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I’m Tired of Being Sick.

I am so tired of being sick.

I had to check my calendar to see when this whole thing started.  Let’s go back to the middle of February this year.  I had something – didn’t know what it was, and it was something new to me.  My kidneys hurt and I was in the bathroom A LOT.  Some type of infection.  I was given some meds and moved on.  A few weeks later after my cycle of antibiotics had completed, I realize that the infection wasn’t done with me yet.  So I ended up at the urgent care with another diagnosis and another week’s worth of antibiotics.

A few days into this run, and when I started feeling better – the eye infection started.  I’m sure they’re related and I rubbed my eye the wrong way.  So I called up and had a video conference with the doctor (gotta love modern technology) and got my eye drops by the end of the next day.

Over the weekend, I was feeling better – albeit a little crusty.  I knew my immune system was a bit off and was being bolstered by meds.  So I stayed in and worked to get back to healthy status.

Monday morning, I went to work and promptly caught a chest cold that moved to a chest/respiratory infection.  I thought I could handle it with some NyQuil and Mucinex.  This was Wednesday night – but Thursday I had a 102 temp and a fever dream that I was a concrete block.  I did something I hadn’t done in years.  I took two sick days and stayed under the covers.  I wasn’t until Friday night that I finally felt well enough to get up and walk around like a human.  I ordered some take-out (3 Happiness) for the win.  Spicy Mustard on egg rolls and wonton soup made things so much better.

It has almost been a week since I called off – I still have a slightly productive cough and the last bit of an eye infection are being fought.

This has been a long and tiring battle.

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.


Why I should have a camera crew follow me 24/7.

I love NyQuil.

I have a cold and took some NyQuil to get some solid sleep overnight.  Hoping that I would ‘break’ the illness and it would move on.  I took it and went to sleep about 9p.m. Friday night.

Apparently I had my own “David Hasselhoff” moment overnight and made a trip to Del Taco.  I was completely buzzed out of my mind and don’t remember anything, but I woke up this morning on the floor with an array of burrito wrappers surrounding me.

I’m trying to find the receipt to see what I purchased.

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