Mailchimp Email Newsletter Template Design Tutorial – Full FREE Email Marketing Tutorial – Lesson 5

MailChimp Email Newsletter Template Design Tutorial

In this video, I showed – how to create an email campaign with mailchimp from beginning, how to design an email newsletter template, how to add links to images and texts in the email template and finally you will learn the process to send a successful email campaign with MailChimp.

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This MailChimp Tutorial video is a part of full email marketing training series, please check out the previous videos:

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  • Great and easy help. Thank you

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    Easy to follow along! Thank you!!

  • Email not sent and suspend show….plz help me

  • Hey there, great content you’re creating! Did u ever hear about We’re offering a simple and intuitive HTML email template editor where you don’t need to have any coding skills. Try it for free!

  • Great tutorial man! You saved me so much time 🙏

  • Mailchimp Problem :

    I was facing this weird problem creating a template in Mailchimp using Mailchimp Layout…. that is when ever I am clicking something…. for example deleting or editing layouts…. there is no response. Nothing happens if I click, the layouts for editing or deleting a block.

    Is this a site issue, with mailchimp ?

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  • Very helpful, Azharul. Thank you!

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  • Very helpful video.

  • Hii azharul raffy, I have no any business, can I provide email marketing service, but what actually sell service to the client on fiver.

    And how to make a portfolio for this service on fiver .

    Please make a video on every freelancing cite to create account, make portfolio for every skill which uu have already upload on iTunes channel


  • Thanks for this

  • Need more video about mailchimp

  • How to resolve the Critical Issue problem
    Actually I have send a email Subject make 1000$ from online.
    That's why
    Any solution to that plz help me out

  • please make a video of other features of Mailchimp like automated campaigns.

  • Very helpful!

  • This tutorial is very understandable and I like it because of your way of description

  • Bro akta ans pele upokrito hotam. dhoren ami akta catagorir 500 email er akta list add korlam. abar arek catagorir 1000 alada kore list korbo kivabe ebong sudhu matro sei listei campaign karbo kivabe??. onek vabei try koresi. sudhu ager list er sathe ek hoe 1500 hoe jay . group segment onek kisutei try koresi.

  • Sending mail using Mail chimp of my products, transfer email to the promotion box but I want my mail will go to the primary inbox. Howe is it possible?

  • Thank you.

  • Very helpful, thank you!

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  • Great video mailchimp teaching hope you will show all features A/B testing and so on, Have a good day

  • Where is the first name? I didn't notice that? You mentioned to insert the first name in the beginning, but the template seems to not contain the first name.

  • Salam Bro… Awesome tutorial. Please guide me how you award you 1000 likes lol. Any Idea how to send 1K or more emails daily for free? Please video on it. Again.. Great work ..Tnx

  • Love u bro..thanks a lot.I am actually waiting for this kind of video.