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Kickstarter – “TALES OF MR. RHEE: “Those Who Fight Monsters…” Hardcover”

I’ve been following some creative people on Kickstarter lately.

At the most recent Fantasticon held in Toledo, Dirk Manning mentioned that he was putting out a Kickstarter for his long awaited Tales of Mr. Rhee book.  Honestly, I had never heard of the book, nor the series – but he was a local creator (419 yo!) and I wanted to support him.  I looked online and did a little research, signed up for his monthly newsletter, and am supporting his Kickstarter:

There are still 3 weeks to go (as of this morning) and he has doubled his initial quest.


Chrysalis (2014) Trailer

Please view this. It is a film I helped support through Kickstarter and stars my friend Cole Simon . I’m really excited to see the final project. If you like the teaser, please check out the film’s Facebook page Chrysalis and the studio Glass City Films Good work to every one involved!! We will be watching this when it comes out on DVD. 

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