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iPod Touch 5th Gen Screen Repair & Disassemble – Fixez.com

presents the iPod Touch 5th Generation Screen Repair & Disassemble video instructions. Visit Fixez.com for all of the DIY resources that will allow you to fix your device yourself. Find high quality replacement parts, premium tools and detailed repair guides to help you complete your repair successfully. This video will assist you in quickly, and safely, replacing the Display Assembly (LCD & Touch Screen) on your 5th Generation iPod Touch.

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  • Help! I replaced the screen and now it wont power on! I have rechecked everything and I am confident that all connections are good. I had this happen once before on an ipad repair and was eventually able to get it to reboot. I have holding down home and power for 20 seconds with no luck. any help would be appreciated.

  • TGTG

    Author Reply

    this video fails to show the toughest part of this whole process- separating the screen from the device itself. Shoving a metal pry tool down there like is shown will guarantee a very scratched ipod housing. Doing it without heating the adhesive first is virtually impossible.

  • If you get your screen replace do you have to make a new account for it?or you still have the same account from before.

  • hi i have one ipod touch 5th gen 32gb.board issue.where can i buy board.i'm from phillipines..

  • I came here BC WTF my iPod won't turn on after Intensive Work

  • I need to contact u

  • What happen if the new screen doesnt turn on, it can fix it or is a problem of the screen

  • I have a question please help me
    My screen is crack, but the lcd still works fine and great just the screen is crack and the glass just bothers me
    So do I need to fix everything even though the lcd works or can i just fix the glass if so do you have a tutorial for it or is it not that much diffrent from this vidoe and another video where they just fix the glass because i haven't found a video just them fixing everything

  • ooops mr scruff not stuff

  • the song playing is mr stuff ninja tuna kilimba

  • now I hate ipod touch cuz it defeated all other apple mp3 players… iPod has lost itself… it is rarely used as a music player, it is basically just a starter phone for kids…

  • Sh*t I forgot to buy a new screen

  • My screen is shattered and my front camera is exposed will this tutorial help me?

  • I dropped my iPod 5 directly onto the ground @ walmart (no joke lol) and now the screen won't slide, it was doing some weird glitchy thing but it goes away. The charging still works, and Siri too. Everything works but the screen. If I were to get it repaired and fixed, would I still have my memory an photos after the fix???!! SOMEONE ANSWER IF THEY KNOW!!! 🙁 how do I know it's damaged on inside?

  • I dropped my ipod and the screen stays on the apple logo screen, Can I open it and just reconnect everything? I did this on my iphone when the screen turned black. Would this work to fix my ipod?

  • I dropped my ipod and the screen stays on the apple logo screen, Can I open it and just reconnect everything? I did this on my iphone when the screen turned black. Would this work to fix my ipod?

  • i tried lifting the screen and the entire screen shattered…..thanks………………………….

  • WestyWesty

    Author Reply

    apple is trash.

  • my ipod camera dont work

  • Hi

  • What cases lines going up and down on my screen on my iPod the lines are red. And when you push on it it go away and is it fixable 😀😭

  • Lq1vLq1v

    Author Reply


  • so simple

  • Just had my screen replaced "professionally" and now the camera doesn't work.. front or back. The store are saying it was damage that was caused when the screen was cracked… even though it was working perfectly when I gave it to them?!?! Could the camera be damaged changing the screen in this way??

  • my ipod is broken i droped it on the ground it still turns on but my touch screen is kinda broken i can't slide the thing

  • Replaced exactly how he done it however turned my ipod on and I've got 5 white/grey lines appearing on the left hand side of the screen….got no images. Anyone know what's happened please? Thanks.

  • Just a tip that wasn't mentioned in the video – it's a LOT easier if you use a heat-gun to soften the adhesive beforehand.

  • You suck

  • That's bullshit. Why they don't have an easier way to remove stuff? That's a stupid way to make such and advance technology. That's a dumb move apple.

  • Br4nwBr4nw

    Author Reply

    question how much does it cost just for a professional to repair because I'm not good with screws

  • you are awesome thanks for show me how too do this it's going to save me money doing it myself..

  • Today, I went to the Apple Store. And then I farted. Every one was really mad at me….. Well it's not my fault they don't have Windows!

  • SPAM

  • And it looks like ur tearing a part

  • All u have to do is put some tape on the screen

  • please help!!!😣😣

  • my ipod 5 has vertical white lines and when I tried to unlocked it didn't work and I just wanna know how to fix it do you need LCD screen yes or no

  • i have that background song on my computer its called something fish

  • LL

    Author Reply

    Why is your ipod touch battery is on the side the other crack open ipod touch battery is on the buttom

  • Watching on my cracked iPod

  • Can i send my ipod , so you can help me to repair it

  • I left my ipod 5th generation in a washer what can I do to fix it the battery gets hot when I try to charge it can any one please help😪😥?!!?

  • my ipod mini is auto lock screen what should i do i reset the setteng but nothing hoppen pls help me….

  • hi i just replaced the screen and it still shows as if it cracked it has been replaced and the whole lcd screen is new what should i do