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Secor Park – Trail Tour 2015

It was a fantastic day for a walk in the park.

Blue skies and warm weather.  I had a small group with me today.  We walked the red trail.  It had been raining for the last few days and we were wondering if the trails would have been muddy.  They weren’t too bad.  Today’s menace – the mosquito.  She and her swarm of followers wanted blood – and they took a lot of it from us.  We tried to use bug spray as much as we could – various manufacturers and strengths.  None of it worked.

But – all said and done – excellent day!

Swan Creek – Trail Tour 2015

It’s a holiday weekend and a great way to start it off is by some “trail time”.  I met up with a small group and we walked the red, yellow, blue, and orange trails at Swan Creek this morning.

I was a little concerned that the trails might be muddy and/or swampy but they dried out just enough to allow clean passage through.  The mosquitoes were out in force and took a few liters from the group.  On the Airport Highway side, people were getting ready for the day’s grilling/barbecue and were already out cooking.

Loot Crate – June 2015 – Cyber!

Loot Crate June 2015 – Theme:  Cyber!

Let’s go over what we got in this month’s box:

  1. Prime T-Shirt.  Optimus Prime in a neon-esq pose.  T-shirt quality is less than in month’s past, kinda lightweight.  I must have been getting spoiled the last few months.
  2. Nerd Machine – NerdHQ Stickers.  Promo stickers for a convention that I won’t be able to go.  =/
  3. Borderlands Zer0 Game Mat.  I thought this was first a large mouse pad (which is what I plan on using it for).  Eh
  4. Exclusive Terminator Genisys Skull Replica.  I was initially really excited to see this in the box.  It wasn’t until I opened the package and discovered that it had the feel of a high-end pet toy.  Not hard plastic – vinyl.
  5. Terminator Genisys Brain Chip Replica.  Nice quality,  but there’s nothing much to it.  If they had made it a USB drive with a movie trailer or blueprints or something, that would have been cool.  But – I think a repaint might turn it into something cool.
  6. Future Replicant Corporate Patch.  My favorite thing in this month’s patch.  High quality patch.  It took a minute to figure out what the reference was, but it’s a keeper.
  7. Battlestar Galactica Target Poster Set.  Two posters for a show that ended years ago.
  8. Glow-in-the-Dark Gadget Pouch.  Actually pretty cool.  I like the circuit design.
  9. Cyber pin.

Overall, not too impressed with this month’s box.  A lot of promotional schwag.  I think they could have gone a little deeper with the “Cyber” theme or maybe found some creative ways to present it.  I’m not a fan of the newer Terminator movies, so those were dog items for me, promo stickers for a show I’m not heading out to seemed a little silly, eh t-shirt.

This is month #9 for me.  I hope they get better.

Wiregrass Park – Trail Tour 2015

This weekend was our first visit to the newest Toledo Metropark – Wiregrass Park.  This park opened a few weeks ago and is available for canoeing, kayaking, fishing, and has 3 primitive campsites around the perimeter of the lake.

The lake itself is about 1/2 mile by 1/4 mile and asking the fisherman – stocks bluegill.

We walked the perimeter trail (about 1.6 miles), turned around and walked it in reverse.  There were a lot of dragonflies and mosquitoes today.

Female Fans of the NFL: Taking Their Place in the Stands

41dTtwJJ+1LFemale Fans of the NFL: Taking Their Place in the Stands

by Anne Cunningham Osborne and Danielle Sarver Coombs

In the past, sport, particularly football, has been defined as a male domain. Women’s interest stereo typically ranges from gentle tolerance to active resistance. But increasingly, women are proudly identifying themselves as supporters of their teams, and have become highly desirable audiences for sport organizations and merchandisers. Football provides a unique site at which to examine the complex interplay between three theoretical areas: identity formation and maintenance, commercialization of cultural practices, and gender hegemony. This book explores how women experience their fandom, and what barriers exist for the female fan.

Barenaked Ladies “Last Summer on Earth 2015” Tour


It was the last day of my vacation and I was lucky enough to see one of my favorite bands play outdoors.

Barenaked Ladies, Violent Femmes, and Colin Hay – Last Summer on Earth 2015 – Toledo Zoo Amphitheater

Colin Hay started out the evening.  He was playing some acoustic songs from Men at Work.  It was a nice easy way to start the evening.  The crowd started singing along to “Who Can It Be Now” and “Overkill”.

The weather was looking a little shady and there was speculation that the concert may end up being a wet one.  A cool breeze rolled in as the night wore on.  There were a few sprinkles, but nothing to stop the music.

A set change and Violent Femmes hit the stage.This was a throwback to my college days.  They brought out the heavier rock that the crowd sung along to.  The setlist started out with “Blister in the Sun”, “Love Love Love Love Love”, “Add It Up”, “Kiss Off”, “American Music”, and wrapped up with “Gone Daddy Gone” and “American Music”.

Then the Barenaked Ladies hit the stage.  Opening up big with “Limits” and “Boomerang” (new music) and going back with “It’s All Been Done”, a BNL rap about riding a bike in east Toledo and getting shot (!), “Pinch Me”, “Blame it On Me”, “Too Little Too Late”, and “Big Bang Theory Theme” there was a song every non-racist sang along to and a Cover Medley (including Blister in the Sun, I’m Not The Only One, Bohemian Rhapsody, Let it Go, Shake It Off, Whole Lotta Love) wrapping up the night with “If I Had a Million Dollars”.

It was a good concert.

Old West End Festival 2015

This was the weekend for the Old West End Festival.

Official events include House Tours, The King Wamba Parade, a Juried Art FairEntertainment, Children’s Activities, Food Vendors, OWE Stampede 5k run/walk, Beer Pavillion, Yard Sales, Antique Car Show, and Vendors Alley. The un-official events are front yard grill outs, brunches, porch musicians, street performers, face painting, parties, and curbside local artists to name a few. Come join us this year and enjoy the experience that’s been voted ‘Toledo’s Best Neighborhood’!

I ventured down a little after lunch to visit a friend.  I sat on the stoop and drank beer.  Usually that would seem odd, but in this neighborhood – not so much.  We took a walk, visited some vendors, saw some beautiful houses, met some interesting people, ate some great food, and bought some interesting knick-knacks.

After a few hours, we needed to rest our feet, drink a little, and then out again to the beer garden to see the fire dancers.

Black Cloister Brewing Company & Trivia

pctl-300x300My friends and I started playing organized trivia this week.

Team Snarknado

We’re playing through Sporcle at the Black Cloister Brewing Company, Thursday nights.  Games begin at 7:30 and 8:30 p.m.

We ended up in third place this week after two games.  This week and next will be “training” events since we are on the downward side for the tournament.



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