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SideCut Park – Trail Tour 2016

This Saturday morning the sun was shining and there weren’t a lot of clouds in the sky.  I met up with a group of about 12 other people and our intent was to walk the red trail at SideCut Park.  It looks like they added a bike trail since we were here last and the red trail that used to go through the woods is a little more hidden.  Well, we walked the bike trail to the other side of 23 and around the field, looping around and making our way back.

SideCut Park – Red Trail – Trail Tour 2015

The Red Trail wasn’t too bad – the second set of boardwalks before you go under the bridge is gone and we had to 4WD it to the underpass, and we walked back along the river to see the cemetery. There are a lot of ongoing “corrections” being made to try and stop damage if there is an “ice situation” like earlier this year. But nature survives…


SideCut – Trail Tour 2015 – Red Trail (sorta)

Today, it was our intention to walk the Red Trail at SideCut park.  But the events of the last few weeks since the Maumee iceflow overflowed and did some damage changed our plans.

We started off down the red trail, viewing a lot of the damage Mother Nature did when the ice broke loose.  One of the boardwalks was “accordion” twisted.  We did a little “off road” walking and were quiet looking at the trees, bark gone.  At a certain point, we crossed the road and walked along the banks of the Maumee along the green “trail” (or what we could determine to be the trail).

It was a good day in the park and there was a lot to see…

SideCut – Trail Tour 2015 – Green & Orange Trails

It was a cold morning, but the snow is starting to melt.

Things were still icy and the trails were slick.  We started out on the green trail and walked all the way to the bridge and back along the river.  It was still frozen over (except) for a few spots were the water was flowing.  2.72 miles.

Side Cut – Trail Tour 2014 (Red Trail)

This morning, we returned to SideCut Park in Maumee to walk the Red 4.1 mile trail through Fallen Timbers battlefield.  I was joined by five other members of the hiking group.

The sun was coming up through the trees.  It was overcast and the sun was breaking through the morning clouds.

Seasonal autumn color is well into high gear and the variety of colors is very vibrant.

Ohio Magazine – Autumn Adventures




Check out the article : http://www.ohiomagazine.com/Main/Articles/5023.aspx

Sidecut – Trail Tour 2014

Today we walked the blue, orange, and green trails at SideCut Park.

Today was a GREAT day in the trails.

The leaves are changing quickly – and it may only be a few weeks until everything turns to shades of red, orange, and yellow.

There was a heavy fog this morning which gave an eerie mist over everything.  They just installed a dock on Silver Lake – that gave me an opportunity to get to water level and get some real nice photos of the fog on the water.

We walked the blue trail around the locks and then across the street to the river side of the park.  There, we were “bombed” by a squirrel looking for walnuts.  We walked the orange and green trails.

Sidecut – Trail Tour 2014 (Red Trail)

Today – we ventured out to SideCut Park in Maumee.

I was very worried that we would get rained upon because the grey clouds were thick on the drive over.  But – nonetheless, as I pulled into the parking lot, the sun broke through and we enjoyed a nice day on the trails.

We walked the red trail (about 4 miles) along Silver Lake, through woods, field, boardwalk, under a bridge, through a field, around another lake, through a field, and looping back to the beginning.  There was a variety of plants in bloom with a hint of the upcoming color change.

Fourteen friends were out today with a few new faces.  The updated total is 113 participants in this year’s Trail Tour – I am very happy with the level of participation and all the new friends I have made.


Screenshot 2014-08-24 15.18.18

Sidecut Park – Trail Tour 2014

Today was another fantastic day in the park.

We went to Sidecut Park in Maumee, the first of the parks in the Toledo Metropark System (1928).  It is along the Maumee River and has remnants of the canal locks (along the blue trail).  We met at Silver Lake (on the inner side of the park) and proceeded to walk the blue, green, and orange trails.  3.20 miles.  It wasn’t a tough hike, most of the trails were relatively flat.  We did get diverted once or twice (I call them pivot points) – but no worries.

This finishes off the trails for Sidecut Park.

It was a humid day and I made sure I brought plenty of water and Gatorade for the troopers.

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