Limbo – No Death – Full Playthrough / Walkthrough

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Platform: Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Mac, PS Vita, various iOS devices
Developer: Playdead

This game was surprisingly tough to no-death. I died so many times on puzzle/platforming sections that I would normally go through with ease when practicing the various chapters individually … it’s just a completely different story putting yourself under the pressure of doing it within an actual playthrough. This is especially the case when you’re either 1/2 or 3/4 of the way through the game … one slip-up, and BAM you gotta restart.


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  • where to do i play

  • 🧇

  • I think this is not billie eilish's song, moooooooom can u come pick me up

  • I played years ago, and in the chapter of the wasp (31:06) I don't remember how to walk so slowly…

  • Wut

  • Billie Eilish put this in her playlist on her moms youtube channel….that’s dope

  • Billie Elish’s visuals. thats why i am here:). even Maggie has it in playlist on youtube. sooo she really got inspiration from this, probably🙈🥺

  • did billie eilish inspire herself from this game with her song "Limbo"?

    She already did (inspiring herself from a video game) with ilomilo
    and Maggie(her mom) put this video in her playlist called "billie"…

    (I knooow she used it for her shows' intros but it was just to ask)

  • 22:07 it's a lie

  • To me this one was easier than Ori and the Blind Forest. And more depressing.

  • 15:40–16:35 Of all the frustrating moments in this game, this is the one that really pissed me off. I always got the timing wrong, but after I would say 30 something deaths, I finally got through it.

  • A JA J

    Author Reply

    49:00 my containers don’t behave like in your game. Weird. And that’s why I’m stuck there.

  • I can't pass this part 22:05 anyone??

  • Those who disliked, doesn't know the hardwork you did.

  • The thumbnail is exactly the part where I got stuck…I just thought it's kinda magical

  • Your efforts are incredible ✌️….
    Limbo is best game I have ever played

  • That’s look like billies intro for her show 😍

  • Man, I really expected a fucked up ending. But fortunately, the ending was happy.

  • The last 10 minutes is when the Difficulty starts to ramp up and your timing and reflexes get really put to the test. The ending was abrupt but I guess you kind of ended where you start which is why it’s called Limbo

  • i had to look at this playthrough several times for answers to the puzzles guess i just have a small brain

  • This game on mobile is such a pain

  • How do u wake him up

  • There is no game that embodies creepy atmosphere quite like this one.

  • After completing inside….which is over rated i thought instead of playing limbo i would watch a walkthrough….wow…..what a load of crap i almost fell asleep 4 times……i found it hard to stay awake my eyes started feeling heavy…it makes inside look fantastic 😂😂 but both games endings are garbage though…..however i would like to thank you for perservering with it…completing it and then playing through it again without dying… got some skills

  • LuciLuci

    Author Reply

    48:53 dude for me they both will float im so confused

  • Tbh the comments on this video r making me feel p good about my own performance in this game

  • Was thinking of trying for the "No Point in Dying" achievement to 100% the game. What are the best spots to practice so I don't die more than 5 times?

  • J BelJ Bel

    Author Reply

    I only had to resort to a walk through once in Inside. I'm now checking this walkthrough for my second solution to a puzzle and I still have half the game to go.

  • now show how to win the achievements

  • This looks like Billies new intro for her shows

  • Is this a hint that billies song limbo in coming?

  • I played Inside first and thought it was spectacular and boy oh boy does Limbo suck. I'm at around the 38 minute mark in this video and I'm so fed up with the shitty trial and error gameplay, jesus fucking christ

  • Just finished it im mind blown what a beautiful game

  • I just beat this game a few minutes ago. What a hard game. I cant tell you the number of times I died. I commend you for beating this game without dying once. Great job👍


  • I'm here bc of billie, she's such a genius

  • Limbo vs Little Nightmares
    Which one is better?

  • I’m sure you played this so many time trying not to die

  • At the end I thought I had to do something over again

  • who love despaccito song hit like

  • Boy in game is already dead….

  • Black the Fall has direct reference to Another World, and both it and Limbo have likeness with Prince of Persia.

  • wow😲😲😲😲😲game over0 et game win 1 wooooooooooooooow

  • 30:22 I hate that part. Even when I already known the walkthrough, I’ve been stuck there for a while

  • Zero deaths