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Banh Xeo – Giant Vietnamese Crepe at Banh Xeo 46A

Banh xeo (bánh xèo) is an extremely popular Vietnamese savory pancake. Food is the reason you should travel –

One day while I was in Saigon, Vietnam, I met up with Kyle, who is a local vlogger (see the full food tour video here: and went eating around Saigon. Our first stop was at a restaurant known as Bánh Xèo 46A (Banh Xeo 46A), what is something of a legendary restaurant for eating this dish in Saigon.

Banh xeo can be eaten as a full meal, or just kind of as a snack – and it is enjoyed by Vietnamese from all walks of life, in all times of the day. We ordered the special version here, which was the biggest crepe, and filled with all sorts of goodies. The banh xeo production began with a hot pan over charcoal, with a lot of oil. First some onions were fried, and then in went a batter, which was similar just to a plain crepe batter. Along with the batter, some prawns and some pieces of pork belly were added to the crepe, and then it was topped with what I think was an egg, and finally a handful of bean sprouts. The banh xeo was then folded over, and served to us on a plate – it looked like a dosa!

You can’t eat Vietnamese banh xeo without fresh leafy vegetables, herbs, and sauces – and there was no short supply of green on our table at Bánh Xèo 46A. The main leaves were mustard leaves, which are big and leafy and provide a wonderful base, or wrapper. Then you just take a piece of the crunchy batter crepe, add it to a mustard green, garnish with a bunch of herbs, and then dip it in the sweet fish sauce provided. Along with the sweet fish sauce, I could not eat it without chili. The crepe itself is not all that flavorful, it’s actually quite plain, but all the flavor comes from both the herbs, and the sauce.

It was a great experience to eat banh xeo while I was in Vietnam. What I really enjoyed about it was the fresh herbs paired with the crunchiness savoury flavor of the crepe. If you visit Saigon, although Banh Xeo has become a bit on the touristy side, it’s still worth a visit if you’re looking for a huge banh xeo!

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  • good delicious food. good video👍

  • U need to add some herbs with yr roll

  • this was easily one of my favourite dishes I had when i visited vietnam, and its so easy to make at home too!

  • Does he not know what a vegetable is?

  • I eat the vegan version

  • I went there just a couple of days ago and I didn't enjoy the fact that the big pieces of shrimp were unshelled. That gave the pancake a texture that was unpleasant. I previously tried Banh Xeo at Bep Me In and that was absolutely wonderful!

  • That looks amazing! So many vegetables with fish sauce. Yummmmmmm

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  • Yum. Messy lol yum.

  • Dear Mark and Ying. I'm sure you won't read this, but it's worth a try. My beloved son, Jordan took his own life almost 6 years ago at 20 years of age, and ever since I wake up and watch your videos before going to work, as they genuinely fill me with hope. All I want to say as a food lover like you guys is a simple 'Thank You '. Errol.

  • Baltimore Orioles fan.

  • It’s mustard leaves 😋

  • JJJJ

    Author Reply

    I love how awkward you were back in these old videos! haha Awesome

  • Thought he live in. U/S, he speaks English very good he one of the boat people. I think he said early I was watch his. Channel thank you for sharing your beautiful video love your video thanks.

  • I roll mine like a blunt then dip

  • Is that not expensive for one crepe? And in Vietnam? Or is that the norm? But I can eat at least 3 to myself!

  • Thank yo

  • Khrep

  • I was here last week on a vacation!! It was good!!!! Greetings from Malaysia!

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  • one of the best breakfast in Vietnam

  • I love all your videos Mark! The vegetables is called cai xanh , Am soi 😊😊

  • Mark your awesome ! Kyle looks like he’s saying to himself, I’m tired, I want to sleep.

  • the batter is too white…No curcuma? The essential ingredient in this dish

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