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Old West End Festival 2015

This was the weekend for the Old West End Festival.

Official events include House Tours, The King Wamba Parade, a Juried Art FairEntertainment, Children’s Activities, Food Vendors, OWE Stampede 5k run/walk, Beer Pavillion, Yard Sales, Antique Car Show, and Vendors Alley. The un-official events are front yard grill outs, brunches, porch musicians, street performers, face painting, parties, and curbside local artists to name a few. Come join us this year and enjoy the experience that’s been voted ‘Toledo’s Best Neighborhood’!

I ventured down a little after lunch to visit a friend.  I sat on the stoop and drank beer.  Usually that would seem odd, but in this neighborhood – not so much.  We took a walk, visited some vendors, saw some beautiful houses, met some interesting people, ate some great food, and bought some interesting knick-knacks.

After a few hours, we needed to rest our feet, drink a little, and then out again to the beer garden to see the fire dancers.

Old West End Festival

Today, I went with a group of friends to the Old West End Festival in Toledo.


We started out in the artist’s area by the Toledo Museum of Art.  We saw some amazing things.  There was an artist who created “found art” robots from old oil cans, spoons, and washers.  There was also the infamous “art cars” with action figures, dolls, and various stuff epoxied to the shell.

Then the food.  Typical festival food – fried this and combinations of that (that shouldn’t be together).  I was looking for deep fried twinkies this year, but no luck.

We started walking the streets/sidewalks looking at the architecture from the late 1800’s/early 1900’s.  The craftsmanship is amazing.  The layout, scrollwork, and design were incredible.  I took a lot of pictures because each one was something special.

Bands, poets, various booths selling art, jewelry, and t-shirts.  Every year it’s something special – and something different.

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