LIMBO – Full Game Walkthrough【NO Deaths】

Full Playthrough of Limbo with NO Commentary and NO Deaths

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  • Thanks so much. I loved this game but couldn’t have got through it without this one several occasions

  • I need written instruction for 55:30 cause apparently I’m not very bright

  • Thanks my dude

  • This video helped out alot with that box and the water situatiom because idk what to do but when i saw your video, u helped me^^

  • This game is GORGEOUS

  • Yeah no deaths were amazing

  • T. L.T. L.

    Author Reply

    Such a weird fucking game.

  • Is this a horror game because there's a spider

  • This was one of the first indie ish horror games before the popularity of slender, along with this and amnesia. It’s lovely diving into the past

  • ejsndsjc

  • Select 2x speed and enjoy

  • A frustrating game, I found. I'd looked forward to getting it after playing Monochroma, which many consider not to be as good, but after the excellent forest section the factory (the 2nd half of the game) is just a series of blind leaps of faith or utterly obscure puzzles that nearly always lead to dying over & over again. There's so much that's good about this title (the artwork, the death animations, the haunting music) but the factory area ruins it.

  • Very god

  • Do you really need to buy the full game cuz when at the spiderwebs im stuck their 🙁

  • This was amazingly done. A silent walkthrough with no deaths and maximum efficiency – almost like a speedrun!

  • I download it by hack it

  • Not gonna lie, while playing through, I thought this was going to end with the beginning of the game. Like…you were stuck in a loop or something.

  • everyone gansta till little jimmy come in

  • It was cut at 31:18

  • U say youve play hl2 games

  • I do not want a spoiler have not played this yet is this the whole game or part of it?

  • I was stuck on 54:15

  • Limbo is a master at parkour

  • The fact I've had to look at this so many times shows how bad this game is at showing what you are supposed to do

  • Nobody:
    The meat: C R U N C H

  • I'm in a episode i can't pass

  • lame you've died few times

  • I stopped at the two boxes that needs one to go up puzzle

  • 55:42, what is the logic behind that?

  • Just kidding, just how are u so good?

  • Plus, YOU SUCK

  • This guy sucks