Film Theory: How To FREEZE Elsa! (Disney Frozen 2)

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Frozen 2 was one of the highest grossing movies of 2019 and, like most of the world, I saw it. Since then one scene has been getting my Theorist brain in a tizzy. We see Elsa freeze, which came as a total surprise to me! The previous movie tells us that the cold never bothered her and yet, here we are. So my question is, HOW do you freeze the ice queen herself?

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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Alan Baker
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Koen Verhagen, and Marc Schneider
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman



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  • Mat got so much wrong

  • “Unpronounceable Norwegian island”
    The unofficial 2nd name of Sørfugløya

  • Nice haircut! First time I ever say MatPat in live.

  • Elsa

  • It was the dark sea

  • Yep you are right

  • sørfugløya if u type island on google translate it will translate to øy and u will kinda hear the pronounciacion so sø(ROLL THE R)r fugl(TRANSLATE BIRD to norwegian and hear how u say it and then øya sør-fugl-øya

  • so she died of fall damage

  • If Elsa is ice, then what temperature does she melt?

  • We all know that wasn’t Water

  • if you notice, in Let it go, some of the snow flakes seem to have the element signs in them

  • I think It was less of a literal freeze, more of a magic freeze from "going too deep" into Atahala, since no one person is probably supposed to be able to go far enough to know everything. That's what I think anyway.

  • More ddlc plez

  • The O in sorfugloya is silent

  • THAT’S THE WHAT SONG MEEEEEEANS! The room Elsa fell into to was how far she went and her freezing was her drowning. Also, “The cold never bothered me anyway” doesn’t mean she is invincible against the cold, and play to Frozen Fever if you don’t believe me!

  • Hey powers went all crazy when she saw the truth and she is a eliment so she must of worried like all of the other spirits in the movies making fog with there powers so she could not control them any longer because of the stress and the shock

  • I think the theory of super cooling is right but I think the crystal went to her heart so that froze her like Anna in frozen 1

  • you dont need to clean the water for it to work tap water also works

  • I think that Elsa didn' t freeze because of science but the past or guilt or something like that.

  • try google translate

  • What happens to Elsa's husband on their wedding night?

  • How many times did it take to catch that bottle?

  • Matpat: Fire lizard
    Me: Salamander*


  • it is magical ice not just cold I mean "she went to far"

  • Its d&d elsa is just an ice sorcerer she only has a few hitpoints

  • No that’s a deleted Scene

  • Who saw the Hishe Dub for Frozen when Elsa said Elsa Out😂😂😂😂


    Author Reply

    I used this video for research on flash freezing for my science project

  • JayJay

    Author Reply

    Maybe they have grammar that makes sense with crossed-out 0s instead of os for no confusion and they are crossed out cause they are silent cause that is how it should be if a letter is silent lie if u agree

  • Dad and mom: you gotta study during quarantine

    Me: ok!

    Watching film theory.


  • The hyperthermia bother her

  • when cold water falls a long distance it freezes

  • me a canadian walking to school in -40 weather 👁👄👁

  • The real theory is how Elsa got off the horse mermaid hybrid cause that sounds like a kelpie which if you didn’t know is impossible to get off and probably would have just drowned Elsa

  • Will there be a frozen 3 . Fan theory.🤷

  • bill nye the science guy eat your heart out

  • does this dude pay attention to 'go too far and you'll be drowned'? because if the river is frozen then 'drowning' would be freezing. Although his deduction is possible, the water pretty much froze in an instant, but it took elsa a while to freeze, and so, you might have to let disney get away with this one.

  • Im Norwegian, my grandpa is from Norway, and I'm learning Norwegian, I'm not a true master yet, but an ø is not pronounced like an o, it's hard to explain in text but here's a video explaining it and I know the word for bird, fugl, you don't pronounce the g, it's pronounced kinda like fool, so, I mean I just looked it up on Google translate and had it speak it back to me, so


  • The more Elsa knew the colder it is. So, it is not the cold but knowlage

  • Nordsøen jeg er fra Danmark and this is deeeeeeeb

  • Matpat makes the best puns 😂