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Car Accident – Bye Bye Jeep

I was in a car accident yesterday.

This was my first serious accident.  And it looks like the Jeep Liberty isn’t going to make it.

I was coming home from the gym about 6:00 a.m.

It happened at an intersection in Sylvania, the other driver ran the red light.  I suffered the bulk of the damage.  Air bag went off and I spun around.  Stuff went everywhere.  The state troopers/police showed up quickly and took care of things.  Looking back, I was running around in a sweatshirt and shorts when everyone else was in coats and gloves.

I hurt a little bit where the seat-belt was across my chest – but it could have been much worse.

I hope the smell of the airbag goes away.  I think some of it is legitimate (I’ve been sneezing black gunk since yesterday) as well as psychological.

Adding electronics to the Media Center

My media center/entertainment center is in constant flux.

The configuration a month ago was:

– 42″ HP HD television
– GE DVD Player
– ROKU Player
– Sony 5.1 Receiver/Surround Sound System

Since then, I have made some upgrades:

– Vizio Wireless Blu-Ray Player
– ROKU 2 Player
– Pioneer 5.1 3D Receiver/Surround Sound with HDMI
– Playstation 2

I pulled my two game units out of storage and wired them up.  I took a trip down to the used video game store and picked up 5-6 games for under $50 total.  That should keep me occupied.  The Pioneer unit was a great deal off of Amazon.com.  List price is $400, but I picked it up for $140.  The Vizio unit was an upgrade for BLU-RAY, and the ROKU-2 was an upgrade so I could play Angry Birds.

NOW – this weekend found me hooking up the new surround system.  I kept the same speakers (upgrade later) and honestly – it was a bear.  One of the HDMI cables I had was defective which threw everything off, and I was confused about the on-screen instructions to get for the speaker set up.  BUT – once I got it working right, the speakers adjusted themselves and everything is working.

I also pulled an old desktop PC out of the closed (I did a lot of cleaning of that closet.  Half the Jeep is filled with stuff to be tossed out) and was trying to get some sort of Ubuntu software running on it.  I had a PC a while back, but I broke it.  The reason I want to get the new software on it, I want to add XMBC, a media center software on it to stream music, movies, etc.  I also want an avenue to watch Hulu Plus and the programs only available via the Web on the big television.

I was struggling all weekend.  It looks as though the harddrives are shot.  Aargghh…  I didn’t get it working this weekend.  There’s always next weekend.

Taking out the garbage…

Today was the night before “garbage day” so it was time to haul the bags to the end of the driveway.  The only problem is – I work 120 miles away from my home.  I’ve been storing trash bags in my garage.  Most of the time, it isn’t an issue, and in the winter – the colder temperatures keep everything nice and cool (no “nasties” growing) but with the heat wave last week, things got a little “ripe”.

I’ve thought about hauling a few bags a week in the back of the Jeep and dumping them off at work, but I don’t really want to haul these last bags inside the car.

So I took the ride out to Toledo after work tonight to take out the garbage.  I went around and emptied all the garbage cans and pizza boxes, etc and took everything to the curb.  A few hours of sleep and then a long drive back to work in the morning.

There has to be a better way…

And My Jeep is Back!

I picked up my Jeep Liberty from Yark Auto this morning.

I drove up and dropped off the Volkswagen Bug at Enterprise Rent-A-Car first thing this morning (they opened the doors for me) and they dropped me off at Yark.

It’s been three weeks since I’ve had my car back.

All said and done, this is what was replaced:

* water pump (antifreeze)
* power steering line (fluid)
* retainer valves
* (2) new heads
* engine timing chain (gasket and o-ring case cover)
* (6) intake manifold seal
* (2) exhaust manifold gasket
* coolant system sealer (antifreeze)
* engine oil (and filter) – twice within 2 weeks
* (12) valve guide seals
* cylinder head to air
* (6) new spark plugs

changed water pump and coolant.  replaced both cylinder heads, intake valves, keepers, replaced timing chain guides, all related gaskets, topped off coolant, changed oil and filter, erased faults and road test (50 miles).

* catalytic converter
* nut-hex flange lock

replaced catalytic converter, erased faults

I did get a bunch of free CAR WASH coupons out of the deal, and they cleaned out the inside of the Jeep.  The car is running better and a few hours later I am very happy to have it back.

Continuing Car Issues (end in sight)

The picture to the left is my Jeep.  I post the picture because for all reality, I haven’t seen it in three weeks.  It has been in and out of the service garage that long.

I received a call on Friday that my car should be ready for pickup on Monday.  I will pick it up on Saturday morning when I get home from Cleveland.  Here’s a list (and timeline) of my journey:

1.  The car overheated when I was driving home from Cleveland to Toledo on the turnpike.  I made it to the exit and pulled into a parking lot.  I called AAA and had it towed to Service Garage #1, AAA.  I thought that maybe I popped a coolant hose (best case scenerio).

2.  I found out that there was a bit more damage as the water pump was shot and that there may be damage to the pistons and valves (per AAA).  I remembered that I had an extended warranty and had it towed to a Jeep dealership.

3.  The dealership called and told me that the water pump needed to be replaced and that when the pump failed, the power steering was affected.  The warranty company covered the water pump but I was responsible for the power steering.  I asked if they checked the valves and to run a compression test to see that there was no issue with the engine.  There was no other issues per the Service Garage.  All “fixed” by end of day Monday.

(Car was at the Service Garage for 1st week)

4.  I picked up the car Saturday morning and drove it home.  I noticed it was running a little rough and was heating up quickly.  Not thinking anything of it – I drove it around a bit.  Monday morning I was leaving for work on the turnpike when the CHECK ENGINE light came on.  I turned around and took it back 1st thing in the morning.

5.  I dropped off the car and waited to see what the issue was.  I couldn’t wait any longer and rented a car to get to work.  (The red VW bug to the left)  The garage called to tell me that the Catalytic Converter needs replacement and that there was warped engine components due to overheating.  I asked why it wasn’t discovered when they had it for a week…  They had to break the engine down to see how extensive the damage was and that an inspector from the warranty company was due to take a look at things.  I continue to wait.

6.  The garage called on Friday to tell me that the warranty company will cover the full costs of the engine repair.  I would be responsible for the catalytic converter but the company would take care of the rest.  They would also pay for six days of car rental.  My car should be ready for pickup on Monday.

(Car was at the Service Garage for 2nd week)

7.  Since I work out of town I needed to renew my rental on the VW bug for another week and I plan on picking up the Jeep on Saturday morning.

(Car expected to be at the Service garage for 3rd week)

Car issues (continued)

Well, I received a call this morning from the dealership.  My car has issues, but the extended warranty kicks in and they are repairing what they can.  The warranty is covering the radiator system failure from the water pump and hoses.  But I have to pay for the power steering issues that resulted from that.  They pulled the heads off of the engine block and checked the pistons – no issue from the heat.  I even checked with them that they put a compression tester on it – everything is fine.  They did change a lightbulb by my license plate, an oil change (obviously) and a resister with the heater fan control (the fan would only work on ‘high’ – I thought it was a quiet fan).

All said and done – its going to cost me $550.  The car is ready and I will pick it up Saturday morning after I take my rental back.

I am really excited to get my Jeep back – because I really hate my rental.  I guess I just got used to driving around in a taller vehicle because with the Corolla, I feel as though I am laying down.  And trying to get in and out of the car is an exercise in trying to keep your balance.  I just don’t feel comfortable in the car and will be happy to turn it in.

Jeep – I miss you.

Car issues (continued)

Okay, so I make it back to AAA to get my car towed to the Jeep Dealership.  For some reason I end up paying $70 for the tow even though I have Roadside assistance.  At this point, I’m not going to dispute – I just want my car moved.

I wait over an hour for the tow truck and ride with him to the dealership.  I am sure the last thing a dealership wants to see is a tow truck carrying one of their vehicles driving through the dealership.  Well, the driver dropped the vehicle off and I met with the service manager.  He got my information and put everything into the system.  It appears as though this was the dealership that originally sold the vehicle even though I bought it used in Cleveland.  I guess I was bringing it home.

He told me he was taking a look at it, and that he would call as soon as he could.  He was going to try and get it in before 5 p.m., but since I wasn’t going to be in town until later in the week I told him to take his time.

My final mission for the day was to get a rental car.  I called Enterprise Rent A Car to get something to drive this week.  I didn’t care if it was a small compact  or a truck.  I called the location and told them what I needed.  I was just down the road.  I was informed that there wasn’t enough staff to pick me up and that I had to make a run to get there before they closed at 3p.m.

I ran through traffic and parking lots to make it with a few minutes to spare.  I’m paying $250 for a 2010 Toyota Corolla for the week.

At least I have transportation to work…

Car issues

I got a call this morning from AAA.

I had a failed water pump which caused the overheating which caused the gasket to fail on the heads.  Total repair estimate $2500.


But I do have an extended warranty when I purchased the car.  I just have to get the car to an Jeep dealership to take a look at it, and they can handle the coverage through the service garage.  Hopefully my Nissan Extended Warranty will do what it is supposed to do.

So, I have to call roadside service to get the car towed from AAA to the Jeep Dealership and then have them take a look at it.  I then have to call a car rental place and rent a vehicle for a few days.

Props go to my friend Tina who is helping me with driving around today.

I know how much you hate being a taxi driver.

Weekly Wrap-Up…

This week wasn’t how I expected, but plans are meant to be changed, right?

I was expecting the dental work on Wednesday, but I would have thought by now that the infection would have gone away.  I am mid-way through my second round of antibiotics to make it go away.  I also had a few sharp edges left over from the dental work which I didn’t realize until the painkillers wore off.  A little “home” dental work with a nail file made things better.

On Friday, on my way home from work – I had an issue with my radiator hose.  I hope the least I did was pop a radiator hose.  I did make it off the highway to a parking lot an AAA did tow it to the service garage.  Thankfully I have friends like Tina, Kyle, and Josh who picked me up and got me home.

This morning, I called the garage and they are taking a look at it.  I will receive a call some time this morning.

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