2018 All-Star Event | Day 3 | East vs West Match – Game 1

2018 All-Star Event #AllStar2018

East vs West Match – Game 1

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  • 1:17:42

  • Captain Peanut 😊

  • All Zeros did is solo kill and outplay.

  • 40:00 If you say West having fun.. Why the long face lmao?

  • 35:41 How Zeros tryhard when this is absolutely troll

  • Rookie midlaner of the Team win the world championship , plays like a total noob

  • Quickshot such a bias commentator…

  • 1:09:04 wtf is wrong with that steroid dude?
    is he trying to be vin diesel/rock or why is he shaking like this as if he couldn't understand a word Oo

  • wait a minute .. the question is in English .. and he answers before translation … that means he knows English already .. then why does he need a translator ?!?! hahaahahaahaha , its sooooo stupid …

  • so cool

  • Thats not the right build for int sion

  • 02:27 bester Mann ! 😉

  • Lol report Broxah AFK

  • 1:05:11 Zeros Saved the East game

  • 52:26 this is how an assassin works

  • Look at 46:50 its so cool

  • WTF, CHN with KOR with LMS?? Are you serious?

  • never seen everyone dead at the same time, so cool 😀

  • Zeros tryhard… not even fun to watch…

  • Now you call Russians “West”

  • why cant i do the mission when i watch all-star event

  • I am blaming licorice for this haha

  • I know it's having fun and trolling on the side of team west, but caps went too far. I mean he was chasing too much in situations where he couldn't win.

  • caps played wukong against msf and splyce this year, he played mid kayn after release in 2017 against splyce

  • 7:00 피넛대답이 조금 질문이랑 다른말을 하는거아닌가…

  • I wonder what Broxah did to those commentator to earn such negativity from them. The game had not even begun they were already spiting in his face. Not professional at all !
    It's a shame really, seeing Broxah is one of the few player who actually seems to be there to have fun.

  • As always the East doesn´t know how to have fun.
    West almost beat them with troll champs…NOOBS!

  • 28:15 that sion recall hahahahahahahah

  • If only West had Licorice, Dardoch, Bjergsen, Doublelift and Biofrost. Would be a different story. 😀



  • Sjokz dress <3

  • EU casters and their bias, name a more iconic duo lol

  • Lol, so many people saying that Zeros played good this game. Ofc he played good – he was the only one tryhard, when everyone else were having fun. Look at his facecam – he was concentrated as if he was playing WC2018 or something. Jeez

  • Licorice is good with words. Well played, making letting Akali through sound like a good thing.

  • Coach peanut ❤️❤️

  • @57:10 LMAO with Kira Posture xdd

  • Licorice should have played Caps instead of Claps

  • Kira double in jungle was very nice

  • zeros is a monster

  • Such a fun game boiz!! East all way! Props to west! They're getting stronger and stronger I can feeeeeel(caster) It.

  • Wow that was SUCH a fun game

  • Caps.does play.a.lot.right?

  • Hmm…. I wonder wht peanut coaching style to his team…… i mean his team so many different language

  • That feel when you're so first, the video is still processing.