Yellow Wolf Rapids 0.3 miles

River Bluff Trail ?? miles (undetermined)


Blue Creek Conservation Area
Waterville-Neapolis Road at Schadel Road
Whitehouse, OH

Loop 1 mile loop

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