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Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious Mascara Comparison

this is more of a first impression video but I decided to see what the difference is between this new release from Maybelline compared to the original which is one of my favorite mascaras. Let me know if you have tried it and what you think of it below!

check out/buy the mascaras here:
Lash Sensational Luscious:
Lash Sensatiional Pink Tube:

what i’m wearing:
Sweater- F21
Lips- Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in Lolita
Eyes- Anastasia Self Made Palette
Earrings- Forever 21 & Marshalls

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Snapchat: geecolon
E-mail: beautyreviewsbyg@gmail.com

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  • are they waterproof?

  • Wow! I had no idea that anyone could have natural eyelashes like that.

  • I got that new one and I just couldn't use the wand it was too hard to separate my lashes and it clumped my lashes together too much.

  • Mascara review, beautiful! the face makeup, beautiful! ❤❤

  • Idk but I knew from the start that your lashes are all natural and no extensions or mascara, they are obviously supeer loong and beautiful but I recognize easily when a person has extension or mascara on, btw great video keep up with the good content. P.s you are sooo beautiful!❤️🥺

  • she said 🕷👄🕷

  • Have you tried the serum and primer ?

  • Love ur review!

  • her normal lashes look like mine when they're curled and have mascara on omg

  • Always wanted to have a comparable mascara to my beloved Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express which was discontinued here in Germany a while ago so this gave me hope about the original Lash Sensational one being for me, I have very short lashes!

  • the water proof version works better for the black bottle

  • Are we all watching the mascara comparison or her to die for eyelashes???🤔🤔🤔

  • A B CA B C

    Author Reply

    Your eye lashes are stunning, even without mascara!!!

  • Tell me price

  • ur eyelashes are INSANE🖤!

  • Wow yo have beautiful lashes I like the pink tube left eye looks amazing great video

  • Girl what lash serum do you use bc they look good

  • Guys i can only buy one ryt now ! So can any1 suggest me which among them to buy ???? For dramatic lashes look

  • oh no i buy wrong mascara because I have long lashes

  • ? is it water proof

  • JaxJax

    Author Reply

    I thought u already had mascara on. I'm so jealous if ur lashes! There long and dark and thick..I hate u!😄

  • I just bought this mascara and I love it! Definitely going to rebuy it!

  • Nice review.. thanks for sharing.


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  • Hello could you please tell us your secret for the amazing lashes you have? 💕 Thank you much appreciated ❤

  • Excellent review!!!

  • you are like "I will go ahead and apply this mascara" and I'm like what? you don't have mascara on? you have very nice eyelashes – they look better au naturel than mine with mascara on hahaha

  • Anyone know if this waterproof mascara will stay on while swimming?

  • JaxJax

    Author Reply

    So jealous of ur natural lashes😍

  • hi girls i got the sensational one here at low price https://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B01BBV04WA?ie=UTF8&tag=kamben-21&camp=1642&linkCode=xm2&creativeASIN=B01BBV04WA

  • I'm from Brazil but I love your reviews 😍

  • 👌👍

  • http://luxurybeautymakeup.com/best-5-mascara-reviews-on-amazon/

  • Who else liked the matte black ,cz her lashes look more full …even though it was clumpy

  • This may be a stupid question and i do apologize i am new to the makeup game…but is there a “proper” way to remove mascara other than rubbing the eye with a wet wash cloth? Thanks!

  • Both are same

  • I feel like the black tube gave you blacker lashes. I'm going to get both kinds and wear them together.

  • I own both and prefer the old one, you can apply multiple coats without them clumping together and also removes better, whenever I tried to remove the new one I felt like I was ripping all my lashes out (of course I wasn't but it felt really hard on my lashes) so yes I will stick with the older version. I also love how the old version has a side with a shorter brush so you can apply better on the bottom lashes

  • Wowww!!

  • Oh by the way your eye shadow looks awesome!!!!

  • I just recently started using Maybelline lash sensational original I the pink package. I'm glad you did this video. I think I'll stick with the pink tube. My absolute favorite is Loreal lash paradise. But this is a very close second it really does give your lashes a fan effect and holds my curl I love it!