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The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao is one of the most beautiful and exiting art galleries in the world. The museum lies along the river running through Bilbao, and is worth the trip alone even though Bilbao has a lot more to offer.The amazing building was drawn by Frank Gehry and opened in 1997. Now the startingpoint for Robert Langdon’s challenges in the new Dan Brown book Origin

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  • Still life only, most art is secretly done. Not mass art production.

  • Amazing !

  • Origin….👍

  • There's no Robert Langdon in the video


  • many confused people throw around false equivalency by comparing pritzker prize to nobel prize. pritzker prize is just a vanity project and is a branding effort for wealthy pritzker family name. moreover, the prize committee is composed of mostly random buffoons who have no knowledge of building design and hence the prizes has no credibility. its akin to trash collector in nobel award selection committee making award for physics. architecture is a more a humanities degree than anything. most top tier us college or university do not offer this degree for a reason. harvard graduate design school has lot of people from second, third rate undergraduate schools because most kid smart enough to get into top tier schools are too intelligent to get into this non technical profession.

  • It was here that the mathematical genius Edmond Kirsch fell at the hands of the Catholic fanatic Admiral Luis Avila

  • Where's Edmond Kirsch?

  • This museum is in another level! Btw, Dan Brown's ORIGIN brought me here.

  • MayaMaya

    Author Reply

    everyone shere because of Dan Brown. I'm here because im an architecture student stuggling.

  • Dan brown brought me here

  • Dan brown brought me here too , just from first chapter, now can turn next page

  • because I'm reading Origin by Dan Brown this very moment!!!!

  • Dan Brown didn't bring me here
    I'm here for research on my college coursework

  • Langdon..😁😁

  • Here because of Dan browns origin

  • A mi también me trajo Dan Brown :v

  • I am here coz of Dan Brown's Origin 🙂

  • Dan Brown je i mene doveo do ovog spektakularnog muzeja!

  • Origin brought me here 🙂

  • The building outruns the content

  • Im here coz of robert langdon

  • Dan Brown's "Origin" brought me here! I just wish the narrator of the video didn't have to compete with the loud background music.

  • Eerie but fascinating.

  • Although I must be in the minority,I find this building to be so .. ugly,it makes me angry to view it continuously.I can hardly choose what is the worst of itas in this, it as an embarrassment of riches. Maybe the interior with the twisted metal support structure, mangled and thrown together every length and size seemingly to avoid even a semblance of grace, elegance, or aesthetic order.

  • Wow I actually had an ad on Frank Gehry before the video came on lol.

  • Un Beso… y…Bilbao… Vita in Pink…