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Entry Level?

I saw this posted on a job board this morning.  There are a few confusing items.  Maybe it is just me – but when they state “Entry Level Project Leader I” and then “…should have extensive experience in a leadership capacity on one or more project teams…”  Also – the position showed up in the Nashville TN board but is for Columbia South Carolina.

I don’t know if I qualify or if I’m overqualified or if I would have to move…

Lent 2017 – Day 6 Meh.

It’s Day 6.  It’s also a Monday.

Overcast sky, and temperatures dropping.  As you can probably tell, I’m all kinds of super-happy about that. =/

It’s been a “meh.” of a day.  We’re in between starting a few new projects at work, the stage where the owners have to meet with us and contracts need to be signed, so there’s always that little bit of “something can go wrong” before we actually start.  We’re also bidding two nice size projects at the end of next week and another that following Tuesday.  All the bid invites and follow ups have been sent – just waiting for next Monday to start making phone calls and collecting quotes.

The job boards have been pretty light this morning – I updated my information on Glassdoor’s Know Your Worth, and results are better than expected.  I really should believe in myself more.  I’m still currently getting paid less than the average, but hopefully that will change soon.  ZipRecruiter and LinkedIn have been pretty sparse as of late – a lot of duplicate positions.

Been staying off my social media sites like a boss.

I was online and put together by tuxedo.  I know its WAY early, but I’m ready.  I have to make an appointment to get measured – but that’s a few months down the line.  Our colors are black and blue – which is funny considering how accident prone I am.  The blue has a little metallic sheen to it, and I wanted a full vest and tie.  Not really interested in a bow tie (I know they’re cool and all – but not for me).  No need for shoes – we’re wearing black Chucks.

Tonight is packing boxes – going to try and get everything in a spare bedroom either packed away, donated, or tossed.  I have a bunk bed in there that needs to be disassembled for transport…

It’s a rambling lunchtime post.

Anxiety (1 of 2)

I get anxious a lot.

Especially now – my anxiety levels are high.  I try not to let them run with the synapses in my head – but right now there’s a rodeo going on.  I have anxiety about my future, about the job prospects, have I written down enough information to help them make a decision – have I written too much and put myself out of the position.  Is there a wording the hiring person (or computer) just doesn’t like, does my experience look credible – too credible – fake?  Have I concentrated my job search on the right jobs, have I made the right decisions to work out this path?

When I was in college, we spent a lot of time talking about setting up your career path.  Where do you want to be in five, ten, twenty years?  I had a hard time with this because I felt that as I lived life, my priorities would change and I want to explore those new interests.  Also, I don’t think that they took into account the job market changes in the last few years.  My degree is in Marketing/Advertising with some Computer Science thrown in to round me out.  My intent at the time was to find an advertising firm and work with them on their marketing for this new thing called “the internet”.  It was like the wild west at the time – people were becoming million/billion – aires in a few short months.  I graduated right in the middle of the “dot com” bubble burst.  It looked as if Enron was printing money – they were in the news every day.  Do you know what they did?  Neither did we.  One of the final assignments was to analyze the accounts for Enron and we couldn’t find out HOW they made their money.  They didn’t produce anything – they had sister and baby companies created under them to funnel money around, but the bottom finally fell out.  I was left in a state of anxiety – even though I wasn’t aware of it at the time.  My future was shot…right out of the gate.  I had my Bachelor’s degree and I returned to the same job I had during college.  The Job Center set up a great interview – Fortune 500 company, plenty of advancement possibilities, growing company, ability to travel and interact with people.  Sounds great right?  It was Blockbuster Video.  I already worked there.  When I went in for the interview, I looked across the table from my District Manager and we both kind of laughed.

Eventually I moved out of retail for a few months and worked in a beer and wine warehouse, pulling orders on third shift.  That lasted 90 days.

I fell back into retail and found that I was pretty good at it.  I found a like-minded soul in Kurtiss, the other Assistant Manger working the store with me.  It turned into the Kurt & Kenny show for a while.  We were very good at our jobs – so much that the Store Manager would take 3-day weekends away and could be “off the grid” without worry.

I received the call to take my own store.  The options were Detroit (huh?), South Bend (wha?) or Toledo.  Now – I wasn’t a big fan of Toledo due to an old girlfriend and weekend trips back and forth from Cleveland.  But I knew if I wanted to advance, I had to do this.  The call was on Thursday – I started full-time on Monday.  So, I packed up my SUV like a Beverly Hillbilly and headed west to my fame and fortune.  Anxiety levels off the chart.  I wasn’t fully trained for what I was getting myself into – but I would eventually figure it out.  Where was I going to live?  I was running and gunning to find a place to stay while working.  Honestly – whoever thought this out should have put a wee bit more time into the process.

After a while – what I thought was a successful run ended and I was unemployed.

Anxiety grew – this was the first time I had ever been fired.  What did that say about me?  Was I ever going to find work again?  Was I wearing a large red “F” on my chest – forever marked as someone who was less…  I didn’t have a strong support staff on my side in Toledo at the time.  An ex-girlfriend who had moved on, the cashier at the liquor store who kept calling me Kevin, my crazy neighbor lady who KNEW who I was, but tagged me as a trouble maker.  Winter was hard that year – I lived in a lot of isolation.  I didn’t have anyone to visit or anyone to visit me.  It was cold outside…bitterly cold.

(1 of 2)

Daily Tasks…

Today I woke up to my usual routine:
– Check e-mail for any responses overnight
– Shower and breakfast
– Start with the job boards and twitter, following any leads

Then I did something that I haven’t done in a few months – grocery shopping.  Now, I have been to the store, but lately it was for a purpose – food for Bad Movie Night or beer.  I was checking my pantry and freezer and realized that I didn’t have all that much actual food to eat.  I have plenty of snacks, but nutritious food was in short supply.  The last few days I have been taking advantage of the pizza discounts at Papa Johns – but there isn’t nearly enough vegetables to consider it sustainable.

I hit the Kroger store, chatted with some of the other customers and did some serious shopping (even using my discount card and coupons!).  I used the midget card to keep myself in check – it ended up over-stacked and I almost didn’t make it out to the car.

But I did get the ingredients to make a serious amount of Chicken Soup!

Chicken Soup (slow cooker)
1 – 4lb package of chicken breasts with rib meat (it was on sale)
1 – prepackaged red onion – diced
1 – prepackaged green pepper mix – diced
1 – prepackaged carrots and celery sticks
4 cups (+/-) chicken stock
3-4 garlic gloves – minced

  • cut up the chicken breast into 1-inch pieces and brown in a pan with olive oil, some of the onion and 1/2 the garlic.
  • while the chicken is cooking, dice up the carrot and celery sticks and put all the vegetables into the slow cooker with a little olive oil
  • turn the slow cooker to high to warm it up.
  • Once all the chicken is nice and cooked, the onions are transparent, and little bits of brown are in the pan, pour 1 cup of the chicken stock into the pan and loosen up all the cooked bits.
  • transfer everything from the pan to the slow cooker – careful not to spill anything.
  • give a good stir to mix everything together and incorporate the chicken and uncooked vegetables
  • add enough chicken stock to cover the mix
  • add spices to suit your taste – I used:  pepper, basil, oregano, thyme.  (I stayed away from salt as I found the chicken stock to be salty enough).
  • Once the entire soup is thoroughly heated, turn to low and cook for 6 hours.
  • Your home will smell wonderful.

Serve:  Serve over rice, noodles, or stuffing (I was leery – but it was fantastic)

While my soup was cooking away, I was following up on some leads a friend of mine sent.  I had 11 job postings to review – and applied for a  good portion.  ODJFS sent their daily listing of positions – a few were outdated, but nonetheless, they were leads.

While cleaning up – I realized that my dishwasher wasn’t “washing”.  That’s in the top 5 things it should be doing – so obviously there was an issue.  I pulled all the racks out, took some screws out of things that looked like I could disassemble it.  I Paused and sat on the floor wondering what it could be and drank a beer.  I reattached everything I had dismantled and decided to start from scratch and consult someone who would know better than I.  I pulled up YouTube and did a search for “dishwasher won’t fill” with the make and model of my dishwasher.  After I watched the video, I ignored everything they said to do and threw a bucket of hot water (with vinegar and baking soda) into the dishwasher and turned it on.  Instantly, things started moving, spray head were shooting water here and there – there were obvious fizzing noises and things were good.  I advanced the dial to rinse and shut the door – the washer drained properly and rinsed itself clean.  I don’t know what I did (I’m sure it was just a stuck float or an easy fix that I accidentally repaired) but it is working again.  I feel accomplished.  I ran the dishwasher – all is good.

Dinner was fantastic – a very calming meal.  And I have enough for a few days and/or friends.  After dinner, I repeated the morning routine.  My job right now is to get a job.  Learn from my past mistakes and apply what I know.

Productive day

Today was a productive day.

I applied for 8 positions, and registered for OhioMeansJobs.  This should help me find some new positions.  I had a few good articles that people sent to be about continuing my job search.  Very helpful.

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Freeze Your Job Search During The Holidays

I started following a few more job links on twitter.  A little overwhelmed with the amount of information, but I am sure a lot of it is repeats and I should be caught up soon.

I watched the entire series of Todd and the Book of Pure Evil (2 seasons)


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