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Lent 2017 – Day 5 (I think) Digging out the PS3

It’s Day 5.  I haven’t used Facebook, Youtube, and/or Twitter.  I have little to no idea what is going on in the real world, and the POTUS is tweeting like a madman but I am staying away.  I’ve watched an entire season of The Magicians (season 1), and am about to jump back into playing Lego Dimensions (I might have a problem…).  Right now I am waiting for a PS3 update.

I feel a little more free, staying away from those outlets and I can only wonder what I have missed.  I wonder if anyone misses me online.  I talked with my fiance a few times over the weekend, but other than that – stayed in hermit mode.  I was packing for my move and going over the job boards, doing laundry, etc – but I missed my online presence.  I know this is going to fade as the days continue on, and there will be an overwhelming wave of information once I get back.  I’m rambling – probably should have thought this out a little more rather than just starting to type.

I ordered a pizza for the first time this year.  I’ve been trying to eat better, but the call of garlic knots and pepperoni called for me in the middle of the night.  The delivery driver even called me out “…haven’t been here in a while – you’ve been feeling okay?”  to which I sheepishly replied “…I’ve been trying to eat better…”  “Well, it’s nice to have you back.”  and it felt good to be back (?)  Why can’t they have like salad delivery services?  (OMG – did I just admit to that?!)


I’m getting a little anxious.  The wedding is eight months away.  I still have to find a job and move.  I have a lot of people helping me look and while I admit I am excited about starting this new part of my life – I’m scared shittless.  I know this is normal.  It doesn’t make it any easier.

Well, these things get automatically posted to both by Facebook and Twitter feeds.  It’s a nice record down the line. I feel a little like a ghost in that respect.

On to tomorrow.  Why won’t this update data download already….  rrgh.

Toledo Snow Lockdown

121413 snow trafficWe got some snow last night.  Overnight it looks like we got about 3-4″ and everyone forgot how to drive.  The forecasters predicted this and we knew it was coming.  But…it was still a mess.

I opted to stay indoors and listen to the police scanner.  For entertainment issues and for fair warnings of how stupid people can be.  In the morning the weather was okay and the plow trucks were working 12-hour shifts to deal with it.  Since this was the first MAJOR snowfall of the season, people lost their minds – forgetting that snow/ice tends to be slippery there were a lot of accidents.

Then we had the people taking advantage of the situation.  Robberies and Breaking & Entering calls increased because the police were tied up with accidents and travel was slow.  It didn’t make it any easier that people were out on the roads doing donuts and knocking out fire hydrants (true story).

As the day wore on, the snow picked up once again dumping another 4-5″ inches before end of day.  I was out three times to shovel my driveway.  I didn’t know how much more was coming and it was easier to take care of it in smaller doses.  I took the snow all the way down to the blacktop and salted.  Looking at the other driveways in the development – I had the cleanest. =)

I was supposed to have BAD MOVIE NIGHT, but cancelled it due to the weather.  Unfortunately – I forgot to call Papa Johns to cancel the pizza.  The delivery driver showed up a little “late” but he was there.  I thanked him for the delivery, gave him a few extra bucks and wished him the best.  He left my driveway and drove in reverse out of the development.

Warmer weather next week – maybe some rain.  I wonder if it’s going to be enough to get rid of all this snow or if we’re going to have a White Christmas.

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