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Secor Park – Trail Tour 2015

It was a fantastic day for a walk in the park.

Blue skies and warm weather.  I had a small group with me today.  We walked the red trail.  It had been raining for the last few days and we were wondering if the trails would have been muddy.  They weren’t too bad.  Today’s menace – the mosquito.  She and her swarm of followers wanted blood – and they took a lot of it from us.  We tried to use bug spray as much as we could – various manufacturers and strengths.  None of it worked.

But – all said and done – excellent day!

Secor Park – Trail Tour 2014 (Brown All-Purpose Trail)

Good Morning!

We met this morning at Secor Metropark (home to the National Outdoor Photography Museum).  The sky was very very blue and you can see the moon in a few of the pictures.  A slight mist was still on the ground and it glistened with the sunrise.  It was a bit chilly, but a few brave souls made it out.

We walked the brown all-purpose (long loop) trail.  We walked it in reverse than our usual trek.  It took about an hour and a half to complete the trip.  Afterwards, we visited the newly renovated Photography Museum and the display from the photography contest. – I saw a few of my pictures.

Secor Hike 010910

I am getting ready for a hike this morning at the Secor Park in Toledo. It is currently 13 degrees, but sunny. I have dressed in layers (as is appropriate for the weather) wearing thermals with a wool sweater and wool socks. I am expecting upwards of 12 people this morning to the hike (5 “yes” and 7 “maybe”). I’ll be happy with five.

We had 5 show up (with a sixth found along the trail).  It was a good morning, the trail was a little worn – but not bad.  The sky was perfect blue and the sun was out.

There were a few joggers/walkers along the trail and 4-5 cross country skiers.

It was a a good workout because walking in the snow proved to be similar to walking in sand, giving a more aggressive stride to the walk.  We walked the brown “all purpose” trail which worked out to be about 3.5 miles.  At the end of the hike, we walked the cemetery that is onsite.  There are grave markers going back to the mid 1800’s.

To warm up before we left, we went inside the National Center for Nature Photography to view a new program that started today.    A whole new set of photographs from around the world.  A new feature “Raptors” starts on 01-16-10.

I was very sore on my way home – which is a good thing, right?

I really enjoy these walks – next week’s is a longer walk at Oak Openings Park.

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