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Fantasticon – Toledo 2015

Today was Fantasticon 2015!

This is the first time this convention has been to Toledo, and I was a little leery about it.  But I figured if it was on either end of the spectrum, I would make it enjoyable.

Looking at the guest list, the only two people I recognized were Dirk Manning and Jeremy London (of Mallrats fame).  I have been out of the comic book fandom for many years and didn’t recognize any of the artists, writers, or voice artists present.  It did make me feel a little guilty to see these people sitting behind their tables with their books and just walking past.  I think next time I will do a little research.

There were a few people dressed in costume, not nearly the percentage at the Animarathon or the Wizard World Cleveland conventions earlier this year.

The main room where all the merchandise was being sold had lights that were slightly amber tinted and a little dim.  It gave off a very 1970’s or early 1980’s vibe.  It was a little depressing.  Loads and loads of dollar comics.  I must have done twenty laps around looking at all the merch.

I did pick up an awesome piece of art from artist Erik Hodson, a Bad Wolf illustration.

I met up with some friends and we perused the comics.  We discussed the history of Ant-Man, attended two trivia events – one super-hero trivia (its sad the amount of knowledge bouncing around my noggin), the other being Star Wars trivia.

After making a final lap around the sales floor, we decided “real food” was in order.  We stopped by Ice for food and called it a day.

Wizard World Cleveland 2015


My friends and I went to the Wizard World Cleveland Comic Con this weekend.

It was an early morning for everyone.  I got up bright and early at 5 a.m. to run down to the corner store for some last minute donuts.

Around 7:30 everyone started showing up.  They were a little late because the weather was bad and only getting worse.  But, nonetheless, we “caffeined” up, loaded into the “Bus” and were on our way.  The roads heading east to Cleveland were pretty bad.  Even though you could tell plowing was done, the winds covered them over.  The Envoy handled like a champ.  Even in AWD, we were making good time.  Areas where you couldn’t tell the lane you were in and cars spread out four-wide, we maneuvered around them and took the lead.  We had one little fishtale – but that was when we got off the highway and onto the side streets around the Convention Center.

We made good time driving, only losing 10 minutes in the two hour drive.  A little driving around to find a parking space, and we were at the Cleveland Convention Hall at 10:30 a.m.  There was already a significant line at the ticket booths and the coat check had a ten minute wait.  (As we found out later, we were lucky to get in so early as things really picked up around Noon).

Weapons check to make sure the pistols and knives we were carrying weren’t going to hurt anyone and we were on the sales floor.


It was overwhelming.  We saw the line to the Karen Gillan booth wrap around the outside wall.  And the Corey Feldman line was to the front of the walkway!

2015-02-21 12.10.28 (Copy)Of course we saw the TARDIS and Katie got a picture with it.

We met the Cleveland Chapter of The Ghostbusters with the Mini ECTO-1 (a Mini decked out!).  That gave me some ideas…

Comics and Toys everywhere!


Ian Somerhalder – The “handsome” (allegedly) actor from Vampire Diaries.  We got a seat towards the back, and as I soon found out was in a room with 95% screaming fangirls.  I don’t watch the show and don’t know who he is, but from what I gained from his panel is that he has a foundation to prevent animal abuse (Ian Somerhalder Foundation) as well as a news aggregator (Ryot.org) site with 75% of its members being “Millenials”.  Of course, my sarcasm made the comment “Well, if he has 10 subscribers, and 7-1/2 of them were Millenials, then his math is correct.”

David Jason Frank – The F*cking Green Ranger.  This was an interesting panel.  He talked about life after Power Rangers (in all its forms) and what he has been doing.  You could tell we were in a very POSITIVE Green Ranger fan room and everything he said was met with a roar of laughter and/or cheers.  Truthfully, it was a little bizarre.  But everyone has their fan moments. You might see us in the background at the panel.  If you don’t pause it at the right moment…it’s gone.

Lunch and the Open Bar – they served alcohol.  Wise decision.

Sci-Fi Speed Dating – Ben and I dropped off the girls at Sci-Fi Speed Dating (I know…)

Bruce Campbell vs. The Audience – This was a packed hall and since we got there late, we watched on the monitors in the hall.  Bruce decided to pick on and rip apart the audience as he looked for talented members to come up and perform for him.  It wasn’t pretty.  There was a late night movie host called “The Schlockmeister” (must be new – never heard of him while I was in Cleveland) who “performed”…  The winner was a choir singer performing “Uptown Funk”.

After we picked up the girls from their Speed Dating Exercise, it was back to the bar and walking the sales floor.

The sales floor closed down at 7:00 p.m. and gave us enough time to decide on a movie to close out the show.


Wolf Cop – He’s an alcoholic deputy who gets caught up in a sacrifice before the “Booze and Shoot” turning him into a werewolf who is also a cop, and he drinks… He’s Wolf Cop!  Coming to video March 2015.  The sequel – Wolf Cop 2 will be out this fall.  I wanted to buy the DVD now.

The Crow – There was a discussion about the movie and then the movie played.  Couldn’t tell you what happened – too amped up about Wolf Cop!




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