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I’m Tired of Being Sick.

I am so tired of being sick.

I had to check my calendar to see when this whole thing started.  Let’s go back to the middle of February this year.  I had something – didn’t know what it was, and it was something new to me.  My kidneys hurt and I was in the bathroom A LOT.  Some type of infection.  I was given some meds and moved on.  A few weeks later after my cycle of antibiotics had completed, I realize that the infection wasn’t done with me yet.  So I ended up at the urgent care with another diagnosis and another week’s worth of antibiotics.

A few days into this run, and when I started feeling better – the eye infection started.  I’m sure they’re related and I rubbed my eye the wrong way.  So I called up and had a video conference with the doctor (gotta love modern technology) and got my eye drops by the end of the next day.

Over the weekend, I was feeling better – albeit a little crusty.  I knew my immune system was a bit off and was being bolstered by meds.  So I stayed in and worked to get back to healthy status.

Monday morning, I went to work and promptly caught a chest cold that moved to a chest/respiratory infection.  I thought I could handle it with some NyQuil and Mucinex.  This was Wednesday night – but Thursday I had a 102 temp and a fever dream that I was a concrete block.  I did something I hadn’t done in years.  I took two sick days and stayed under the covers.  I wasn’t until Friday night that I finally felt well enough to get up and walk around like a human.  I ordered some take-out (3 Happiness) for the win.  Spicy Mustard on egg rolls and wonton soup made things so much better.

It has almost been a week since I called off – I still have a slightly productive cough and the last bit of an eye infection are being fought.

This has been a long and tiring battle.

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.


End of the work week report

My week in review.


Monday began work on the conference center.  It was really cold this morning and getting the subcontractors to work was a challenge.  My fire protection and plumbers stayed most of the day getting material lists and putting together a gameplan.  The building has been sitting idle since the end of November with no heat.  The structure was built on a concrete slab which takes a while to warm back up – inside temps were colder than the outside.  Even the sun wouldn’t warm the building because the windows were the “low-e” environmental glass that blocks the heat and UV rays – so we popped open the windows to get warmer air and sunlight inside.

By the end of the week – things had warmed up considerably.  Now working in 50 degree overcast days it seems like summer.  My plumbers were well into their tasks, I had onsite carpenters putting up soffits, and hvac and electricians are starting to move things into the building.

A large part of the week was working with the LEED requirements.  Since Indoor Air Quality is a large part of LEED certification, I had to make sure all of the contractors working onsite were using low-VOC products that were approved.  Trying to get ahold of the fireplace and insulator installers to get their MSDS sheets for approval and submittal was nerve-racking.  Next week begins a whole new level of submittals.

On Friday, I had voice “issues” – I must have caught some throat bug or something because my vocal chords were tight.  My voice was way high pitched – and this proved to be a humorous notion to those I work with.  I sounded like Minnie Mouse – and this alone should be reason for mockery in a normal business environment.  Working in construction proved to be a test of character.  I could have stayed home – but I went into work.  All the people in the work trailers were laughing immensely.  My boss said that he almost “popped  a breaker”.  I wasn’t feeling sick until later in the day – but by that time, my voice had changed to a lower hoarse tone which didn’t prove as funny.  Hours later – and its pretty much gone.  I’m down to hot tea, cider vinegar, and cayenne pepper (suprisingly tasty).


Still the same lovelife as the week before.


I began my new meal plan this week.  I was hungry in between meals for most of it, but that began to wain a little on Friday.  Keeping my food intake down to 12-14oz of lean protein and 2 servings of vegetables is getting to be tough.  I initially thought chicken would be my goto food until I grew tired of it on Wednesday.  I’m going to try new recipes this weekend.

I started out at 282 on Monday morning.  Friday night I weighed in at 278.  That’s 4 pounds lost.

My ketone levels started to show up on Tuesday morning with trace amounts.  As the week progressed, they gre stronger in to the low and moderate levels.  By Friday I was in the “80” range.

I’m still craving crackers.


My projects for this weekend include:

  • Painting the bedroom (some shade of blue)
  • Vacuuming out the Jeep (it needs it)
  • Grocery Shopping (Saturday morning seems to be the best time)
  • Cleaning out the garage – maybe finishing up the bunk beds project (weather permitting)

Reposted Blog: Down With The Sickness +1 week

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Down With The Sickness +1 week
Current mood:  crappy
Category: Life

Okay – it’s been 1 week since I got sick, apparently I had a fever for most of the week since it wasn’t all that warm outside and I still decided to wear a t-shirt and shorts to work.  The fever broke midweek and I had some “interesting” dreams during that time.  I won’t get into them (partially because anyone knowing me and my bizarre imagination to begin with can’t even imagine the weird crap my mind was working through, and secondly – I doubt I could describe them anywhere near what they were).  Still drinking the tea and honey to help with the voice (sore throat turned to no voice at the store yesterday – which a lot of people enjoyed, I’m sure).

I’m starting to eat real food again.  Which is a plus.  It tastes a lot better.  I don’t know if that is partially because I stopped drinking pop at the start of the year and started upping my water intake, and I’m getting all that extra salt out of my system.  Don’t know – don’t care.

Head is still filled with little demons with hammers.  And they get bored.  Lately, they’ve found a lake and like to water ski from one side of my head to the other.  It wouldn’t be bad – but they really don’t know how to ski and keep wiping out.  Cheeky little demons.  What will I do with you??

5 days until vacation and I am trying my hardest to get over this thing by then.  My winter vacation time is all about getting my house in order for 2007.  That means going through those boxes in the garage so I can actually park my car  in it (isn’t that one of the reasons I bought that damn thing?) and some much needed painting (i need to get that bedroom painted before the SuperBowl – no real reason, just a goal.)

I’m going to try and get some employee reviews done today (least I can do) to get ahead of the game.

Reposted Blog: Day 3…it continues.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Day 3…it continues.
Current mood: sick
Category: Life

It’s been 3 days since I’ve started battling this insipid cold. I’ve gone through more pharmaceuticals than went through Miami in 1986. (Miami Vice reference there…cool).

My latest drug of choice is this Theraflu: Warming Relief. The “warming relief” comes from the 20 proof alcohol contained inside. Now, I’m not complaining. The only suggestion that I have is that the included shotglass is a little on the awkward side. It’s flared out and I found out after the first shot – you DO NOT drink from the middle – try it from one of the sides. I ended up with two cherry flavored dribbles going down my face looking like a “sad clown”.

30 minutes after taking it – my sore throat felt better and I could breathe more (which is good). Back to the hot tea and chicken soup. I hope to beat this thing by the end of the week. rrgh.

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Reposted Blog: LIVE and illin' from the Tiki Bar!!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

LIVE and illin’ from the Tiki Bar!!
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Category: Parties and Nightlife

I am currently writing from my Tiki Bar at the condo. I ran some wires today and now have internet access up at the bar. I know – it’s something stupid-geeky, but it works for me.

I finished up employee reviews for work, and contemplated whether I should work on my bartending skills – and then I thought whether ‘tussin and malibu would mix well. And I resigned to making quesadillas and tea. I’ve been upgraded from $1.00 to $1.25 – let’s see how I am at work tomorrow.

I can breathe through one nostril at a time, and my head feels like a Thanksgiving Macy’s Day balloon. The coughing has begun – and let me tell you how much I’m enjoying that.

The ‘tussin and the DayQuil are battling it out for control of my sleep habits (it’s like the cartoon portion of that one Little Rascal’s episode with the hot dogs – no one ever remembers it, but I know I’m not insane.).

Logging off for the night.

– A hui hou

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Reposted Blog: Sunday and being sick.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sunday and being sick.
Current mood:  sore
Category: Life

It’s Sunday morning, and I’ve been up since 2:00am because I am sick.  I fell to sleep Saturday night when I got home from work and crashed.  But I woke up and could hardly breathe because of my sinuses and my sore throat, I knew I had to do something.

A hot shower later and I felt like $100.  What was open at this time of the day?   Kroger’s.  So, I “suited up” and headed out – passing all the late night partyers coming home from the bars.  I walk inside the store (via the night entrance) and get a glimpse of the night crew in action.  There were your typical “after hours” drunks looking for munchies, a few mothers getting off of the late shift doing some shopping, and a few fellows like myself just lost.

I took up a conversation with this young woman stocking the health and beauty section while I was looking for my drugs of choice.  She was telling me about going to school, her kids, husband and why she likes working the night crew.  I don’t think she gets to talk to a lot of people overnights – since she had a lot to say.  And since my throat was pretty raw, I kept quiet with the occasional “huh- really…” and “okay…”.

$60 later and a cart full of pharmaceuticals, orange juice, and soup – I headed home.  It’s now 5 am, I’m flying higher than a U2 spyplane – and I breathe a healthy concoction of menthol, cherries, and rum (don’t ask…) – and of course the caffeine in the DayQuil is working OT on my system.  I feel like I’m running in mud – but running real fast!!

All is good – New Year’s was “interesting”.  Vacation is 14 days away!!  To quote KT Tunstall… “Woo-Hoo!”

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