Anime JUS Battle Ultimate – UPDATE 2

This is a little update, because you guys aked me for, so lets go to the update list:

– Added new 4 characters Escanor, Metal Bat, Kaminari, Makoto Shishio.
– New versions of characters Akame and Madara.
– Added transformations / power ups to Aizen and Killua.
– Added new 2 stages Shrine of the Forgotten God and Cell Games.
– Dragon Ball chars and Boros no longer can do “power charge” in the air.
– Removed Trunks and added Gogeta in his place.
– Luffy combos A and B have been the speed increased.
– Uryu Nerf (A bunch of stuff).
– Dio and Jotaro no longer can do “teleport”.
– Seiya Nerf (A bunch of stuff).


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Special Thanks: Mikel8888, TrafalgarLawzz, Shadow Mercer, InSeph, Knightmara404, Lemonstream, Akashi Mugen, Planeptune , Black Judai, Rivelio, Salah, Mythos, Viniciusonico.


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  • Guys how to charge? Can somebody answer me how to charge? ;-;

  • WotanWotan

    Author Reply

    mano,não está pegando de jeito nengum,como eu resolvo?

  • 0:17 can someone tell me wht that beat is

  • can you nerf the boku no hero fighters. they just spamming their attacks. in watch mode they always win


    Author Reply

    aizen is such a badass,it looks sooo satisfying playing with him

  • MDS olha a música de fundo pqoq que emoção música do Gohan quando se transformou em ssj2 pela 1 vez na luta contra cell, quem mais percebeu

  • Tem para Android

  • YatoYato

    Author Reply

    Hey man, i really want the Rimuru sprites, can you show me where can i find it?

  • This is for pc only right?

  • Roda em pc fraco?

  • Ficou muito legal, parabéns.

  • Hey i downloaded the game and i really like it but can i ask yoy guys a favour? Can yall add doflamingo from one piece in the game?

  • does anyone know how to charge?

  • why dio cant not stop time but jotaro can stop time

  • Mobile suport??

  • How to dow this game ?

  • OmegaOmega

    Author Reply

    how do i stop time with DIO in this game? i tryed looking the movestets but when i did it it just did the freeze!

  • za warudo with dio?

  • Tentei abrir no meu PC, mas deu erro. Olhei uns vídeos no YT, consegui abrir, mas fica com tela preta. Eu apertando nos botões aleatórios, consegui entrar na janela de seleção de personagens, mas fica tudo bugado. Tem alguma solução?

  • Adicionem Giorno/Giorno Requiem e Johnny Joestar!

  • Why is there always an error when I'm running a character. Don't anyone know a fix

  • pra mim nao abre o arquivo pode me ajudar?

  • FloobFloob

    Author Reply

    when i download it, it says error when i try to run it, is that normal?