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api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll Missing Error | 2020 | Fix #1

You’re trying to open a Game like PUBG or a Program like Skype and a Error message saying “api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer” pops up?
Well thats unfortunate, but Let’s see how to fix it!

Download Link:

– – Steps – –
Download the file according to your system:
– 32-Bit – 32-Bit File
– 64-Bit – 32 + 64 -Bit File

Extract the .dll File from the downloaded Zip-File/s.
Copy/Paste the file/s into the designated folder:
32-Bit Windows:
– 32-Bit Version – C:WindowsSystem32
64-Bit Windows:
– 32-Bit Version – C:WindowsSysWOW64
– 64-Bit Version – C:WindowsSystem32

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Nguồn: https://kahunacommunications.com/

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  • thanks it worked

  • YoomYoom

    Author Reply

    it doesnt work, it still writes that i dont have it

  • good tutorial but api-ms-win-crt-runtime-|1-1-0.dll is still missing :/

  • it did not worked for audacity

  • it dont work

  • THank you so so so so so much ı really really really didn't think that this would be working actuallly all those fail tries its just the right thing. I am reall glad…For my computer there was the 32- bit version already but the 64-bit version wasn't thank you again ♥♥

  • i have windows 8 64 bit system .. but it has not worked for me .. kindly please help

  • Useful

  • Didn't work and put other download add ons onto my computer as well, Not happy !!

  • Files aren't copying

  • problem does not solve i am facing same error

  • Hey this method killed my steam program and it wont let me do anything…

  • Thank you! The instructions were very clear and easy to follow through

  • GhostGhost

    Author Reply

    Thanks That Work : )
    But I Need :
    api-ms-win-core-timezone-1-1-10.dll is missing :v

  • Does it say something about Microsoft that I find better solutions and easier to perform fixes on Youtube quicker than the MS help forums?

  • Thank you man this help me very much

  • Access is denied

  • Not working for me on Windows 7 64. Comes up with another .dll error. Also reset my whole desktop, which is strange. I would "potentially" warn about dowloading .dll files from the website. Possible virus!

  • what if there is x82 bits

  • not worked

  • It say "api-ms-win-core-synch-ansi-|1-1-0.dll is missing". Please help

  • ty so much man it worked

  • it works but i need all the other dll files and am so bored of downloading one by one.. do you have a link that would make me download all of the at once pleeeeeeaaaaasssssseeeeee?????

  • Not working

  • Worked:)

  • Worked for me bro u r awesome

  • Not working

  • The first method didn't work out for me 🙁 And I wasn't able to findo the second method. There's no 'i icon' on my screen, and the link for your website displays only the first method, which failed for me. :'(

  • You have a very unique niche for your videos, I like it. You helped me fix once like 2 years ago and I’ve been subbed since then lol