Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition Review

Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition reviewed by Seth Macy on New Nintendo 3DS.

4 Minutes of Minecraft Running on New Nintendo 3DS:

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  • why so much hate if you like older minecraft well SWEET

  • Yesssssssssssss

  • Minecraft is on PC, IOS, Android, PS3, PS4, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, WII U, 3DS and Switch. I hear soon it’s coming out on the calculator and the fridge.

  • IGN: "there's no bad version of minecraft"
    Minecraft Bedrock Edition: Allow me to introduce myself

  • I would love to get a 3ds even tho I already own a switch with the latest version of minecraft, but honestly I kind of like the older version of minecraft

  • Is can for new nintendo 3ds xl ?

  • I like the ending

  • Minecraft: Fire TV Stick Edition would be nice

  • When will Minecraft be on my smart fridge? 😢

  • Why is my 3ds not the same? my home,Start,And selct button are under the touch screen and i don't have the button above the x,y,a and b button,Would i still be able to play it?

  • This game really makes you feel like Minecraft Steve

  • We hebben een spelletje minecraft voor new Nintendo 3 ds die niet speelt,op onze Nintendo 3 ds. heeft nog iemand dit aan de hand

  • Where is Minecraft: Microwave Edition?

  • I still waiting for minecraft on my 3DO

  • I can’t launch it anymore :,)

  • So we're not gonna talk about the lag?

  • Well, I’ll definitely be getting this for a few reasons,
    1. I have a new 3DS XL and have sunken over thousands of hours on it.
    2. I DO have a phone that is capable of running it, but If I bought it, I wouldn’t be able to play it for more then like 30 minutes
    3. I literally have no other way to play it, I don’t own a switch, Wii U, any PlayStation, or any Xbox. (We have a computer at home but I never use it, only my parents and brother)
    So yeah… I’m pretty much the target audience for this, lol

  • Minecraft Sega Saturn Edition

  • this review is pretty outdated, as it stands the game is finished but its missing update aquatic and village & pillage, two huge punches in the face. A lot of the problems pointed out is fixed now, but if you want portable minecraft its best to get it on switch or iOS or android unless you can't get either of those, at which point you should get this edition.

  • Wait how do you turn the camera in this game?

  • Still better then pe edition

  • Here I am still playing it on my vita.

  • I'm literally the only one that likes (or even appreciates) this version of Minecraft 😢

  • I didn't know IGN review pizza

  • Can't wait for the stove edition

  • Minecraft on the Samsung Galaxy Smart Fridge

  • MilkyMilky

    Author Reply

    If 3D did happen,
    3DS + Minecraft + 3D = cool, but my battery's dead

  • im going to get it

  • I love how Minecraft is noe getting its hands over every new console XD

  • Next video Minecraft on a calculator

  • Next up: Minecraft for Wii with motion controls

  • I might buy a new nintendo 2ds just to get this

  • I can’t wait to play Minecraft on my Samsung fridge

  • Minecraft on PC up until like the latest update has had 3D.

  • The Mario mash up is on it tho…

  • It's updated now so it's much better now.

  • Honestly now with all the updates this is my favorite version

  • I love,my nintendo new 2DS XL