CHIN CHIN – Fun Thumb Game!

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Chin Chin is a fun and easy hand game that’s fun for the whole family! You can play with as many or as few players as you want but once you’ve learned how to play you can never turn down a challenge.


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  • I love how satisfying it is to get a "Chin Chin none" or get a "Chin Chin 1/2" with your own hands.

  • rip kobe


  • I just realized after all these years that Filthy Frank's character Chin Chin wears a pink suit, which enforces the "penis" name of his character, and he would know because he's half-Japanese. The character's dialogue is always talking about sex and asking Frank to "gib him da poussie bows"
    What a freaking genius.

  • I thought this was the chin chin samurai game, so I came but I was dissapointed

  • is this game available on mobile

  • I lost The Game

  • More

  • This game was so hard to describe to my friends….

  • Man, really wish for the old days. So much nostalgia, felt like I have been friends with you guys for so long!

  • GuyGuy

    Author Reply

    Play zoomy zoomy

  • penis 3…
    penis 1…
    penis 4…

  • The chromosomes is strong with this one

  • I love how they mention attack on titan, but not the anime Dorei-ku where they basically described the conditions of the plot (making people do what you want them to do), where this game is played.

  • Am I the only one that can't find anyone to play with because when I try to teach them they don't understand

  • In the UK this game is played by almost all University students but it is called 'a game of fives' because you either put five fingers out or none. When you win and exit the game you can't smile or laugh or you stay in.

  • Wondering if there's anyone that has one thumb and exploits the crap out of this game with their friends

  • I unintentionally spread this through my school year

  • This whole channel is a tutorial on how to have fun in life 🙂

  • Most underrated game

  • When are we gonna get the Anime Chin Chin video on Corridor

  • i challenge node to chin chin

  • KhijkKhijk

    Author Reply

    326103 views…. lets play. Chin-chin 400000!

  • Chin chi drinking game, when you guess the wrong answere, take a shot

  • Chin-chin doin it!!!

  • The dark lord is here

  • We need more chin chin

  • Brandon the 4th

  • "Chin Chin is a fun and easy hand game that's fun for the whole family!" sam gets his hand

    niko – I fucked up

  • SevenSeven

    Author Reply

    For the first 30 seconds put it in 0.5 speed and they sound high

  • Just realized Brandon shoots lefty