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Secor Park – Trail Tour 2015

It was a fantastic day for a walk in the park.

Blue skies and warm weather.  I had a small group with me today.  We walked the red trail.  It had been raining for the last few days and we were wondering if the trails would have been muddy.  They weren’t too bad.  Today’s menace – the mosquito.  She and her swarm of followers wanted blood – and they took a lot of it from us.  We tried to use bug spray as much as we could – various manufacturers and strengths.  None of it worked.

But – all said and done – excellent day!

Swan Creek – Trail Tour 2015

It’s a holiday weekend and a great way to start it off is by some “trail time”.  I met up with a small group and we walked the red, yellow, blue, and orange trails at Swan Creek this morning.

I was a little concerned that the trails might be muddy and/or swampy but they dried out just enough to allow clean passage through.  The mosquitoes were out in force and took a few liters from the group.  On the Airport Highway side, people were getting ready for the day’s grilling/barbecue and were already out cooking.

Wildwood Park – Trail Tour 2015 – Blue and Green Trails

Gray skies are going to clear up, but on a happy face.

When I got to the park this morning, gray skies were all around and I was a little concerned that we may have some rain.  But, in the span of 10 minutes, the clouds dispersed and blue skies and sun for as far as the eyes could see.

We had a sizable group this morning, a lot of new faces.  The meetup group is over 1050 strong at this point.  We walked the blue trail to the green loop and then back onto the blue trail behind the manor house along the river on the boardwalk.  There was a little mud so we didn’t venture onto the yellow trail, but next time we will be sure to walk it.

SideCut – Trail Tour 2015 – Red Trail (sorta)

Today, it was our intention to walk the Red Trail at SideCut park.  But the events of the last few weeks since the Maumee iceflow overflowed and did some damage changed our plans.

We started off down the red trail, viewing a lot of the damage Mother Nature did when the ice broke loose.  One of the boardwalks was “accordion” twisted.  We did a little “off road” walking and were quiet looking at the trees, bark gone.  At a certain point, we crossed the road and walked along the banks of the Maumee along the green “trail” (or what we could determine to be the trail).

It was a good day in the park and there was a lot to see…

Secor Park – Trail Tour 2014 (Red, Yellow, and Green Trails)

This morning we met at Secor Park for a chilly morning hike.  The sky was a fantastic blue and the sun was glistening off of the frost still on the ground.

We walked the Red, Yellow, and Green trails – saw a lot of trees losing their leaves after last night’s cold snap.  We were out for a little over an hour.

I stopped by the museum to pick up my photos from the contest – I didn’t win anything, but at least I can say they were displayed in a museum.

Wildwood – Trail Tour 2014 (Brown and Yellow Trails)

Today we had an afternoon hike/walk at Wildwood Preserve.  It is getting a bit chillier and the leaves are definitely coming to an end of their cycle as more oranges, browns, and rust colors appear.  The wind is blowing and the trees are becoming bare.

We had a nice group today – a lot of new faces/first timers.

We walked the BROWN trail across the freshly opened covered bridge area.  They replaced the wood structure with concrete pillars and a concrete deck – much easier to walk on in the winter months. And on our way back, cut to the yellow meadow trail to see some color from the trees from an outside perspective.

Wildwood – Trail Tour (Purple & Blue Trails)

A little crispness to the air started our morning at Wildwood Park.  The parking lot was surprisingly full, but we didn’t see many people.  We had a good sized group of 8 out this morning.

We started on the red trail and crossed over to purple along the ridge to the blue trail back along the boardwalk behind the Manor House and back to the Metz Center.  We were going to try and get some of the green loop in – but kept walking past.

2.85 miles this morning.

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