Madagascar 3: The Game Walkthrough Part 1 (PS3, X360, Wii) Mission 1

In this walkthrough, I play through Madagascar 3, all missions and objectives and will play through the full game. Played, recorded and edited by myself with HDPVR2 to make my own original walkthrough

Madagascar 3 walkthrough part 1 Madagascar 3 the movie game full gameplay
Madagascar 1 walkthrough:
Madagascar 2 walkthrough:
Penguins of Madagascar:

In Madagascar 3: The Video Game, players of all ages will get to experience the adventures of Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Gloria the Hippo, and Melman the Giraffe trying to find a way home through the perfect cover: a traveling circus. Travel across Europe and promote the circus by completing missions and putting on an amazing mini-game based show to take the gang back to the states!

Madagascar 3: The Game Walkthrough Part 1 (PS3, X360, Wii) Mission 1


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  • Watch Madagascar 1 here:

  • Although I like the first two games a little more than this one, the visuals in this game are just stunning, even in 2012 standards

  • What you like of this game ?

  • I played this a lot from the Wii and its cool.

  • The Nostalgia

  • Dreamworks madagascar 3 europe's most wanted movie the video game 2012 ps3

  • 2020

  • Seeing mason and King Julien talk at the beginning of the video reminds of Cookie Monster and monster piece theatre from Sesame Street?

  • Madagascar 3 the video game is needed to be rated m for mature

  • Nostalgia ♥

  • Mon jeu d’enfance

  • What theeeeeeeeee

  • Madagascar 2 was the best game and movie

  • I love playing this game but……..they could have done so much………….more with it.

  • I love this game i was playing it when i was a child it bring back a lot of memories i want to play it again 😋

  • I used to play this game on the wii

  • Old memories

  • aww that one of my favorite games what I have on my Xbox 360 =)
    you so good player of that game! I ended it, and its so interesting and cool creatively game! I still playing minigames of that game, and yg, my favorite one is Marty and Mr. Julian 😀 he's so funny, ayea guys?

    actually good, I giving you a professional like 😀

  • Шлам

  • me and my brother would play this all the time brings back lots of memories

  • My favorite character is Gia because she let Alex,Marty,Gloria,Melman into the train cart

  • 😜👖🕶👓👟😘🎤👙🎹🎹🎼👔🎬🎵❤💚💟👪🎧💑💗💗💗💕💓💓❣💜💛💙💝💝🎧🎧😍

  • This brings back memories I used to play this game all the time

  • good

  • The most wanted 🎶

  • I like Marty and the Cheetah

  • LinusLinus

    Author Reply

    The reason this game was so bland compared to the first two is because the studio that developed the first two games, Toys for Bob, wasn't involved with this game. It clearly shows, as this doesn't feel at all like a sequel to Madagascar 2 in terms of visual style and gameplay.

  • Legal,transformaram um dos jogos mais legais do ps3 num joguinho ruim de pegar caixa e fazer mini game
    O 1 e 2 eram extremamente superiores

  • This game is a fucking joke in comparison with Madagascar 1 and 2.

  • for a minute i thought king julan said " what the hell hairy guys was trying to say" at 1:22 lol

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