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Resistance Radio – The Man in the High Castle

In a bit of marketing, Amazon.com has put up “Resistance Radio” – or what would be resistance radio in the alt-history 1962 in The Man in the High Castle.  It seems oddly relevant right now.

Also – there are some Trump supporters who are getting mad because they think this is real.


Female Fans of the NFL: Taking Their Place in the Stands

41dTtwJJ+1LFemale Fans of the NFL: Taking Their Place in the Stands

by Anne Cunningham Osborne and Danielle Sarver Coombs

In the past, sport, particularly football, has been defined as a male domain. Women’s interest stereo typically ranges from gentle tolerance to active resistance. But increasingly, women are proudly identifying themselves as supporters of their teams, and have become highly desirable audiences for sport organizations and merchandisers. Football provides a unique site at which to examine the complex interplay between three theoretical areas: identity formation and maintenance, commercialization of cultural practices, and gender hegemony. This book explores how women experience their fandom, and what barriers exist for the female fan.


Vacation TO DO List – Day 4

Today wasn’t as productive as I would have liked, but I did make some headways.  It was rainy and 45 outside – killing a notion I had to get out and about.  I went out this morning to Target to pick up some items:

I also picked up a 1.5TB external harddrive.  I am finally ripping all of my CDs onto it.  I’ve just had them sitting around for a while.  On the PC front as well, I ordered a Linksys Router from Newegg.com last week and it arrived this morning.  It replaces an older Linksys wireless that had a b-protocol.  The new one covered through “n”.  The new router provides a stronger signal throughout my house as well as tougher security.  I’ve also noticed a speed difference when using my ROKU player.

I also ordered Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 from Amazon.  Original retail pricing was $79.99.  But there was a daily special at Amazon and a $20 mail in rebate inside the package, so my ending cost is $39 plus tax.  How can I go wrong with that?  I really like the Photomerge and the smart fill-in tools.

The rest of the day was spent ripping CDs and cleaning out the cupboards.

Tomorrow – taking out the trash and heading to Lowes (I mean it this time).

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