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Kickstarter – “TALES OF MR. RHEE: “Those Who Fight Monsters…” Hardcover”

I’ve been following some creative people on Kickstarter lately.

At the most recent Fantasticon held in Toledo, Dirk Manning mentioned that he was putting out a Kickstarter for his long awaited Tales of Mr. Rhee book.  Honestly, I had never heard of the book, nor the series – but he was a local creator (419 yo!) and I wanted to support him.  I looked online and did a little research, signed up for his monthly newsletter, and am supporting his Kickstarter:

There are still 3 weeks to go (as of this morning) and he has doubled his initial quest.


SideCut Park – Trail Tour 2016

This Saturday morning the sun was shining and there weren’t a lot of clouds in the sky.  I met up with a group of about 12 other people and our intent was to walk the red trail at SideCut Park.  It looks like they added a bike trail since we were here last and the red trail that used to go through the woods is a little more hidden.  Well, we walked the bike trail to the other side of 23 and around the field, looping around and making our way back.

Secor – Trail Tour 2016

And back to walking the trails.  It has been too long.

I joined a group of friends and walked the All-Purpose Brown trail today at Secor Park.  Everything is in a shade of grey/brown and ice fills the waterways.  There was little to no snow on the ground and was a brisk 50 degrees.  The trails were a little wet, but when compared to last year’s conditions – marked improvement.

SideCut Park – Red Trail – Trail Tour 2015

The Red Trail wasn’t too bad – the second set of boardwalks before you go under the bridge is gone and we had to 4WD it to the underpass, and we walked back along the river to see the cemetery. There are a lot of ongoing “corrections” being made to try and stop damage if there is an “ice situation” like earlier this year. But nature survives…


Loot Crate – July 2015 – Heroes 2

Loot Crate – July 2015 

Theme – Heroes 2

This month’s Loot Crate theme is “Heroes 2”

Wonder Woman “She Can Do It!” Poster
Legend of Zelda Sweatband
Batman Multi-Tool Keychain
The League of Regrettable Superheroes
Batman Q-Pop Figure (Exclusive)
Brawlhalla Download Card
– Star Trek Air Freshener
– Loot Crate Pin: July 2015

This is the last quarter of my one year Loot Crate subscription.  These final three months will determine for me whether I go for another year subscription.  This months… eh.  The bright spot was the Q-Pop Batman figure.  Really – an air freshener?  A pointy batman multi-tool?  It’s pointy.  Do I really need a weapon when I go drinking?  The book was okay – but I don’t know if is worth the $20.

Secor Park – Trail Tour 2015

It was a fantastic day for a walk in the park.

Blue skies and warm weather.  I had a small group with me today.  We walked the red trail.  It had been raining for the last few days and we were wondering if the trails would have been muddy.  They weren’t too bad.  Today’s menace – the mosquito.  She and her swarm of followers wanted blood – and they took a lot of it from us.  We tried to use bug spray as much as we could – various manufacturers and strengths.  None of it worked.

But – all said and done – excellent day!

Swan Creek – Trail Tour 2015

It’s a holiday weekend and a great way to start it off is by some “trail time”.  I met up with a small group and we walked the red, yellow, blue, and orange trails at Swan Creek this morning.

I was a little concerned that the trails might be muddy and/or swampy but they dried out just enough to allow clean passage through.  The mosquitoes were out in force and took a few liters from the group.  On the Airport Highway side, people were getting ready for the day’s grilling/barbecue and were already out cooking.

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