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Maybe Next Time

I really hate it when you have an interview set up, do your homework on said company, their history, practices, safety records, company culture, etc and two hours before the interview they call and let you know they need to reschedule.  You seem a little put off as this isn’t exactly normal, but they assure you that they are still interested in talking with you.

You accept this, and send your resume, references, and an e-mail to the hiring person stating that you are looking forward to meeting with them about the potential opportunity.

Then a week passes.  You call into the person you spoke with earlier hoping to jog their memory.  No – you end up with their voice mail…again.

Another week passes and by this time, you know that they’ve received your e-mails and voice mails and that they are just mocking you by not answering you back.  You know you don’t want to work for them because if this is how they treat potential employees, how do they treat their current staff.  You try and justify the lack of calls – maybe there was a conference, maybe they were having a week long training exercise, maybe there was a biohazard leak at the processing plant and one of the line workers mutated into a plant-monster terrorizing a small down and they needed to sythesize a cure before the military could turn it into a bio-weapon.

I have a lot of time for my brain to spin in directions.

So no – did not get the job. =/

Meeting with a Recruiter/Headhunter…

Today I met with a recruiter.

I had met him previously through Glass City Young Professionals, so there was a common connection before we started.

It was an informational meeting for a local position.  We reviewed my resume and discussed some of my accomplishments and some of the goals I have for the future.  I’d like to think they were good solid answers.  I should get more information on the position in the next few days.

Staying positive.

I got home and worked on the last of the Christmas lights.  It was a nice distraction and kept my mind busy.  I didn’t go all out – some simple lights in the front and a wreath by the porch light.  I have lights to take out to the tree in the center, maybe in a day or so…



Daily Tasks…

Today I woke up to my usual routine:
– Check e-mail for any responses overnight
– Shower and breakfast
– Start with the job boards and twitter, following any leads

Then I did something that I haven’t done in a few months – grocery shopping.  Now, I have been to the store, but lately it was for a purpose – food for Bad Movie Night or beer.  I was checking my pantry and freezer and realized that I didn’t have all that much actual food to eat.  I have plenty of snacks, but nutritious food was in short supply.  The last few days I have been taking advantage of the pizza discounts at Papa Johns – but there isn’t nearly enough vegetables to consider it sustainable.

I hit the Kroger store, chatted with some of the other customers and did some serious shopping (even using my discount card and coupons!).  I used the midget card to keep myself in check – it ended up over-stacked and I almost didn’t make it out to the car.

But I did get the ingredients to make a serious amount of Chicken Soup!

Chicken Soup (slow cooker)
1 – 4lb package of chicken breasts with rib meat (it was on sale)
1 – prepackaged red onion – diced
1 – prepackaged green pepper mix – diced
1 – prepackaged carrots and celery sticks
4 cups (+/-) chicken stock
3-4 garlic gloves – minced

  • cut up the chicken breast into 1-inch pieces and brown in a pan with olive oil, some of the onion and 1/2 the garlic.
  • while the chicken is cooking, dice up the carrot and celery sticks and put all the vegetables into the slow cooker with a little olive oil
  • turn the slow cooker to high to warm it up.
  • Once all the chicken is nice and cooked, the onions are transparent, and little bits of brown are in the pan, pour 1 cup of the chicken stock into the pan and loosen up all the cooked bits.
  • transfer everything from the pan to the slow cooker – careful not to spill anything.
  • give a good stir to mix everything together and incorporate the chicken and uncooked vegetables
  • add enough chicken stock to cover the mix
  • add spices to suit your taste – I used:  pepper, basil, oregano, thyme.  (I stayed away from salt as I found the chicken stock to be salty enough).
  • Once the entire soup is thoroughly heated, turn to low and cook for 6 hours.
  • Your home will smell wonderful.

Serve:  Serve over rice, noodles, or stuffing (I was leery – but it was fantastic)

While my soup was cooking away, I was following up on some leads a friend of mine sent.  I had 11 job postings to review – and applied for a  good portion.  ODJFS sent their daily listing of positions – a few were outdated, but nonetheless, they were leads.

While cleaning up – I realized that my dishwasher wasn’t “washing”.  That’s in the top 5 things it should be doing – so obviously there was an issue.  I pulled all the racks out, took some screws out of things that looked like I could disassemble it.  I Paused and sat on the floor wondering what it could be and drank a beer.  I reattached everything I had dismantled and decided to start from scratch and consult someone who would know better than I.  I pulled up YouTube and did a search for “dishwasher won’t fill” with the make and model of my dishwasher.  After I watched the video, I ignored everything they said to do and threw a bucket of hot water (with vinegar and baking soda) into the dishwasher and turned it on.  Instantly, things started moving, spray head were shooting water here and there – there were obvious fizzing noises and things were good.  I advanced the dial to rinse and shut the door – the washer drained properly and rinsed itself clean.  I don’t know what I did (I’m sure it was just a stuck float or an easy fix that I accidentally repaired) but it is working again.  I feel accomplished.  I ran the dishwasher – all is good.

Dinner was fantastic – a very calming meal.  And I have enough for a few days and/or friends.  After dinner, I repeated the morning routine.  My job right now is to get a job.  Learn from my past mistakes and apply what I know.

Job Opportunity Fail

I have been gainfully employed since June, but I am still on various job-hunting sites and have been receiving e-mails for the last few months.  While some of them I have deleted the notifications, others have proven to be a little more “resistant” the deletion.

But this one may me laugh.

Subject: Opportunity Available in Toledo

This was an e-mail from Retailgigs.com.  I have 20+ years in retail, so this was a good site for me to find something.

But with the economy being what it is, even this seems sad:

Online Survey Taker

We are actively looking for people nationwide who would be interested in taking online surveys. You will help market research companies by providing your opinions on today’s hottest topics – latest video games, books, new movies & trailers, tv shows, technology tools, fashion trends, business issues and much more. As an online survey taker you will provide your opinions by taking online surveys on your own schedule and earn valuable rewards. No training or fees are required.

Give Your Feedback on Today’s Hottest Topics & Earn Rewards!


How things have changed

It’s amazing how things have changed in a year.

This day a year ago I was laid off from my job onsite at NASA in Cleveland.

Today I still working in Project Management – albeit for a different company.  I got a good raise as well as insurance today.  I’m doing better financially than I was.

Depression during unemployment

Now that I am real close to hitting my 90 days at the new job, this is topical…

I was unemployed for about 9 months.  During this time my perceived self-worth plummeted to the worst I’ve ever seen.  I think this is because it happened a few years after my last unemployed stint (less than 2 years earlier) and I was uneasy about things.

I was at a point where I just didn’t care anymore.  I had tapped out my savings and my retirement fund(s) and was looking at the potential of losing my home to foreclosure.  I went to a few “job fairs” but they proved fruitless and the government officials I contacted gave me canned responses such as “…we in Washington feel your pain.”

My responses to resumes/interviews were non existence and I felt as though I was left out by myself.  I was truly alone and no one could help me.

Where I used to enjoy hitting the Toledo MetroPark system to get away from it – that didn’t work anymore.

There were many days that I thought about just getting in the Jeep and driving…and driving away.

But that all turned around on my birthday…

Work: Week 1

Okay, I have completed my first week at my new job.

I work in construction management, a similar role I played at my previous job.  I talk with contractors and collect bid numbers, follow-up with them and organize documents.  I have a more administrative role in this organization.

I am very impressed with this organization.  Everything is networked together – if one of the terminals fails, all is not lost.  All the documents are saved on a large networked drive and remote access enables workers in the field to get to their information.  All documentation is scanned into the system and saved as pdf files.  This eliminates paper getting lost.

I had the opportunity to drive out with my boss to Chicago this week to do a walkthrough for a new project.  It was a long day on the road, but I got to put faces to names and help the project move forward.  We had lunch at ZaZa‘s.

There’s not too much to report – I’m still new to the job and this week was a lot of listening and figuring things out.

Gaining Confidence

I’ve only been back to work a few days, but I already feel better about myself.

I have a renewed confidence and am looking forward to things.  I have a much more positive attitude toward my future.

Honestly, the last few weeks have been pretty tough – and I was very scared for my future.  While I was still collecting unemployment benefits, I was slowing dying inside.  Although I am not out of the woods left – and the next few weeks are going to be critical to getting back into the groove of things and that “back to work” mentality – I know things are going to get better.

Posting to the Blog…

Since I received and accepted a job offer (starting tomorrow) – my posts to this blog may not be as often as I have in the past.

I don’t know exactly how work is progressing – and I’m sure to have my share of challenges in the next few weeks.  I will post what I can when I can, but I can’t see it being a daily blog as it was before.  I actually posted something every day since I was laid off.

There’s something to be said for that.

And then he goes out and gets a job…

I woke up this morning at 4am and took a shower.  I grabbed a breakfast bar out of the cupboard and loaded my suit, shirt, and dress shoes into my car.

Heading into Cleveland via the turnpike this early in the morning brought back old memories.  I got to my parent’s house by 7am and changed.

I had an interview at 9am.  By 9:30, I was at the local gas station picking up a knock-off McMuffin sandwich and a coffee.  Minutes later I was headed westward back to Toledo.

And then the waiting began.

I received the call from the interviewer at 3pm and accepted the offer.

I’m back in the job pool Monday morning at 8am.

yeah me!

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