JoJo's bizarre Adventure JUS Edition – FULL GAME

Today’s video it’s a full game, if you are new here all games I post on this channel I made, you may ask what’s the difference from other mugen compilations? Well, I usually try to make the chars not broken anymore, making possible that all characters can defeat each other.

This game took me less than one week(that is my personal record), there are 19 chars(only the best ones), 7 stages(really hard to find JUS sized JoJo stages), and the OST came from some JoJo’s official games.

COMMANDS (commands aren’t buttons):

Combo 1: A
Combo 2: B
Combo 3: C
Power Charge: S (Start)
Extra(s): Z (Requiem, Pucci Stands or even Tenka with Kira)

Special 1: ↓→ + A
Special 2: ↓→ + B
Special 3: ↓→ + C
Special 4: ↓← + A
Special 5: ↓← + B
Special 6: ↓← + C
Ultimate: X


Feel free to use the screenpack or modify the game, if you can give the credits to Devon, cause I just changed some colors he actually made it.
Me apoie:

Apoiador(Supporter): みのがみしげお

Special Thanks to: LautyCarp, Shadow Mercer, Knightmare404, Mikel, Planeptune,Dry-Mugen, Devon, Chahine05


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