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Ghostbusters Reboot

I have been a fan of Ghostbusters since the movie came out.  I’ve lost count on the number of times I have seen it in the theater.  I bought the VHS, DVD, and BLU-RAYS when they each came out.  I am currently playing the Ghostbusters video game on my Playstation.  I made my own GB costume the fall of 1984, and a new one for comic conventions in 2015/6.

When I first heard years ago that there was a Ghostbusters 3 in the works, I was excited – to say the least.  One of my childhood favorites would be coming back!  And then I heard it was out of the hands of Dan Akroyd and Harold Ramis.  I was a bit skeptical, but it IS the Ghostbusters.  Everyone knows what the Ghostbusters is about and the fanbase is HUGE so there shouldn’t be anything to worry about – right?  Then I heard the director was Paul Feig and I thought – It’s the guy who did Freaks and Geeks!  He has to know the material.  This is even getting better.  Then I heard that it was going to be an all female cast. Initial reaction was – Why?  Is there a reason for making an all female cast?  It doesn’t need an all female cast – but there are a LOT of very talented female comedy actors.  I will wait and see…

re·boot (rē-bo͞ot′) tr.v. re·boot·ed, re·boot·ing, re·boots

1. To turn (a computer’s operating system) off and then on again; restart.
2. To bring back (an earlier film or television show), usually with a new cast and updated script.
1. The act or an instance of rebooting a computer’s operating system.
2. A film or television show that is a remake of an earlier production, typically with a different or refreshed viewpoint.

American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Copyright © 2011 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved.

I heard the dreaded “reboot”.  Why not continue on the series?  Have a legitimate sequel and a “passing of the torch” to a new crew?  No – the filmmakers decided to go for a reboot where none of the Ghostbusters (1984) material existed.  A brand new universe.  This hurt a little as it made it feel as though the movies I loved weren’t valid, and that they were just going to pick the bits and pieces they wanted for the new movie.  The original, its sequel, comics, cartoon, Legos, characters, etc all exist and are safe but I took it personally that it wasn’t “good enough” for them

Then the trailers started.

– 30 Years Ago, Four Scientists Saved New York.  Winston wasn’t a scientist.  And if this a reboot, why are you referencing the material that you wanted to distance yourself from?
– The firehouse.  Again that’s a visual from the first movies that you didn’t want to use, don’t try and invoke familiarity by doing that.
– A New Team Will Answer The Call – makes me feel like this is a sequel – even though its NOT.
– Okay…are they retelling the orginal story, only switching genders?  And why isn’t Leslie Jones a scientist?  Well, we got our “blonde Egon” from the cartoon.
– The “new” ECTO-1 is a hearse?  What the holy hell?  No.  Don’t use “ECTO”!  Original content!
– Slimer!  I know times have been tough for the last few years, but I’m sure you could have found work elsewhere.
– Ghosts possessing human bodies?
– Familiar jumpsuits and “proton packs”
– I really hope jokes are better and this is just a first swipe at a trailer.
– First impression.  I am sad.  They wanted a reboot, but the new movie seems to have enough visual similarities to the original, the ghosts look like they are out of a video game, the proton packs look like toys, and the jokes fell flat.  Just watching the first trailer, it felt like the script was based off someone’s fan fiction.

TRAILER #2 (International Trailer)
– Four Friends – great they got a demotion.
– Introductions look cheesy.
– Why is Thor here?
– Stop licking the proton gun.
– It wasn’t a “race thing” or a “lady thing”  is the audience after they saw the movie.  They all jumped into Deloreans, when back in time and tried to stop the movie.

TRAILER #3 (US #2)
– No reference to “Four Friends/Scientists”
– Still shot of the firehouse – STOP IT
– Original theme playing in the background.
– Is Kevin the ‘Big Bad?” okay
– They got Roker?!
– “Mass Hysteria” – stop it
– Selfies with the ghost – okay, I kinda like that one.


TRAILER #4 (International Trailer #2)
– Little bit more of the same.  Jokes are meh.
– Is that the new ghost trap?  It’s the size of a barrel?!

TRAILER #5 (International Trailer #3)
– “We’re the Ghostbusters” No…no you’re not.

NEW Ghostbusters Theme – by Fall Out Boy & Missy Elliot
– Stop the planet, I want to get off.  There’s no air?  I’m okay with that.
Overall, I’m upset to what feels like the filmmakers went into my childhood toy chest, took out some of the toys and tried to make a movie.  But when I ask if they’re playing with the toys, they look at me with a disgusted look like I had wronged them.

If I was going to reboot the Ghostbusters series (which there’s so way I would).  I would:
– New Logo.  If you want to distance yourself, make a new logo.  It can be reminiscent, but don’t use the same logo.  It makes it look like its a sequel and you don’t want that – that’s why you’re “rebooting” the series.
– Don’t make references to the previous movie(s).  Original content.  No “ECTO-1” that is now a white and red hearse.  No more backpack proton packs.  Stop showing me the firehouse – it just makes me want to compare this movie to the 1984 original – and that’s not making things better.
– Don’t call yourselves the Ghostbusters.  If you’re really that clever of writers, you can make a variation or something “better”.
– Mix up the cast.  Having an “all female Ghostbusters crew” is not a novel idea, it’s lazy.

And in the “real world”, just because someone doesn’t like the movie – don’t label them as a ‘misogynist’.  The reason I’m not looking forward to this is NOT because of the all female-lead cast, but because of bad storytelling.

I am just glad that after this movie comes out and if it does poorly, it will go away.  Maybe a “true” sequel will come along in a few years and we can forget this universe.



My Chrysalis DVD pack showed up on my door today!

A while back, a joined a kickstarter for the film Chrysalis – it met its goal and was made.  Now I have my DVD pack.  The DVD was packed in a biohazard bag with a postcard that was written “If we can keep moving, we’ll lose them.  I hope – ABIRA”

Included in the package:

Chrysalis (signed DVD) – “Joshua and Penelope are survivors of a deadly infection that laid waste to humanity 25 years ago. When they encounter fellow survivor Abira, their lives are forever changed as they fight off the remnants of the infected.” www.TheRestAreDead.com

Hangers DVD – “A dark horror comedy about Gabriel, a young wisecrack waging a battle against the ghost of his new apartment’s former tenant. When it becomes clear that all the ghost wants is to see the former love of his life, Kate, one last time, Gabriel vows to help him… or it… move on.” www.glasscityfilms.com

Under the Table DVD – “Beautiful restaurant. Beautiful people. And a monster. During a lovely dinner, the conversation turns from babies to rats to the horrific surprise under the table. If Stanley Kubrick made a monster movie, it would look something like this…”  www.glasscityfilms.com

and a poster for Chrysalis which I am leaving rolled up so I don’t damage it.


Adding electronics to the Media Center

My media center/entertainment center is in constant flux.

The configuration a month ago was:

– 42″ HP HD television
– GE DVD Player
– ROKU Player
– Sony 5.1 Receiver/Surround Sound System

Since then, I have made some upgrades:

– Vizio Wireless Blu-Ray Player
– ROKU 2 Player
– Pioneer 5.1 3D Receiver/Surround Sound with HDMI
– Playstation 2

I pulled my two game units out of storage and wired them up.  I took a trip down to the used video game store and picked up 5-6 games for under $50 total.  That should keep me occupied.  The Pioneer unit was a great deal off of Amazon.com.  List price is $400, but I picked it up for $140.  The Vizio unit was an upgrade for BLU-RAY, and the ROKU-2 was an upgrade so I could play Angry Birds.

NOW – this weekend found me hooking up the new surround system.  I kept the same speakers (upgrade later) and honestly – it was a bear.  One of the HDMI cables I had was defective which threw everything off, and I was confused about the on-screen instructions to get for the speaker set up.  BUT – once I got it working right, the speakers adjusted themselves and everything is working.

I also pulled an old desktop PC out of the closed (I did a lot of cleaning of that closet.  Half the Jeep is filled with stuff to be tossed out) and was trying to get some sort of Ubuntu software running on it.  I had a PC a while back, but I broke it.  The reason I want to get the new software on it, I want to add XMBC, a media center software on it to stream music, movies, etc.  I also want an avenue to watch Hulu Plus and the programs only available via the Web on the big television.

I was struggling all weekend.  It looks as though the harddrives are shot.  Aargghh…  I didn’t get it working this weekend.  There’s always next weekend.

Star Wars Blu-ray Movie Marathon

Saturday was a complete “movie geek” day for me and my friends.  I thought it would be a good idea to have some friends over, make some food, and watch all six Star Wars movies on Blu-Ray in “story” order from #1 through #6.

I started the first movie at Noon, and took a few minute pause as the first of my friends rolled in.  I bought a variety of movie candy and set up the couch and chairs for comfort.  I knew this was going to be a long day.

I had 2 friends who made it through the entire series.  A few left early, and a few showed up when we started #4-6.

First note:  I was amazed at the remastering of the movies.  The original trilogy, which was made over thirty years ago looks as though it was a recent release.  Except for the retro set designs – you could swear that it was out over the summer.  The sound and special effects were fantastic.  Overall, the visual aspects of the movies was top notch.

I did pick up a lot of things that I normally wouldn’t have picked up if I watched the movies separately, but viewing them back to back it was pretty apparent.  There were a lot of references to the phrase “I’ve got a very bad feeling about this.”  There was a reference by Obi Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) when he was battling General Grevious, he shoots him with a blaster, making a comment about it being a “vile instrument, lacking finesse”.  In Mos Eisley Bar, he makes a similar comment about the amount of guns.

Ewan McGregor did an amazing job of “channeling” mannerisms and the voice of Sir Alec Guiness.  It was impressive.

The additions to the Blu-ray set threw me off a little, Obi Wan’s scream on #4, the “Noooo!” by Darth Vader, and Ewoks blinking were unnecessary and seem to be added because they could.  I’m still upset that they have Greedo shooting first – takes away from the Han Solo character.

Overall, I had a lot of fun – we laughed all day.  I think with the weather getting colder – I may end up doing another one of these.

Vacation TO DO List – Day 4

Today wasn’t as productive as I would have liked, but I did make some headways.  It was rainy and 45 outside – killing a notion I had to get out and about.  I went out this morning to Target to pick up some items:

I also picked up a 1.5TB external harddrive.  I am finally ripping all of my CDs onto it.  I’ve just had them sitting around for a while.  On the PC front as well, I ordered a Linksys Router from Newegg.com last week and it arrived this morning.  It replaces an older Linksys wireless that had a b-protocol.  The new one covered through “n”.  The new router provides a stronger signal throughout my house as well as tougher security.  I’ve also noticed a speed difference when using my ROKU player.

I also ordered Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 from Amazon.  Original retail pricing was $79.99.  But there was a daily special at Amazon and a $20 mail in rebate inside the package, so my ending cost is $39 plus tax.  How can I go wrong with that?  I really like the Photomerge and the smart fill-in tools.

The rest of the day was spent ripping CDs and cleaning out the cupboards.

Tomorrow – taking out the trash and heading to Lowes (I mean it this time).

Vacation TO DO List – Day 3

Day three of the vacation went by quickly.  I forgot to turn off my Monday morning alarm and it went off at 3:00 a.m.  I got up out of instinct and started to get ready for work.  It took me a few minutes to remember where I was.  I couldn’t go back to sleep.

Today was putting together the last of the Ikea furniture that I bought yesterday.

  1. The dresser was a little more work than I thought it was going to be, but I am very pleased with the finished item.  I was unsure how the gray-brown color would go with the walls in my bedroom, but I was really happy with the results.  I guess I have to get new furniture to match now. =)
  2. The dining room set had some issues.  It turns out that there are two different heights to the dining room table.  35″ and 42″.  I wanted the 42″ bar-height.  I picked up the wrong box and put together the 35″ set.  So I have two options – get new chairs or a new table.  Well, the table looks nice and I’m sure I can find a new spot for it in the house – so I will have to head back and get the larger table.
  3. The chairs.  I have to believe that I forgot to pick up the covers when I bought the chairs.  They weren’t inside the box and I can’t find anyplace on the Ikea website to buy replacements.  Now my solution for this was to try and contact Ikea, but they were no help – so I found an online retailer that sells covers.  Now when I buy two new ones, I will have 2 with one color (gray-blue) and two with beige.

I spent the rest of the day cleaning.  My spare bedroom has become a “throw it in the room” to hide things when company comes over.  I had to straighten it and move some things around.  I vacuumed and tossed out a lot of the trash.

Tomorrow:  Biggby for coffee, Target for GREEN HORNET on DVD & the Beastie Boys new album (Hot Sauce Committee Part Two), and Lowe’s for some power tools.

DHL / USPS delivery FAIL

I ordered some DVDs from Barnes & Noble last week.  I was excited when I received notice that they were shipping Monday morning since I would get them by the weekend.  I was wrong.

Above is the tracking report for my delivery.

I am having the package delivered to Sagamore Hills, OH – zip code 44056.  It is a town just south of Cleveland.

I’m not sure why it went from Kentucky to Cleveland (and should have gone out for delivery) and then to Greenbrier Tennesse (who attempted to deliver it) to Nashville TN and then BACK to Greenbrier.  I really hope they don’t try and deliver it again…

UPDATE:  It arrived at the Cleveland Sorting Facility this morning at 3:12 a.m.

Movie Review: The Green Hornet (2011)

Movie Review:  The Green Hornet (2011)

I was really anticipating seeing this movie since I have been a fan of the radio show, television show, and even the comic book versions of this character.

I did have my doubts when I heard that Seth Rogen wrote the script.  And as much as I wanted to avoid any reports from the filming locations, they weren’t positive.

But – I was still looking forward to it.  And it didn’t disappoint.


The call-back to Bruce Lee in Kato’s sketchbook was a nice “Easter Egg” and the designs for the Black Beauty was amazing.  The vehicle was really a beautiful work of art and played an important part of the storyline.  Seth Rogen’s script was witty and kept my attention as I followed the banter back and forth between Britt and Kato.  References to Indiana Jones, Ben Hur, and Twilight are there if you pay attention.

Christop Waltz playing “Chudnofsky” (and later Bloodnofsky) was frightening yet charming.  Watch for the references to “The Armenians.’…  I found myself liking him yet being glad I wasn’t on his shit list.

There were some plot holes that didn’t make sense (watch the end)

Great origin story and hopefully it goes well enough that there are a few sequels (as long as they don’t mess with the scripting).  I enjoyed it very much and will be buying it when it comes out on Blu-Ray.

Review: Superman Batman: Public Enemies (DVD)

I was lucky enough to get a preview of the SUPERMAN BATMAN: PUBLIC ENEMIES DVD. (SPOILER WARNING)

Freakin’ Awesome!  I loved the storyline of Lex Luthor becoming the President (charismatic speaker…plausible) and the subsequent battle of “heroes”.  The banter between Superman and Batman seemed appropriate and the surprise appearance of characters from the DC Universe was welcoming.  I wondered for a moment why there was no appearance by Wonder Woman, The Flash, or Green Lantern – then I remembered that they are in their own DVD adventures (never explained in story).

The animation was top notch, and the voices fit the characters.  Having Tim Daly and Kevin Conroy reprise their voice talent as Superman and Batman.  One thing I love is watching animation and hearing famous voices and trying to figure out who the actors are.  After the movie, I checked the internet to see how I did and was pleasantly surprised.

I would have liked to have seen a longer feature, but the story moved along at a good pace.

If they were to make a live action Superman/Batman feature, I believe they should look in this direction as it provided action, comedy, and enough chances for guest stars as super heroes/villains. (that alone would get the ticket sales up from the geek audience).

I would highly recommend this movie.

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