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Lent 2017 – Day XIII – The Weekend that Was.

This past weekend I spent packing and purging.  I have a second bedroom that has become a “catch-all” for when I need to tidy up or just don’t want to deal with it – goes in the bedroom.  I popped open the door and started clearing out the room like an episode of “Hoarders” this weekend.  Stuff that needed to be tossed out to the garbage, stuff that I could donate off to Goodwill, and stuff that needed to be packed away in boxes.  I found a few extra appliances that I had forgotten I have (sorry Hon for the extra Blenders and Slow Cookers) and a joke was made that I may in fact be hiding the Ark of the Covenant. (I doubt it – but it is possible).

The area by my front door is stacked with bags for trash this week and boxes/broken appliances/things that I never got to.  I forgot I had a wok.

It feels good to be able to pack all this stuff away and get ready for the move.  I’m looking forward to starting something fresh.

It’s Monday morning as I write this and they are predicting 2-4″ of snow overnight and delays in the morning due to the cold temperatures and flurries.  It’s 30 with a high of 29 (I know) and I’m just chilled enough by the front door to have it bother me.  I’ve already heard reports of people rushing the stores for milk, butter, eggs, bread, and bananas.  I always thought it an odd combination of goods needed for snowed-in conditions.  Note to self – if/when (because we all know its going to be a WHEN) the zombie apocalypse hits, shore up the local Kroger and make a killing off of those items.

The snow continues to fall at lunchtime, but not much is sticking because the ground is so warm.  Should make for interesting driving conditions in the morning.

When I get home tonight – back to the warehouse.  Goal is to get a few more bags of trash/donations out and start taking down the DVD shelving.  I also need to get rid of the broken mini fridge in the garage.  It lost all its coolant and just needs to be trashed.  Maybe I can utilize the dumpster at work… =/  I also need to take down the bunk beds.  That’s going to free up a lot of room.




Winter is Leaving

Winter is finally ending.  This seems like the longest winter in memory (and I remember the ’77-78 blizzard).  And even though the grass is more brown than green, I am trying my best to get the last of the snow dispersed so it can melt.  For the last couple days, I take a rake to the pile of snow and rake it out as much as I can.  Its a decent workout and I have seen the pile go from a little over four-foot to a few inches.  Temperatures haven’t been anything fantastic – but breaking up the pile, the sun, and temps above freezing have helped.

Now, my neighbors have seen me and I have gotten some odd looks.  But, at 4:00 a.m., I do the work.

Toledo is expecting some “warmer” (relatively) weather, sun and some rain.  I would be very surprised if this is still around on Monday.

Toledo: Snowiest Season on Record!


Today, snowfall was measured and it is official – we currently have the record for the most seasonal snow, beating out the 1977-78 season my .4″.   What makes this even BETTER, is that it is only February 26th and there are still 23 more days until Spring 2014 begins (March 20, 2014).
Snowiest Winter 2014

The Oncoming Storm

funny-angry-cat-covered-snowIn the next few days, we in Toledo are about to be hit hard with a lot of snow and cold temperatures with windchills down to -40 degrees!

So – obviously there has been a run on supplies at the supermarkets.  I guess the survival necessities for this area consists mostly of bread, eggs, and milk.  The survival food for the area is obviously french toast.

As reports pour in from the different news organizations, and they show pictures and video of the public scrambling for food in the stores, I have to shake my head in disbelief.

The storm is to last Sunday from approximately 2pm until Tuesday morning.  We’re looking at getting an estimated 8-12″ of snow during this period.  The worse part of the storm, is the cold temperatures.  When you add the wind into the calculation, it’s in the neighborhood of MINUS 40 degrees.  That’s cold.

I picked up what I need days ago.  A loaf of bread, some butter, beer.  I may head out in the morning to pick up a few 2-liters of pop in case I have some friends looking for relief from the cold.  Maybe another case of Duraflame logs – just in case.

I loaded up my Netflix queue with bad movies to watch, and digging out the wool socks.

Hope everyone stays warm and dry.

Toledo Snow Lockdown

121413 snow trafficWe got some snow last night.  Overnight it looks like we got about 3-4″ and everyone forgot how to drive.  The forecasters predicted this and we knew it was coming.  But…it was still a mess.

I opted to stay indoors and listen to the police scanner.  For entertainment issues and for fair warnings of how stupid people can be.  In the morning the weather was okay and the plow trucks were working 12-hour shifts to deal with it.  Since this was the first MAJOR snowfall of the season, people lost their minds – forgetting that snow/ice tends to be slippery there were a lot of accidents.

Then we had the people taking advantage of the situation.  Robberies and Breaking & Entering calls increased because the police were tied up with accidents and travel was slow.  It didn’t make it any easier that people were out on the roads doing donuts and knocking out fire hydrants (true story).

As the day wore on, the snow picked up once again dumping another 4-5″ inches before end of day.  I was out three times to shovel my driveway.  I didn’t know how much more was coming and it was easier to take care of it in smaller doses.  I took the snow all the way down to the blacktop and salted.  Looking at the other driveways in the development – I had the cleanest. =)

I was supposed to have BAD MOVIE NIGHT, but cancelled it due to the weather.  Unfortunately – I forgot to call Papa Johns to cancel the pizza.  The delivery driver showed up a little “late” but he was there.  I thanked him for the delivery, gave him a few extra bucks and wished him the best.  He left my driveway and drove in reverse out of the development.

Warmer weather next week – maybe some rain.  I wonder if it’s going to be enough to get rid of all this snow or if we’re going to have a White Christmas.

Friday the 13th…ick ick

Friday the 13th

Today was a bad day.  I can mark it as being Friday the 13th if I was overly superstitious, or I can ignore it and just mark it down as a low point in the journey to success.

Today I received six e-mails/phone calls telling me that “…after careful consideration, we regret to inform you that you have not been selected for this position…” or something to that effect.

I understand that I can’t qualify for every job and that I have had my share of meetings/interviews in the last few weeks.  It would be nice to get a little more forward movement in things though.  I received the last of my vacation/severance checks and it’s really starting to set in.  About three weeks in.

I have a nearly full notebook of notes, application information, contacts, and articles that I have collected and should be complete with volume #1 by the end of the week.

While it is awesome to have the time to catch up on some of the projects around the house – haven’t had that time to do that since vacation days, and catching up with old friends and network contacts has been fantastic, I miss working.  I know my “job” now is to find a job – and I put my efforts in…

I’m just rambling now.  Maybe its the snow – maybe its just the quiet.  Maybe it’s the hamstring that I pulled which is making it painful to run around and I’m having visions of MISERY.


Tomorrow is BAD MOVIE NIGHT.  I’m having some friends over to watch a selection of craptastic movies.  I hope it lightens by spririts.


Winter Beard Coalition 2011-2012

I set up the Facebook page for the Winter Beard Coalition 2011-12.


It is a celebratory group, open to the public to share pictures and experiences with growing the traditional “Winter Beard” (started at the first snowfall and clean-shaven by St. Patrick’s day – or later weather dependent).

spread the word.

Big Bad Snowstorm

This is my front yard after the Big Bad Snowstorm this week.  I’m not sure how much snow we actually got during the week (I was out of town) but I do know that on Saturday we got about three inches.

When they plowed my community, they piled the snow in my yard.  It is about 4 feet high.  It took me a bit to dig out my walkway on Friday night.  I was out shoveling four times on Saturday, filling in any voids in the huge pile (gotta love the OCD).

Crappy Weather

Weather today was rough.  I don’t know if the road crews were out salting or if they were waiting until the snow stopped, but it was very slick driving around.  I think it was due to the “warm” weather the last few days and the rain followed by snow.

In these last few days – I think people forgot how to drive.


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